The best outdoor sports

Do you love to be outside in nature and to do sports? Then outdoor sports are just the right thing for you! With the right equipment, you can let off steam in nature or explore cities in a new way. Whether you like hiking, climbing, biking, or water sports, a wide range of activities will keep you fit and connected to nature at the same time. 

Are you still trying to decide which sport is right for you? No problem! Get inspired by the coolest outdoor sports with our little outdoor sports guide, and enjoy your time outdoors, on land, water, and in the mountains. What are you waiting for? Grab your gear and discover the best sport for you.

What makes outdoor sports so unique?


Many things make outdoor sports unique. Through outdoor sports, you can discover new places, meet people and go on adventures you will never forget. Of course, you can also benefit from the advantages for your health. Outdoor sports not only improve your overall physical fitness but can also reduce stress. Through the harmony of body and mind, you can relax in a very natural way. 

What equipment do I need for outdoor sports?

If you want to practice outdoor sports, it is essential to have the right equipment to prepare you for any challenge – hiking, climbing, skiing, or in the water. Appropriate clothing, footwear, and safety equipment are a must. With the right gear, you can be safer and more comfortable on the trail and get the most out of your outdoor experience. The equipment you need for your outdoor sport will depend on the activity and the conditions you’re doing it. However, there are three basic things you should consider. Here are our tips for you:

Make sure you’re wearing suitable clothing

Will it rain? Or is the sun going to shine all day? When choosing the right clothes, pay attention to the weather conditions and adjust your outfit accordingly. Of course, you can work with the onion principle and rather take a little more than too little. The clothes should be breathable and protect you from wind and rain, depending on the type of sport and weather conditions. Wear headgear and sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn if it is super sunny.

Choose the right shoes for your outdoor sport 

climbing shoes

Many sports have specially designed shoes that simplify exercise or provide more safety. For hiking, hiking boots or trekking shoes are recommended; for climbing, climbing shoes; for running or jogging, special running shoes; and for some water sports, water shoes. It’s best to read up on the activity you want to try.

Don’t forget your equipment

Your safety is paramount, so it’s essential to find out about the appropriate equipment. There are some outdoor sports where you can pack your athletic shoes and not rely on other equipment. However, depending on the activity, you may need special equipment and safety gear. It can vary significantly from climbing gear to helmets, life jackets, snowshoes, and paddles for water activities. Again, find out the best equipment for your sport to avoid accidents.

What should I look for when doing outdoor sports?

In addition to your equipment, there are other things you should be aware of when exercising outdoors. One of our tips is always to listen to your body’s senses and watch for warning signs. Do you feel dizzy? Are you having trouble breathing or feeling pain? Then take a break and adjust your workout accordingly. Do not overexert yourself, as this can lead to injury. If you suffer from pollen allergy, preparing yourself with proper medication and choosing the best time to exercise is especially important. Here you can find some tips on how to do sports even with allergies.

What are the most popular outdoor sports?

There are many types of sports you can do outdoors, so there’s sure to be something for you. Whether you want to relax in nature, look for an adrenaline rush, or dive into whole new worlds – the choice is limitless. We show you the most popular sports and give you direct tips for cool spots in your city. Have fun trying them out!

Discover the outdoor classics


Who doesn’t know them – the all-time classics: hiking, biking, and jogging? There’s a reason they’ve been so popular for many years and continue to be practiced. 

Unforgettable moments while hiking

Hiking is one of the most widely enjoyed outdoor activities – for good reason, too! You can enjoy the outdoors – any time of year – while traveling and marveling at the incredible outdoor scenery. So why not take your sports buddy along and experience unforgettable moments together? 

