Better together: sports for two

There’s no better feeling than smashing your sporty goals and having fun at the same time. But moments like these are best when shared with friends! You can motivate each other to workout and get active despite the gloomy weather and strengthen your friendship at the same time. Whether you want to get fit with your friends, colleagues or partner, we’ll introduce you to the best activities so you can get active and enjoy new sporty challenges together.



Acroyoga combines acrobatics, dance, yoga and cheerleading. It doesn’t just look amazing – it’s a lot of fun too. It requires a lot of patience and training to safely hold the positions, but trust in your partner is crucial to ensuring you successfully hold these acrobatic and floating postures. If you enjoy new perspectives and teamwork, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with Acroyoga. You can try it out at our partners AcroYoga im E4  in Nuremberg or at Acroyoga mit Petra und Philip in Berlin, as well as many other places across Germany. 

Tennis & Co.


Tennis is one of the best sports to enjoy together with friends. If you aren’t a confident tennis-player but want to enjoy the fun-factor of racket sports, then try badminton or squash. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not try padel? This is a mixture of tennis and squash and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. In the most common variant the ball can be played against walls, and unlike most racquet sports, padel is always played with four players. Whether you challenge your sports buddy to a game of tennis, badminton, squash or padel – you can warm up the courts at PadelBox Weiden by playing padel and tennis, and you can even enjoy table tennis at Die Sport Insel Taufkirchen. Take a look at partners near you.


Bouldering is THE trend sport of the last few years. Bouldering is all about climbing without a harness on a wall that’s about 4 meters high. Because you don’t use a harness or safety ropes like with regular climbing, the effort needed is slightly different. Mastering new routes and figuring out the best strategy is more fun with friends – and it’s safer, too. While one person climbs the wall, the other can act as a spotter to ensure safety in the event of a fall. But people like to boulder together because it’s a great bonding experience that requires technique, strength and endurance. Take a look at Basement Boulderstudio, Monkeyspot Düsseldorf or Urban Apes for a taste.



If you tire yourself out, it’s important to regenerate, and what better way to do so than in a wellness center? And remember, enjoying peaceful down-time is better together. With Urban Sports Club you can choose from countless different wellness and spa locations and relax with your friend by doing a few laps of a pool, enjoying a hot sauna session or indulging in a relaxing massage. Enjoy your well-deserved time-out at Claudius Therme in Cologne, at Ambience Sport & Spa in Munich or at Steigenberger Hotel in Berlin. Or you can find more options for relaxation near you in the Urban Sports Club app.

Fancy working out together? Then incite your friends to join Urban Sports Club and benefit from our bonus. Just look in your account under “Invite & get €30”, share your personal code and you’ll both receive €30. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


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