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At Urban Sports Club, we believe that sports can promote diversity and connect people – if everyone feels good with a workout catered specifically for them and have fun doing it. Therefore, we celebrate the Pride Month 2022 under the motto “Work out the way you are”. We want to give everyone the opportunity to play a sport and feel good.

In keeping with Pride Month, we asked our partners to share their initiatives and efforts for the LGBTQIA+ community. We received a lot of positive feedback and summarized it for you in our blog articles. Find out why safe spaces are important in sports and how you can contribute a small part to this in our interview with TRIBE Yoga Base. You can also take a look at the guides for Munich, Hamburg and Berlin.

Do you know of any studio that should be included in the guide? Then please send this link to the partner and request them to fill the form, so that we can add them.

This list is based on feedback from our partners and is not exhaustive. In your city you can discover more studios and partners with offers for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Partners with classes, workshops or events for the community

Cologne Pole Fitness

Cologne Pole Fitness, specializing in Pole Dance and Burlesque, is mainly visited by women. Since 2007, more and more peoplefrom the LGBTQIA+ community have joined. Not only is the studio present at the CSD parade every year, but since 2019 it has additionally offered targeted classes to support MtF transitions (gender transitions) and provides meetings and support. Currently, they are working on developing another part of their studio, called House of Blue Rose, in order to be able to offer even more support in the future. As some LGBTQIA+ members are interested in the ballroom scene,the studio now offers classes and workshops. The first class has already started last month and is now continuing on.



The studio of BesYOGA is liberal and tries to offer all people a safe space for yoga. Bes is part of the community, and the studio itself has come from a LGBTQIA+ & friends yoga class.

Thomas Holler Personal Training & Kurse

Are you interested in EMS training? At Thomas Holler Personal Training & Kurse Köln, you can feel comfortable and enhance your fitness. Thomas is part of a LGBTQIA+ association.

Partners with initiatives within and/or outside the studios

Studio 58 (also online)

Studio 58 promotes Crosstraining, fitness, Pilates and yoga for everyone, regardless of the orientation. They offer a non-binary bathroom. Many of the LGBTQIA+ community train in the studio, so you can also stop by.

the tree – Massage Lounge

The massage studio the tree – Massage Lounge is not only in the middle of the LGBTQIA+ area, but they have already participated in various actions to support the community.

Osho UTA Institut (also online)

Due to its orientation, the Osho UTA Institut has always been open to diversity. This year they will be at the CSD with a booth and want to bring meditation to more people.

Reingeschaut Yoga

Reingeschaut Yoga places great emphasis on gender-sensitive language. Here you can find your inner center in the quiet Volkspark.

CoolZoone Cologne

If you want to freeze for a short time for your health with cryotherapy, you are welcome to CoolZoone. In the single cabins everyone can feel comfortable. CoolZoone supports the community by sponsoring the CSD.

Deborah Davis YOGA

In the courses of Deborah Davis YOGA, she creates a shelter for everyone. She helps students in looking inward and accepting themselves as they are. A space is created where the community can get to know each other, supports and exchange among themselves.

Hot Yoga Köln – Yoga39° (also online)

Hot Yoga Köln – Yoga39° has a generally open culture without any discrimination and already many members from the community. In the studio, it is part of the philosophy of treating every person respectfully.

family FIT ‘N DANCE

The studio family FIT ‘N DANCE is actively committed to a respectful interaction with each other. No matter what origin, orientation or physical features, the community is already mixed and welcomes everyone.

Body Works Cologne

Body Works Studio Köln has an extensive offer, ranging from the innovative GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® method and Yamuna Body Rolling to meditative Qigong and Ashtanga Yoga to Power Pilates. There is a common wardrobe for everyone and everyone is welcome.

Partners who actively welcome the community and are opposed to any discrimination


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