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Sometimes you just can’t make it to the studio. All the better that you can attend your favorite classes from the comfort of your own home. Urban Sports Club offers you a huge range of Live Classes. And we know sometimes it can be a little overwhelming! Now, if you’re wondering how and where to start – don’t worry! Let us introduce you to our offer of Live Classes that you can join easily via livestream, wherever you are in the world. 

Pilates Live Classes

Partner: Hi!Yoga
Category: Pilates, Fitness, Yoga, Barre
Our recommendation: 45min Power Pilates with Betti 
An effective full-body workout, focusing on a strong midsection and training those deep-seated muscles. Pilates strengthens your core, mind and mobility.

Partner: Michael Byrne
Category: Fitness, Bootcamp, Stretching, Mindfulness, Dance Cardio 
Our recommendation: 30min AB-ATTACK in the kitchen
This is pure core work for the abdominal and back muscles to improve torso strength, endurance and posture in a one time-efficient workout. Expect 20 different exercises that will hit you from every angle, leaving you feeling aligned, energized and stronger for everyday life.

Partner: High on Yoga 
Category: Yoga
Our recommendation: Deep Sleep Yoga Nidra with Maria
A perfect evening class to release tension in your body and mind, and dive into a deep night’s sleep. This class will prepare the body with a few moments of Yin Yoga, followed by a guided meditation called Yoga Nidra (aka the Yogic Sleep). This can be practiced in bed and is suitable for all levels.


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