Plogging: a workout for the environment

Listening to music, clearing your head, enjoying nature – everyone loves these aspects of jogging. But have you ever thought about picking up trash while you run? That’s exactly what’s behind the trendy new sport known as plogging, and in this blog article we’ll explain where it comes from, the benefits of it and how you can try plogging with Urban Sports Club. 

What exactly is plogging?

Plogging was invented by Erik Ahlström in 2016, when he started running and picking up garbage in his home country Sweden. The word plogging is a combination of the English word ‘jogging’ and the Swedish word ‘plocka’ which means to collect. Five years later and plogging has become a worldwide movement. The principle is simple: collect trash on your jogging route and do something great for the environment and your body at the same time.

Woman picking up litter and trash while plogging

There are tons of ways to get involved. On World Cleanup Day on September 18th, lots of ploggers ran about picking up trash all around the world. But don’t save plogging for World Cleanup Day – make it a regular part of your fitness regime and enjoy a soothed conscience along with your endorphin rush. Running alone is great, but it’s even more fun with friends so make sure you encourage your pals to take part in plogging events whenever they can. Plus, if you want to show everybody what you’re made of and share your good deed at the same time, you can display your plogging stats on social media under the hashtag #plogging.

Better than jogging

We all know jogging is great for the body, strengthens the heart and builds endurance. But alongside the physical benefits, it’s also great for your mental health, as it releases feel-good endorphins that make you happy. But when you go plogging, all these positives increase. Your heart rate goes up as you bend down to pick up trash, and you’ll engage different muscles including your back, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. And you’ll lift your spirit too – that good deed will bring a sense of meaning to your exercise regime, as doing something great for the environment will make you feel more happy and satisfied. Sounds good, right?

What do you need for plogging?

You’ll need your regular exercise clothes, a couple of garbage bags and we recommend sturdy gardening or disposable gloves. Some ploggers might go out with a trash-picker to save them from having to bend down. That’s everything!

Group turns jogging into plogging, picking up garbage

You can plog on a regular basis by joining a local running group! Have fun!


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