Better together: Sports for two

You’re probably familiar with the amazing feeling you get when you achieve a personal best or simply get a lot of joy out of exercise – and, as is so often the case in life, these moments are made even better when you can share them with friends. This is how you can motivate each other and stay active together. Plus, working out together strengthens your relationships – whether with colleagues, friends, or partners. We’ll introduce you to activities you can do with your sports buddy or as a couple, show you the benefits of exercising together, and reveal some insider info from Parship about the most popular sports for couples. So, get active and master athletic challenges together.

And if you’re not just looking for the perfect activity for you and your loved one, but also a gift, you’ll find some inspiration in the article.

What are the advantages of exercising in pairs?

Sports for two

Eric Hegmann, couples therapist and singles coach at Parship, emphasizes one thing: “Quality time is one of the most important love languages, so it’s essential to feeling loved as a person, as well as part of a couple.” And you can enjoy this time together doing exercise. Whether it’s with your best friend, your dad, your partner, or spouse, sharing experiences as a duo or a couple is special. So, why not incorporate unique exercise experiences more regularly into your everyday life?

Eric Hegmann, couples therapist and singles coach from Parship
Eric Hegmann, couples therapist and singles coach from Parship

Eric goes on to explain that the hormones released during exercise support and strengthen the shared bond in the relationship. “Fitness has an impact on wellbeing and thus vibrancy, making individuals more attractive to their partner. In addition, the fact that both individuals are doing something good for themselves and taking care of their health increases their confidence in a future together as a couple that actively takes part in life.” The same applies to friendships! Normally, we look for friends we’ve got something in common with – similar views or interests, like sports – and who have a positive influence on us.

Eric adds, “In my experience, couples who exercise together – even if it’s just hitting the gym together from time to time to work out separately – emphasize how much they enjoy these activities outside the home, and how they increase their sense of wellbeing and contentment.” Working out with your partner or exercise buddy will also boost your motivation and help you establish a long-term exercise routine.

Here’s a summary of the most important advantages:

Strengthens the bond of a relationship
Increased motivation
Couples get to enjoy great, new experiences together
Positive influence on wellbeing, attractiveness, and contentment
Couples and exercise buddies help each other to establish and maintain an exercise routine in the long term
Feeling like part of a common future

Exercise for two: How do I find the right type of sport to do together?

Sports for two

Working out together boasts great benefits – but it can also pose challenges with your loved ones. Maybe you’re into different sports, you’ve got different fitness levels, different training attitudes, a lack of motivation or time constraints? No problem – there’s a simple solution! With Urban Sports Club, you can choose from over 50 sports and wellness activities and try out different activities together on site or in the comfort of your own home. There’s so much to choose from that you’re sure to find the perfect activity to do with your partner or exercise buddy. You should also consider the other person’s abilities and interests. And if you have time constraints, you can simply stream an on-demand video at home.

Common problems when choosing a joint activity – overview:

Different interests
Different fitness levels in the relationship
Different goals/attitudes to exercise
A lack of motivation to exercise
Time constraints

We’ve also got some cool tips at the ready on how to get fit as a pair – whether you’re looking for sports adventures, want to relax, or want to experience unique outdoor adventures in the fresh air. The most important thing is to have fun and try new things!

Outdoor sports for adventurers with unique views

As the saying goes: There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes! Whether you agree with the saying or not, outdoor sports are a great way to spend time together – even in the winter. We’ve compiled some of the best outdoor activities with unique views for you.

Hiking for two – discover new horizons

Hiking for two

Fresh air and discovering new places – can you imagine anything better for you and your exercise buddy? “Hiking and running are really well suited for pairs, because both people can usually find common ground, even with different fitness levels,” explains Eric of Parship. Whether in summer or winter – hiking is a good alternative no matter the weather. In winter, you can warm up with a hot tea or cocoa – what could be more cozy? For example, in the Brauneck ski resort, you can take the mountain railroad to lofty heights and enjoy the beautiful view together.

