Unwind this fall with these passive relaxation activities

We get it – life is busy. Sometimes you’ve got such a full schedule that you can’t even remember the last time you were able to truly relax. But did you know that relaxation is actually critical to your overall wellbeing? That’s right – no matter how busy you are, taking the time to relax is an essential part of living a healthy and balanced life.

If you caught our article last week, you now know about all the benefits of active relaxation – and this week, we’re focusing on passive relaxation. Unlike active relaxation, passive relaxation is all about allowing yourself to deeply rest and let go. From sitting in a sauna to enjoying a deep-tissue massage, these activities require little to no physical effort – instead, they allow you to relax your muscles, relieve tension, and calm your thoughts.

The benefits are enormous, including the following: 

  • Better stress management and concentration
  • Increased memory and decision making
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved digestion through more efficient absorption of nutrients
  • Support of the immune system – especially in the approaching cold season 

So, as summer comes to a close and we start to prepare for the cold weather, check out these 4 activities for deep, mindful relaxation that will keep you refreshed, balanced, and ready for anything that life throws your way.


Let’s face it: there’s little that’s more relaxing than a massage. One of the most ancient passive relaxation practices around, massage is the application of pressure – generally by a trained massage therapist – to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to release tension and aches and pains, while working your body into a state of deep relaxation. Your job? To lie back and let the massage therapist work their magic! But the benefits of massage go far beyond relaxation. The practice also improves circulation, stimulates your lymphatic system, soothes sore muscles, and reduces stress hormones. It also releases endorphins in your brain, which produce a general feeling of wellbeing. At a time when many of us are hunched over our computers, it’s now more important than ever to treat your muscles and joints to a relaxing rubdown. To reap the full benefits of massage, make sure to get one on a regular basis – or at least 2-4 times per month. Luckily, we’ve got thousands of massage offers all over Europe – try enso yoga in Berlin, or find a location near you and book an appointment today!

Thermal Baths

Did someone say bath!? Thermal water contains a variety of minerals, including sodium, chloride, fluoride, lithium, and silicic acid. These compounds are excellent for relieving muscle aches and pains, detoxing your skin, and improving circulation. Soaking in this magic water has also been shown to combat stress, reduce anxiety, and induce a deeper sleep. Spas or pools located near hot or mineral springs offer thermal bathing pools to soak in for a truly relaxing treat, like the Claudius Therme in Cologne – where water has been officially recognized by the state for its thermal properties. Alternatively, head to Grugapark Therme in Essen or Bäderland Bille-Bad in Hamburg – or search our wellness offers for a thermal spa near you


Simply defined, cryotherapy is exposure of any part of the body to extreme cold in small measures. Whole-body cryotherapy involves sitting in a ‘cryochamber’ for 2-5 minutes while being blasted with liquid nitrogen. By exposing your body to sub-zero temperatures (up to -150 Celsius), blood flow is slowed and nerve activity is temporarily reduced, lowering inflammation and nagging physical pain. Full-body cryotherapy also has a mood-stabilizing effect, creating a hormone response and releasing adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins, meaning it’s worth trying if you suffer from depression or anxiety. What’s more, it improves antioxidant levels – great for your immune system and skin health. Tip: want to know what it’s like to relax and be frozen in time? Check out this blog post to find out, or head to Cryopoint in Berlin to try it out for yourself! 


As it turns out, working up a sweat doesn’t need to require any actual work on your part. Saunas – the Finnish invention that became a global rage – are an excellent place to experience some profound passive relaxation. The premise is simple: enter a very, very hot room (70-1000°C)  for 10-15 minutes and sweat your woes away. The heat of the sauna relaxes your muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins (aka happy hormones) through improved circulations. Plus, sweating flushes your body of harmful toxins and leaves your skin feeling (and looking) fabulous. Regular trips to the sauna boast wonders beyond relaxation, including enhancing the immune system, promoting stress relief, and improving sleep. And because Germany loves its saunas, we’ve got plenty of them on offer, from Garden Eden Wellness in Frankfurt to Sauna Haus in Freiburg or Vabali Spa in Düsseldorf. So why not wind down this fall by turning up the temperature?

Did you know we’ve got tons of other relaxing passive relaxation activities for you to dive into? Explore all our wellness offers today! 


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