Try walking or Nordic walking together

Isn’t walking almost the same as hiking? Not quite! Walking is ideal if you prefer a gentler and easier way of walking than hiking can be. With hiking, you’re overcoming uneven terrain and elevation changes, which means a more intense workout for your body. The great thing about walking is that it suits almost any fitness level, making it a perfect activity to do together. It’s the same with Nordic Walking. With Nordic walking, you walk with special poles that put extra demands on your body, thus increasing the training effect. Nordic walking is also suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Explore new cities while running or jogging

Running or even jogging is similar to hiking. It’s a remarkably accessible outdoor sport that only requires you to pack your running shoes. It’s, therefore, perfect to practice while traveling – so you don’t have to give up your sports routine even on vacation, and you can jog and run through new cities or nature.

Come to rest with yoga in nature

outdoor sports yoga

Are you passionate about yoga and regularly visit your favorite studios because everything there is familiar, and you know what to expect? Yoga practice thrives on constant evolution and change – so why not swap the studio for an outdoor location and be surprised by what it does to you? Connecting with nature, grounding yourself, and experiencing a completely different yoga feeling can give you refreshing, new perspectives on your practice and body awareness. Shine! Yoga in Cologne demonstrates it: They believe that direct contact with the elements awakens your senses and helps your body connect with your spirit. The yoga studio has a rooftop terrace where you can breathe, move and flow under the warming sun and with a light breeze on your face. 

With Pop Up Yoga, you can connect with nature at pop-up yoga classes in Munich’s most beautiful green spaces. Outdoor exercise awakens your senses, deepens your practice, and gives you an extra dose of vitamin D.

Change your mindset with outdoor bootcamps

Outdoor sports Bootcamps

Feel like working up a sweat in the fresh air with outdoor sports? Then join one of the many bootcamps or outdoor functional training sessions! They usually take place in parks and offer an excellent opportunity to be active outdoors. It’s also great that you get through the workout with a group – it builds team spirit, and the other participants soon feel like friends. And by the way, you can even benefit from outdoor sports. Studies show that exercising outdoors lowers blood pressure and heart rate, making the workout less strenuous and improving overall performance. If you’re looking to try various outdoor activities, SHIFT is your perfect partner. Here you can choose from outdoor boot camps, yoga, running, and cycling.

If you need a good endorphin boost, try CityBootcamp‘s outdoor bootcamp in Leipzig or Dresden. The 60-minute interval training sessions in the fresh air will help you get fitter.

Awaken your team spirit with beach volleyball

Outdoor sports Beachvolleyball

You’re into team sports, love supporting each other, and feel motivated to top your best performances, especially after the colder days? Then it would be best to try beach volleyball as an outdoor sport. The team spirit is bound to put you in a good mood, and the sand under your feet almost makes it feel like a vacation.

Through regular beach volleyball training, your hand-eye coordination will improve, your cardiovascular fitness will increase, and – what’s best for many – you’ll meet many new people in time for summer to have fun together. Our tips? Get in the summer mood with BallsportARENA in Dresden or BeachMitte in Berlin.

Discover fantastic outdoor sports in the water

Are you ready for an adventure in the water? Then discover cool outdoor sports here. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in active or relaxed activities – the element of water offers countless possibilities for unforgettable experiences. So grab your swimsuit, bikini, or wetsuit, and get going! With Urban Sports Club, you can try out a range of activities on the water – from stand-up paddling and wakeboarding at Wasserski Bleibtreusee wake&ski in Cologne to swimming at the Bäderland outdoor sports pool in Hamburg. 

Outdoor sports in the water

Dive into new worlds while swimming

Water is your element, and you love swimming? Then it’s off to the nearest outdoor pool to pursue your passion. A little sunbathing to catch your breath, and on you go! Exercise in the water offers many benefits for your physical and mental health. It’s easy on the joints – ideal for anyone recovering from an injury – and the water cools your body, protecting against overheating and improving blood circulation. Plus, the natural resistance of the water means your body has to work for more extended periods, improving your overall fitness. There are also numerous benefits on a mental level. Studies show swimming calms the mind, improving memory, mood, concentration, and cognitive function.

