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At Urban Sports Club, we believe that sports can promote diversity and connect people– if everyone feels good with a workout catered specifically for them and have fun doing it. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in sports and feel comfortable without any concerns.

In keeping with Christopher Street Day, just like last year, we asked our partners to share their initiatives and efforts for the LGBTQIA+ community. We received a lot of positive feedback and summarized it for you in our blog articles. Find out why safer spaces are important in sports and how you can contribute a small part to this in our interview with TRIBE Yoga Base. You can also take a look at the LGBTQIA+ guides for Berlin, Munich, and Cologne. Moreover, this year, we have created guides for safer spaces for BIPoC members and safer spaces for individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Do you know of any studio that should be included in this LGBTQIA+ guide? Then please send this link to the partner and request them to fill the form, so that we can add them.

This list is based on feedback from our partners and is not exhaustive. In your city you can discover more studios and partners with offers for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Partners with classes, workshops or events for the community

TRIBE Yoga Base (also online)

Come and enjoy yoga in a relaxed atmosphere at TRIBE Yoga Base. The classes are conducted not only in a gender-sensitive language, but special yoga teacher training classes also take place such as: “Yoga & Diversity – trauma sensitive yoga classes and body work for trans and non-binary people.”


nordlichtYOGA offers a safe space with a community feel. Everyone is welcome to work on their own yoga practice. In addition, the studio offers trauma-informed classes.

Partners or team members that are part of the community


Are you looking for EMS training in Hamburg? Nils of Vitashape is part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and has a wide variety of customers from the community, also because of the location. The changing rooms, shower, toilet and digital EMS system questionnaire are designed for non-binary people.


Sonja from YogaLab speaks about her lesbian relationship openly in the studio and posts it publicly. The studio is always committed to offering everyone a safe space for their yoga practice.

Praxis für Körpertherapie Shiatsu

Trust is important especially in case of activities done close to the body. Praxis für Körpertherapie Shiatsu is itself connected to the LGBTQIA+ community and therefore very much looks forward to Shiatsu treatments with any person.


Are you in the mood for some functional training? Nordathleten have a diverse and open team that projects this attitude outwardly. The trainers can be open about their sexual orientation in the studio. As part of the Pride Month, they are using social media channels to focus on organizations and the historical background of the pride.

Shinson Hapkido St. Pauli

Shinson Hapkido St. Pauli follows the five teaching methods in the dojang: trust, respect, patience, humility and love. This basic attitude is supported by the philosophy: “You are a valuable person”. The team has an open and trusting attitude towards everyone: they don’t believe in exclusion. In all their offerings, from meditation, ki- and respiratory training (kidoin) to martial arts training, the fundamental principle of mindfulness is reflected. In addition, they offer regular workshops, gender toilets and the opportunity to move around in their larger “barefoot bathrooms”.

Orangetheory Fitness Safe Spaces

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is a partner that represents the LGBTQIA+ community and has members of this community in their team. They have clear guidelines for creating a safe space and promote respectful interactions in their studio. Additionally, they have conducted training on sensitivity towards LGBTQIA+ topics to ensure that all customers feel welcome and accepted. At Orangetheory Fitness, support and inclusion are at the forefront.

Partners with initiatives within and/or outside the studios

Martial Arts Concepts

The Martial Arts Concepts is a small gym with an informal atmosphere in the heart of Wilhelmsburg. Here you can train in different martial arts, work on your fitness and learn self-defense. Their motto says, “train with anyone”. They train men, women and non-binary people on an equal footing. In addition, the studio supports the LGBTQIA+ community by way of a small contribution.

Studio Mohnblume

At Studio Mohnblume, you will experience more than just yoga and sports. Here, the focus is on belonging, acceptance, respect, tolerance and a lot of fun. Also, the individuality of each person is paramount: everyone is welcome, just the way they are. There are mixed changing rooms and sanitary facilities.

​​Yogazentrum Buxtehude

Even if the yoga classes are held in groups in the Yogazentrum Buxtehude, the individual care of the members is of utmost importance. Also, in any of the yoga classes, they always address personal needs and any physical ailments. They already have members of the LGBTQIA+ community, who feel very comfortable. In addition, there are inclusive toilets available on-site.

N.U. Crossfit®

Are you interested in Crossfit®? At N.U. Crossfit®, the training is designed in such a way to bring everyone closer by means of sports. They implement this philosophy with all its consequences, and keep the doors open to all.



Vitalegy offers EMS, Bungee Fitness, and Vibration Training in Winterhude. In their studio, there are inclusive toilet facilities to ensure that all customers feel comfortable and accepted. They also have clear guidelines for creating a safe space and promoting respectful interactions.



Scoop is an LGBTQIA+ inclusive partner with clear guidelines and practices for a supportive environment. They prioritize providing a safe space and respectful interactions in their studio. Additionally, they have experience collaborating with LGBTQIA+ organizations and events, as well as knowledge about LGBTQIA+ health and wellness matters.

Faszien Hamburg – Nasrin Schneider

Faszien Hamburg – Nasrin Schneider

Faszien Hamburg – Nasrin Schneider offers fascia therapy with an inclusive program design for LGBTQIA+ members. Their studio is a safe space with clear guidelines for respectful interactions. Sensitivity towards LGBTQIA+ topics is important to them.

Partners who actively welcome the community and are opposed to any discrimination


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