Ice skating for two – pure nostalgia

Ice skating for two

Who isn’t familiar with this childhood classic? Although you may get off to a shaky start, ice skating is a great activity to do as a duo and reminisce about childhood memories. It also allows you to carry on great conversations and warm up with a hot cocoa afterward. In Hamburg, we recommend the Eisland, in Berlin you can ice-skate at the Alte Eisbahn Lankwitz, the Lentpark Eisarena in Cologne, or the Eissporthalle in Düsseldorf.

Skiing and snowboarding for two

sports for two

If you’re looking for a little more adrenaline and are lucky enough to live near the mountains, we recommend skiing and snowboarding! You can hit the slopes together and work on your skills. Skiing and snowboarding activate the whole body – especially the legs, glutes, abs, and back. Snowboarding also allows you to work on your balance and coordination. The Skigebiet Spitzingsee is great for trying out skiing and snowboarding as a pair.

Cool water sports for two

water sports for two

Winter is not your thing? Not to worry! Of course, we also have offerings for summer adventurers. From stand-up paddleboarding to wetsuit wakeboarding, to kayaking and canoeing, you’ll have plenty to choose from at Urban Sports Club. Whether you want to relax as you explore the waters together or race over it – in any case, your arms and back will get a great workout.

Sports for two for adrenaline junkies

What gives you an adrenaline rush? Ascending to new heights? Exercising in a club or defying gravity? Get your heart racing and dare to try something new with your exercise buddy. We have a few tips for you and will present some of our unique partners to you.

Tennis, squash, etc. – an athletic challenge for two

Sportarten zu zweit Tennis

Sure, if there’s one sport that’s best done together, it’s probably tennis. If you’re after something more beginner-friendly – but no less fun – you can also get your exercise by playing badminton or squash. By the way, have you ever heard of Padel? Padel is a mixture of tennis and squash and is more popular than ever. In the most popular variant, you can also hit the ball against the walls, like in squash. Unlike most impact sports, Padel is always played with four players. Whether you’re challenging your exercise buddy at tennis, badminton, squash, or Padel, you can warm up the courts with the following partners. padelBox Weiden offers Padel and tennis, and you can play table tennis at Die Sport Insel Taufkirchen– or look for partners in your area.

Bouldering and climbing in pairs – flying high together

sports for two bouldering

“For ambitious recreational athletes, climbing is also a great way to be active together,” says Eric. Bouldering has gained popularity in recent years and is also perfect for beginners. In bouldering, you climb on a climbing wall about four meters high. Unlike regular climbing, you don’t wear any safety ropes and the effort required is also slightly different than in regular climbing. Mastering new routes together and figuring out the best strategy is a lot of fun – and safer, too. While one person climbs the wall, the other person can act as a spotter, on the lookout in case they fall. But that’s not the only reason why bouldering together is popular. Bouldering is a great type of exercise that depends on technique, strength, and endurance. Check out Basement Boulderstudio, MONKEYSPOT Düsseldorf or urban apes.

Those who cycle together, stay together!

sports for two spinning

Challenging beats, great lighting, and a lot of motivation! Indoor cycling is one of the most popular trends in 2024 for a reason. While it’s not the best activity for chatting, it’s definitely an incredible experience! Grabbing dinner together after class is ideal to recharge.

An evening of dancing for two

An evening of dancing for two

Contact sports are not necessarily first-date-appropriate, but they do make for a great day out with a loved one. So, how about a dance lesson at a club? At Havanna in Berlin, you can try your hand at salsa and keep dancing afterward.

Defy gravity with trampolining

trampolining for two

Want to feel like kids again? Trampolining may not be the first activity that springs to mind, but we definitely recommend trying it together. Jumping is super tiring – it uses almost all your muscles. It also improves your balance and coordination. And the most important thing? It’s so much fun! Maybe you’ll even try a somersault together?