Paddle across the lake while stand-up paddling

Stand-up Paddling

Would you like it to be a little calmer? Thanks to stand-up paddling, you can also enjoy surfing on the water if you’re not a wave fanatic! This water sport requires a surfboard and a paddle and can be practiced on rivers, lakes, or the sea. With paddle surfing, you can improve your balance and body control and experience nature in a whole new way as you discover entirely new perspectives. It’s a great way to relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind. Explore the waters while stand-up paddling, rent boards with your sports buddy, and start a little race or paddle quietly across the river, lake, or sea.

The adrenaline kick of water skiing and wakeboarding

If the spring temperatures are not yet high enough for you to jump into the water in a swimsuit or trunks, you can race across the water in a wetsuit while wakeboarding. Keeping your balance on the board or performing tricks with the advanced ramps – everyone has fun while wakeboarding!

Explore the surroundings by canoe or kayak 

Fancy a little excursion by canoe or kayak? Both sports offer a great way to explore the outdoors and spend quality time on the water. The main difference between canoeing and kayaking is the shape and size of the boat, as well as the style of paddling. The arm and back workout is right there for the taking. 

Ride waves while surfing 

Are you seeking the perfect combination of adrenaline, balance, and nature experience? Then surfing is the thing for you. Surfing involves trying to ride a wave while windsurfing and kitesurfing use the wind to propel the board. Surfing requires good physical fitness, muscular balance, and good technique.

Climb to new heights

Outdoor Sportarten Klettern

Staying on the ground is not your thing because you prefer to swing to unknown heights and want to challenge yourself repeatedly with new overhangs and unfamiliar routes? Then visit our climbing and bouldering partners with outdoor offerings. You may have already noticed that climbing has become one of the most popular sports in Europe. No wonder! It offers a great way to exercise, enjoy nature, and get to know the surroundings. In Germany, many climbing enthusiasts are already preparing for their summer excursions during the winter. 

So that you, too, can train your muscles in preparation for your climbing adventure in the summer, you should visit our climbing partners now. 
Kletterhalle NO LIMIT in Leipzig is known for its versatile range of climbing routes suitable for all levels. Südbloc in Berlin has a great location and is one of the most active communities in the city. You can also ask if group outdoor climbing trips are planned in the climbing gyms. Climbing in nature is one of the most rewarding and exciting activities where you can get fit, make new friends, and get to know new areas.

Get together with friends in nature

Outdoor sports golf

Do you know what it’s like? The sun comes out, and you feel like doing something with people again? Why not take the opportunity to meet old friends and do some outdoor sports together? Sports for two are not only a great experience, but also strengthen the relationship with each other! 

Enjoy green landscapes while golfing

Golf is perfect for getting some exercise in the fresh air and having a little chat between shots. With Urban Sports Club, you can try out partners all over Germany – how about the Golfclub Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg, for example? The best thing to do is to grab your sports buddy and get active together.

Spend time together playing tennis 

Another way to spend time with your loved ones, sweat together and enjoy the sun is a sport that has been popular for years: tennis. Here you train not only your endurance, but also your skill and strategy. Try tennis at Tennis Hirschau or the Tennisanlage Olympiapark in Munich.

Give something back to nature

Don’t you love to give something back every now and then? All the better if you can get fit at the same time. At Green Yoga Berlin, you can do something for the planet with your workout – five percent of the proceeds go to a tree plantation project in southern India.

STORM Boutique Fitness regularly works with charities and organizations to promote sustainable initiatives, such as planting four trees for every class participant. Köln Bäder, in turn, publishes annual sustainability reports.

Many active people find it easier to get more motivated as the days get warmer – you may even manage to establish a sustainable sports routine. We hope these activities have inspired you. What are you waiting for? Get out into nature and enjoy outdoor sports.

What are your favorite outdoor sports? Do you have any other tips for the best spots and activities? Tell us about them in the comments!


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