Sports discounts: Why your employer should invest in your wellbeing

Let’s be honest: How often do you actually find the time to check in on your mental and physical health during your workday? Not too often, right? You’re not alone. Between meetings, deadlines, and those never-ending to-do lists, it’s all too easy to neglect our health and wellbeing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. These days, striking a balance between work and wellbeing is entirely possible. And the best part? Your employer is on board with this, and it can even save you some money.

The magic words here are employee wellbeing. Many companies have recognized that the health and happiness of their employees are valuable assets. That’s why they’re offering discounts on attractive sports packages, providing access to gyms, sports classes, and other health-boosting activities. In this article, we’ll show you how you can boost your wellbeing while your employer picks up part of the tab. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

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The seven pillars of your wellbeing

Before we delve into the countless reasons why your employer should offer you sports discounts, it’s crucial that you understand what makes up your wellbeing. Wellbeing comprises seven essential factors, and each of these pillars plays a role in making you feel healthier and happier overall.

1. Physical wellbeing: Staying active thanks to sports discounts 

sports discounts

Let’s start with the first pillar – your physical wellbeing. Physical wellbeing includes aspects like fitness, maintaining a healthy diet, getting restful sleep, and having the ability to prevent illnesses and injuries. When you’re physically fit, you’re setting the stage for a fulfilling life and the energy to conquer your daily routines.

2. Emotional wellbeing: Reducing stress thanks to sports discounts 

The daily grind, including work, can be quite stressful, and it’s essential to care for your emotional health. Emotional wellbeing involves your capacity to recognize, accept, and cope with emotions in a healthy manner. A balanced emotional state means you can express joy, sadness, anger, and other emotions without being overwhelmed by them.

3. Social wellbeing: Building relationships thanks to sports discounts

Social connections are a vital part of our lives and play a central role in our overall wellbeing. This pillar relates to the quality and depth of your interpersonal relationships, whether within your family, friendships, or your professional network. Strong social bonds foster happiness and provide support in your life journey.

4. Purpose wellbeing: Achieving life goals thanks to sports discounts 

sports discounts

Ever find yourself feeling burnt out in your career? Purpose wellbeing is closely tied to leading a fulfilling and content life where you feel like you’re making a meaningful contribution and pursuing a deeper purpose. This applies to both personal and professional aspects of life and significantly contributes to your overall wellbeing.

5. Financial wellbeing: Saving and investing thanks to sports discounts 

Money concerns can have a significant impact on wellbeing. You achieve financial wellbeing when you maintain a healthy relationship with your financial matters and meet your financial goals. This includes being able to fulfill financial commitments, build savings, and ensure a level of financial security.

6. Career Development: Advancing your career thanks to sports discounts 

sports discounts

Advancing your career is a critical aspect of your wellbeing. Career wellbeing means feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and balanced in your job. It encompasses aspects of your work that motivate and inspire you, such as the opportunity to use your skills and talents, pursue your career goals, and maintain a proper work-life balance.

7. Community: Belonging to a community thanks to sports discounts 

Last but by no means least, there’s communal wellbeing or community. Communal wellbeing occurs when a group of people shares a sense of belonging, positive relationships, and overall prosperity. This means that members of this group support each other, feel at ease, and live in harmony with one another. It’s essential because it forms the foundation for a positive social environment where people enjoy working together and helping one another.

7 (unexpected) reasons why your employer should offer sports discounts

Sure, you can do a lot for your wellbeing on your own. But especially in the workplace, it should be in your employer’s interest to promote your wellbeing. Why exactly? We’ll give you seven reasons, beyond increased productivity and cost savings, that can convince your company.

corporate fitness

1. Personal growth and better decision-making

A healthy sense of wellbeing can contribute to your personal growth and development. When you feel good, you’re more open to new experiences and challenges. You think more clearly and can pursue long-term goals more effectively.

2. Improved relationships

Your personal wellbeing can positively impact your interpersonal relationships. You might become more patient, empathetic, and communicative, which affects both personal and professional relationships.

3. Boosting creativity

A good sense of wellbeing can enhance your creativity and innovation. You become more open to new ideas and approaches.

4. Resilience to change

A strong sense of wellbeing can strengthen your resilience to changes and challenges. You’ll be better equipped to cope with changing life circumstances.

5. Effective conflict resolution

Strong emotional and mental wellbeing can help you manage conflicts and stress in your personal life more effectively.

6. More energy and endurance

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet can boost your energy and endurance in everyday life. You’ll have more energy to pursue your personal goals.

7. Better stress management

Promoting your wellbeing can help you deal with stress more effectively. You’ll develop strategies to handle stressful situations, which positively impacts your emotional health.

The best option for sports and wellness discounts 

Whether with or without your employer’s support, you can access Europe’s most diverse range of activities with just one membership at Urban Sports Club! Get active with over 50 sports, including fitness, yoga, bouldering, swimming – or relax with wellness activities. However you like it and have fun! Live and work healthier, happier, and more balanced. And with your employer’s help, you can even save money! Are you ready to enter a new era of the modern working world? 

Start a new era of employee wellbeing with Urban Sports Club

The coolest activities for your wellbeing with Urban Sports Club

As you can already see, Urban Sports Club opens up a world of exciting possibilities for improving your wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for an effective workout to boost your physical health, relaxation techniques to strengthen your emotional balance, or social activities to make new friends, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of options, from yoga to boxing to community sports events. And the best part? Thanks to Urban Sports Club’s flexibility, you can create your own schedule and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We’ve put together some cool ideas for you – whether alone, with coworkers, friends, or family.

Urban Sports Club Yoga

Physical wellbeing:

  • Strength training at the gym
  • Trail running in the city or nature
  • Swimming for a full-body workout
  • Stand-Up Paddling for a full-body workout and a connection to nature
  • Swinging through the air with aerial yoga

Emotional wellbeing:

  • Boxing or kickboxing for stress relief
  • Tai Chi or Qi Gong for inner peace and balance
  • Group yoga for emotional mindfulness

Social wellbeing:

  • Dance classes like salsa or tango to make new friends
  • Team sports like volleyball
  • Trying out trendy sports like Padel together

Purpose wellbeing:

  • Sports for environmental conservation, e.g., tree planting
  • Charity runs or bike tours for charitable causes
  • Bouldering or rock climbing to overcome personal limits

Financial wellbeing:

  • Wellness and sports in just one membership
  • Cost savings through your employer’s benefits

Career development:

  • Outdoor team-building workshops
  • Running or cycling during lunch breaks for creative thinking
  • Networking hikes or bike rides
  • Trying new sports like golf with colleagues

Community wellbeing:

  • Joint trash collection while running (plogging)
  • Participation in sports charity projects


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