Indoor cycling for beginners: Get started successfully with these tips

Are you ready for a workout that combines the excitement of cycling with the atmosphere of a lively dance party? If so, indoor cycling might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, seeking new challenges, or just beginning your journey towards a fitter self, indoor cycling has something special in store for you.

To make your entry easier, we’ve teamed up with the indoor cycling experts at Motosumo to gather some exclusive tips that will help you navigate your first experiences with indoor cycling! Now, all you need to do is grab your cycling shoes and get started!

What is indoor cycling anyway?

Indoor cycling for beginners

Indoor cycling has become an absolute trend, and for good reason! Besides the cool beats and club atmosphere, here you’ll train your entire body in a motivating group setting. Indoor cycling is perfect for those who want to get fit in workouts that take less than an hour. You’ll take your place on stationary bikes alongside other participants, guided by qualified instructors. However, the bike is not your ordinary bicycle – it’s specially designed for indoor cycling. With indoor cycling you can achieve high intensity in a short time, thus boosting your fitness. This intense cardio workout not only contributes to improving your cardiovascular health but also strengthens your leg muscles and enhances your endurance.

Why is indoor cycling particularly suitable for beginners?

Indoor cycling for beginners

 “Indoor cycling is a relatively easy activity to get into. You’re secured to your bike, receive guidance throughout the entire session, and it’s a low-impact workout,” says Motosumo instructor Yvanes Kumar. In the classes, you can adjust the intensity to match your fitness level. You can control the resistance and speed of your bike, making it ideal for beginners who want to set their own pace. Not to mention the fun factor. The upbeat music and dynamic nature of cycling make it an extremely enjoyable activity. This training joy can help you stay motivated in the long run.

How long does a class last, and how often should a beginner train?

A class typically lasts 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how intense the workout is intended to be. The great thing about indoor cycling is that it doesn’t require a specific fitness level. Beginners can easily adjust the intensity in this sport to gradually improve themselves. An experienced instructor leads the class and provides instructions on proper technique and intensity. It’s important to follow the instructor’s guidance to avoid injuries and achieve the best results. At the beginning, it’s recommended to participate in a class at least two to three times a week. After a few weeks, you’ll notice how much easier it becomes to increase intensity and stay on the bike for longer.

Tips for your first indoor cycling class

Motosumo instructor Yvanes Kumar recommends, “indoor cycling may seem challenging at first, but don’t let that stop you. You’ll quickly find it addictive – in a positive way. Take that first step – you won’t look back. And if you’d like, you can join one of Motosumo’s weekly beginner’s classes at home to get off to a great start.”

What exactly is Motosumo? 

Motosumo is a popular indoor cycling app that brings you an exclusive live cycling experience directly to your smartphone. Here, you’ll find a wide range of live and on-demand classes and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. With its innovative smartphone sensor technology, the app provides real-time fitness metrics for every stationary bike. You can enjoy high-quality, connected cycling anywhere.
Indoor cycling for beginners

Are you intrigued by indoor cycling? Great, because Motosumo instructor Yvanes Kumar has shared even more exciting details and valuable insights on the topic in our in-depth conversation.

What fundamental techniques should beginners be aware of? 

Form is very important. Always keep your arms and shoulders relaxed, engage your core, and ensure that your knees move parallel to the bike. An additional tip: focus on your breathing; keep it deep and find a rhythm to it.

What role does resistance adjustment on the bike play for beginners?

Resistance adjustment is somewhat important in this sport. Resistance is used to simulate different terrains and incline levels. It is designed to work on either your speed or your strength. Sometimes, especially as a beginner, you may find the resistance too challenging. If that happens, turn it down, adjust it to suit your fitness level, and progress accordingly. At Motosumo, we work with four resistance levels – from level one as the easiest to level four as the most demanding. Our instructors will guide you in moving from one level to the next – up or down.

Are there specific tips for beginners to improve performance and technique?


Stretching before class is a good step. It prepares your muscles for work and reduces the risk of injury. Besides that, consistency is key. Ensure that your body stays in motion even on days when you’re not cycling. You’ll notice that your body and fitness adapt faster.

What health benefits does indoor cycling offer, and what gets specifically trained? 

There are many! Indoor cycling helps tone your entire body, strengthens your leg muscles, and makes your heart stronger. You’ll find that you don’t get tired as quickly when walking or running once you start indoor cycling. Mentally, it provides a fantastic endorphin boost, leaving you radiant after each workout. At Motosumo, we firmly believe that regular cycling and adopting good exercise habits make you stronger, happier, and healthier.

What are the most common mistakes made by beginners? 


Riding too much, too quick. Our advice: take it slow. Learn the basics. Work your way up to the speed or resistance you want to achieve. Often, beginners underestimate the training and put too much pressure on themselves, leading to an uncomfortable experience they don’t want to repeat. If you’re patient with yourself and perfect your technique, you’ll find that you can go much further. If you enjoy cycling with others, you’ll also be cheered on by your fellow riders in the community, whether it’s in the Motosumo community at home or with other Urban Sports Club members in the studios.

Where can I try indoor cycling as a beginner with Urban Sports Club?

Indoor Cycling Urban Sports Club
Indoor cycling for beginners at ©Cycla with Urban Sports Club

With Urban Sports Club, you can easily try indoor cycling at a variety of studios and even exercise multiple times a week to boost your fitness. In Berlin, for example, you can pedal vigorously at Rocycle, Cycle Room Berlin Mitte, BEAT81 – Cycle Studio Alexa or ride.bln with Club Vibes. Munich residents can try indoor cycling at various locations of BEAT81 – Cycle Studios and ​​body + soul indoor cycling. In Cologne, you can visit Cycla and different BEAT81 – Cycle Studios. For Hamburg, we recommend HICYCLE.

Indoor cycling for beginners at ©Rocycle with Urban Sports Club

Indoor cycling is a fantastic way to get fit indoors at home or with others in studios. With just a few minutes of training per week, you can improve your fitness and feel fitter and healthier in no time. With Motosumo’s tips, even newcomers can easily dive into the world of indoor cycling successfully – and all from the comfort of their own home. So, hop on your bike and pedal vigorously during the class!


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