“What are we doing tomorrow?”

“What are we doing tomorrow?” – you may have asked this question not only to your friend, but perhaps even heard it on TV or read on one of our numerous outdoor advertisements in several cities. Our new campaign is here and shows you how easily and spontaneously you can become active. If you’re looking for the perfect plan for tomorrow, we’ve got you covered – whether you need a little me-time, want to spend some time with your sports buddy or are looking for an activity with your colleagues from work. With our new campaign, we bring our partners in the spotlight and want to unleash your joy of discovery. Discover your city from a new perspective, expand your sporty horizon and start the summer full of energy.

And tomorrow? Find your new favorite partner

Whether you already have a favorite gym or are still looking for one – with Urban Sports Club, you will find your sports or wellness partner in your area and can enjoy the benefits. Maybe you have already tried a Pilates class in that cozy studio in the neighborhood or strengthened your muscles in the gym around the corner. To make your workout as effective and fun as possible, you should try to work out holistically rather than one-sided. What does this mean?

Different sports will train different skills and muscles which can help you improve your own sports. How about expanding your fitness routine that you are always doing in your gym with a little cardio by going for a swim? Or you could improve your bouldering technique by increasing your mobility through yoga. With more than 10,000 partner locations, you will find your favorite partner for strength, cardio, mobility, mental balance and relaxation – and your personal wellness oasis. And if you are looking for a workout from home, you can choose from countless Live Classes and On-demand Classes – regardless of your location. Do your first yoga class in your living room or strengthen your muscles for bouldering.

Are you curious about the venues where we have shot our new spot or do you want to check in with one of our partners from the video? No problem: you can check out the partner venues in Cologne and Düsseldorf here:

And the day after tomorrow? Unleash your joy of discovery and try a new sport 

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a permanent relaxer, a trendsetter or a jack-of-all-trades – with over 50 sports, you will never be bored and there is something for everyone. In addition to fitness, yoga and bouldering, you will also find Padel, one of the popular trend sports in 2022, in our campaign. Have you not heard of it or have never tried it? Give it a try! And if you need some inspiration for your sporty discovery tour, we have a few activities for you:

Defy gravity

How about air jumps for your health? You may remember it from childhood, but have you ever thought about how effective a jumping workout can be for your fitness – apart from the fun part. Trampolining involves the use of almost all your muscles and will improve your balance and coordination. The combination of quick jumps and powerful movements make it a perfect match for a strength and stamina workout.

If you are dreaming of flying through the air, you can do that with Aerial Yoga or Aerial Silk. In both cases, you improve your body awareness and balance, increase your mobility and train a wide variety of muscles.

With new perspectives

Everyone has this moment once in a while when you want to escape your own routine. Sometimes a new perspective from the neighborhood can help – how about from the water, for example? Stand-up paddling not only allows you to explore the area from a new perspective, but also trains your balance, upper body, abdomen, back and leg muscles. For adrenaline junkies, this can also be done with water-skiing or wakeboarding. And if the weather is bad, you can reach new heights when bouldering or climbing.

Relax with extreme temperatures

Love exposing yourself to extremes? Then you should definitely try cryotherapy on your discovery tour. In just two minutes, your body will be frozen at up to -150 °C and you’ll be doing your body some good. Injuries will be regenerated and sore muscles soothed – even your skin will improve. In addition, the cold boost also lifts your mood.

For those who prefer to escape the cold, a sauna or Hot Yoga session is the place to be. Relax your muscles, stimulate circulation will be stimulated and the release of endorphins will be promoted. Furthermore, sweating will detox your body.

And afterwards? – Train with the team right after work

Are you eager to do something with your colleagues after work? You will get to know them better during the workout and improve your health at the same time. Whether it’s bouldering, playing beach volleyball or doing a round of yoga together to relax – sports offer the perfect opportunity for team building and are also a super benefit that can be sponsored by the employer. You do not have a sports and wellness membership in your company yet? Urban Sports Club can be purchased as a company membership. Suggest it within your organization to get active together.

Whether it’s relaxation in extreme temperatures, offbeat workouts, or your new favorite gym – challenge your limits and tell us about the activity that brings back your joy of discovery at your local gym.


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