Sport and sustainability: How you can make your contribution

Sport and environmental protection: two areas of our society that, at first glance, don’t have much to do with each other. But athletes can also be consciously active in a sustainable way and thus do something good for the environment. For this year’s International Earth Day, we would like to use our reach and network to raise awareness of this vital topic even more. 

We want to explain in as practical a way as possible how you can make your everyday life more conscious, even with small things. We’ve put together five tips on contributing to a more sustainable world through sustainable sports equipment, eco-friendly workouts, and mindful nutrition. 

Psst: All those who want to put the tips directly into practice will also find discount codes for some great sustainable brands in this text.

1. Sustainable sports equipment

Southern Shores Yoga mat
Southern Shores Yogamatte

Why is sustainable sports equipment essential?

The sporting goods market is constantly growing. However, consumption, unfortunately, often negatively impacts the environment, as much conventional sports equipment is made from non-biodegradable materials.

Buying sustainable sports equipment can help reduce this negative impact. According to a survey by YouGov, two out of five consumers consider sustainability an important issue when purchasing their clothing.

Which brands produce sustainable sports equipment?

Nowadays, many brands have recognized the importance of sustainable sports equipment and are actively committed to it. We present just a few examples of sports equipment produced from environmentally friendly materials and under fair working conditions. Of course, many other brands besides these are just as committed to sustainability. 

Ocean Bottle: Your water bottle against plastic pollution

Ocean Bottle x Urban Sports Club water bottle
Ocean Bottle x Urban Sports Club water bottle

With the purchase of each Ocean Bottle, you support the elimination of 11.4 kilograms of plastic – about 1000 plastic bottles. The money raised through sales goes to places affected by plastic pollution – usually rivers and coastal waterways.

Your yoga mat for ocean protection

Sport and sustainability Southern Shores
Southern Shores yoga mat

Southern Shores is committed to protecting the oceans. They sell natural and biodegradable yoga mats from recycled and FSC-certified natural rubber. FSC certification guarantees sustainable forest management. Southern Shores also supports non-profit organizations and has a Clean Beach initiative to eliminate plastic waste. Save 15 % with discount code URBANSPORTSCLUB23.

Dress with the sustainable yoga label MANDALA

yoga label MANDALA
yoga label MANDALA

At MANDALA, the focus is on people and nature. Therefore, each collection is made exclusively from natural or recycled raw materials grown in a particularly resource-friendly and ecological way. With the discount code URBAN25 you save 25 % on your purchase.

Wash your sports clothes sustainably with everdrop

Sport and sustainability with everdrop
everdrop sports detergent

Munich-based everdrop is known for its sustainable household products and natural cosmetics. What makes it unique: All products eliminate single-use plastic and unnecessary chemicals – and reduce up to 97 percent CO₂ emissions in transport. Until May 31, use the discount code URBAN15 to save 15 % on your order of at least 35 euros.

2. Use eco-friendly transportation or combine it with your workout

Sport and sustainability cycling

Why is green transportation necessary?

The transportation sector is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, contributing significantly to climate change. By using environmentally friendly means of transportation, such as bicycles or public transport, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Active transportation is also good for your health – it’s a great way to warm up before your workout.

Sports that you can use to get around in an environmentally friendly way:

  • Riding a bike
  • Jogging 
  • Skateboarding
  • Inline skating
  • Stand-up paddling (yes, some actually use this to get from one side of the river or lake to the other!)

What brands are championing more sustainable transportation?

Only some have the opportunity to switch to entirely sustainable transportation – either because the distances are too great, fitness is not enough, or due to injury. But here, too, there are sustainable solutions.

With electromobility for a more livable future

Dance electromobility
Dance E-Bike und Elektroroller

Dance believes that mobility should be able to do one thing above all: Get you to your destination easily, better, and more sustainably. Get your own e-bike or moped as part of a monthly subscription, including free repairs and theft insurance. Sign up through the link and save 25 % in the first 4 months.

3. Combine sustainability with your sport!

Plogging sport and sustainability

Combining workout and sustainability – is that possible?

Of course, it is! Originally started as a small idea in Sweden, the popularity of plogging is now growing worldwide. The idea is simple: You pick up trash along the way while jogging. In this way, you can do something for your fitness and contribute to environmental protection. In the meantime, plogging even exists in many variations: For example, events with the same idea on the water are increasing, via stand-up paddles or canoes, people collect trash together. So why don’t you grab some friends and have fun doing something good for the environment together? 

4. Use environmentally friendly sports facilities and be more aware of their use

Urban Sports Club Partner sustainability

Which Urban Sports Club partner locations are committed to sustainability?

There are now a variety of ways to go green. Many of our partner locations are already doing so – from renewable energy sources to eco-friendly products. Stadtbad & Hotel Oderberger, for example, uses 100 percent green electricity. SHIFT has offered plogging classes in the past. Green Yoga invests 5% of its profits in planting trees in southern India. STORM Boutique Fitness regularly partners with charities and organizations to promote sustainable initiatives such as planting four trees per participant. Köln Bäder publishes annual sustainability reports to show its customers what measures it is taking to limit its environmental impact. And there are many more examples!

How can I be more environmentally friendly in sports facilities?

As you’ve already seen, sports facilities can be more sustainable in several ways. But you can do something about it yourself, too! Here are five simple ideas on how you can do something for the environment while working out at your sports facility:

  1. Reduce your water consumption when showering
  2. Use environmentally friendly products (shower gel, shampoo, etc.) 
  3. Pay attention to waste separation in the studios
  4. Use environmentally friendly transportation to get to your partner’s place, if possible
  5. Use reusable water bottles

5. Eat more consciously and sustainably for the environment

Nachhaltige Ernährung

Why is it important to consume food more consciously?

The way we produce and consume our food has a significant impact on the environment. Unsustainable and thoughtless food production and distribution leads to environmental problems such as air pollution, water waste, soil degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, our eating habits also impact our health.

What can you do to eat more sustainably?

There are many ways to bring more awareness to your food consumption – always considering how this fits into your personal budget, of course. We’ve put together five tips, some of which may be of interest to you:

  1. Try seasonal and local foods: This reduces transportation and the associated CO₂ emissions.
  2. Refrain from unnecessary packaging: Choose products with more environmentally friendly packaging materials such as paper, cardboard, or glass, or ideally, do without altogether where possible.
  3. Avoid food waste: Buy only as much as you need and freeze leftovers if necessary.
  4. Try to integrate more plant-based foods into your daily routine: The production of animal-based foods usually requires more resources, which causes higher emissions. Therefore, ensure you eat a balanced diet – this also benefits your health. 
  5. Buy organic food (if possible): This way, you reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers that can pollute the environment.

Do you have any other tips or know more sustainable brands? Tell us about them in the comments!


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