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Fall finally marks the beginning of the time when clubs once again become one of the weekend’s main attractions. If you’re looking for a slightly different “club experience,” we’ve got something for you. With our sports activities, you can get closer to an actual club atmosphere than you think. How so? You’ll find out in this article. 

To kick-start your Clubnights, we will first present some of the coolest partners that get you into a dancing mood and give you a proper endorphin rush – whether you’re looking for beats, light effects or just want to spice up the mood in the living room.

Cycle with light effects and beats to reach your goal

A dark room, light effects, and motivating beats – if that’s not the perfect club ambiance, we don’t know what is. It is no surprise that indoor cycling is becoming more and more popular and is one of the trending sports in France. This full-body cycling workout will not only get you sweating, but you will feel like you’ve been partying all night – without a hangover. If you want to feel the rush of endorphins, you can choose from a range of partners that offer cycling. In Berlin, you can opt for ride.bln or Rocycle. In Hamburg, HICYCLE and Rocycle have started to pedal in. In Cologne, you can try out the Cycla or BEAT81Cycle Studio Dürener Köln and try out the RERYTE in Düsseldorf. As a Munich resident, you won’t miss the cool beats. BEAT81 Cycling Studio Giesing, Cycling Studio Harras, and WhatTheFit will set the mood.

ride.bln in Berlin

Move your dance class to a real club

Instead of only getting into a party mood, spend your dance class in a real club, and keep on dancing right after. Havanna is one of the oldest and most popular nightclubs in Berlin and the dance floor is also used as a dance studio. You can learn Bachata and Salsa and dance the whole night afterwards. 

Havanna in Berlin

Workout in a club atmosphere

If you find that a club and light effects are too much, but wish to get into a party mood, we have a solution for it. ATOMIX in Berlin offers the perfect combination of endurance, HIIT, and strength training in an energetic club atmosphere. ELBGYM in Hamburg offers you a club atmosphere in their gym, and they also offer cross-training classes. In Düsseldorf, you can train at STUDIOFIVE Fitness and relax in the sauna. SKILLATHLETIC is your perfect partner for functional training in Cologne.

ATOMIX in Berlin

Infuse a party mood in your workout

Boot camps, party jumping, and boxing with a club night vibe – instead of going to your usual workout, try something new and bring some party vibes to your workout. At JOHN & JANE’S POWERBASE in Berlin, Urban Heroes, and STORM Boot camp in Hamburg, you will work out to peppy beats, in a room with an innovative lighting concept and a thrilling community. This not only helps to stick to a fitness routine, but is also a lot of fun. After that, you will feel like you’ve danced in the club for twelve hours. In addition to your workout, if you wish to wear a cool outfit, you need to come for a Party-Jumping session at Fitness and Dance Munich. You can work out in a club-like dark atmosphere for 45 minutes in a neon-colored or white outfit. Munich’s residents can get a taste of functional training in combination with boxing in a club setting at BoXFit.


Your club in the living room

You don’t want to miss out on the club experience, but don’t feel like taking off your cozy socks and your favorite jumper? No problem! We have an English on-demand series that you can celebrate with in your living room and let the club vibes come to your home. 

At Barre to the Beat you can enjoy a 30-minute barre session with a mix of Pilates, yoga and ballet, to stretch and strengthen the body. And in the meantime, you can enjoy the beats and the good vibes with Michael. 

If you prefer to strengthen your core, DJ Ab-Attack is just the right thing for you. In the 30-minute workout, you will improve your endurance and posture and will definitely leave with sore muscles.

The best dance moves for your Clubnights

Do you want to become the focus of attention on the dance floor, or wish to polish your dance moves? Don’t worry, we offer a wide selection of partners at Urban Sports Club. It doesn’t matter which kind of music and party you are into — from House to Salsa to K-Pop, we’ve got it all. At the Flying Steps in Berlin, you can enjoy the entire range of Hip Hop, K-Pop, Afro Vibes, Commercial, Voguing, Dancehall, House, and much more. Also at D! ’s Dance School in Berlin you can learn cool moves for your next Clubnights — from Reggaeton to High Heels to Pole dance — you will definitely become an eye-catcher on the dance floor. 

You can also choose from a huge selection of studios in Cologne to improve your dance moves: Hip Hop at the Tanzfabrik, Afro Dance at the Sportcenter Kautz, Pole dance at Cologne Pole Fitness or Bachata at the tanzraum Köln Nippes – with the music you can immerse yourself into a completely different culture. And if you want to sweat, you should definitely try Twerk and Dance at SweatnDance

In Munich, you can dance Hip Hop or Dancehall at Studio One, add House at ON STAGE in Hamburg and Pole dance at POLEDANCE NRW in Düsseldorf. The list is endless, so are the options. Choose what interests you and which dance style you wish to improve for your next Clubnights.

Your moves made at home

If you want to bring the dance floor to your home, try our Video-on-Demand Class Dance cardio with Fabian. You will not only increase your heart rate and strengthen your body, but you will learn new moves to 80s beats.

Last but not least, we have a recommendation for anyone who wishes to be the focus of attention on the dance floor: Splits on the dance floor. If you have always wished to be flexible and eventually want to do the split, you can start with it right away. Fabian will guide you through a series of gentle stretching exercises that you can perform several times a week to achieve optimal results.

Minimize your Hangover

Do you often suffer from a hangover? Here’s a last tip for you. On October 30, 6:30 p.m. we will have a masterclass in German pertaining to this topic. Learn from the Bodyworkers on how to minimize your hangover in the future. 


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