Sports for two for relaxation and balance

After exerting yourself, you need time to recover, too. And where better than at a spa, getting a massage, or in the sauna?! You can also enjoy this downtime together. We’ve got a few tips for passive relaxation and active relaxation.

Wellness locations – the best way to relax together

Wellness for two

With Urban Sports Club you can choose from many wellness and spa locations, and enjoy a few laps in the pool with your buddy. Enjoy your well-deserved break at the Claudius Therme in Cologne, DoriVita in Munich or at the Steigenberger Hotel in Berlin. You can find other relaxation options in your area in the app.

Massage for two – leave all your cares behind

massage for two

Massages are probably the most relaxing things ever. All you and your exercise buddy need to do? Lie down, relax, and enjoy! And at the same time, any tension and pain will be released through targeted pressure on muscles, tendons, and ligaments. You’ll feel your body enter a state of deep relaxation.

Sauna for two – all cards on the table

sauna for two

Got nothing to hide from each other? Then how about visiting the sauna together? There are many advantages to hitting the sauna after a workout. Relax your muscles, stimulate your blood flow, promote the release of endorphins, and drain toxins from your body. Regularly visiting the sauna not only has a deeply relaxing effect, but also strengthens your immune system, promotes stress reduction, and improves sleep.

Acroyoga for two – build trust and balance


Acroyoga is where acrobatics, dance, yoga, and cheerleading meet. Not only does it look great, but it’s also a lot of fun. Lots of patience and training is required to safely hold your position. It’s especially important to trust your Acroyoga partner during the acrobatic exercises and floating positions. If you like trying something new and enjoy teamwork, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth at Acroyoga. Eric from Parship adds, “If you take classes together, like yoga, Pilates, or fitness classes, it gives your joint exercise regimen a fixed and regular framework.” You can do Acroyoga with our partners AcroYoga in E4 in Nuremberg, or at Yogarebel in Berlin.

Sports for two at home

On a tight schedule and you find it hard to find a suitable time to get active together? No problem! Discover our most popular live online and on-demand courses from the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s fitness, yoga, or dancing, there’s something for everyone.

Fitness for couples

Fitness for couples

Have you always wanted to get fit, but didn’t dare hit the gym by yourself or couldn’t find the time? Then grab your gym buddy or partner and do a workout in your living room. With live online and on-demand classes, you can prepare yourself in advance and work together on your overall fitness.

Mobility training for two

Mobility training for two

A lot of couples spend too much time sitting during the day – often due to work. Take some time out together as a couple and get moving. Mobility can be easily integrated into your routine before or after a workout, or you can incorporate it into your routine independently. There are plenty of great exercises you can do together as a duo.

Which sport is good for meeting new people?

Eric has a tip: “Any group sport is ideal for meeting new people. Groups give beginners and advanced students the chance to mingle. I would advise against contact sports, as well as sports where conversation is almost impossible, like swimming.”

Fitness couples: What are the most popular sports for a first date?

“You might never have guessed, but hiking is currently ranked no.1, Eric tells us. This has also been confirmed by a recent Parship study, according to which most singles rate hiking as the most attractive exercise to do with a partner or a potential partner. In addition to the activity, there’s also a shared experience that can create positive and shared memories – and sometimes it even results in beautiful landscape pictures for social media.”

If you’re lacking hiking options in your area, you can also try biking. It might be difficult to chat, but you’re still creating shared memories by exploring (new) places. But it’s important to consider each person’s fitness level.

Fitness for couples: Strengthen your relationship and get fit together!

fitness for couples

Want to train as a couple or with friends? Then invite your friend and receive a bonus. Head to your account, and under “Invite & get €5”, you’ll find your personal code to share. When they sign up, you’ll both receive €5 after three months. Sounds good, right? And if you’re still looking for the perfect gift: Why not give the gift of sports and get fit together, dancing or doing yoga? With Urban Sport Club gift cards, you can start right away, discover new things together, and find partners nearby!


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