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At Urban Sports Club, we believe that sports can promote diversity and connect people– if everyone feels good with a workout catered specifically for them and have fun doing it. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in sports and feel comfortable without any concerns.

In keeping with Christopher Street Day, just like last year, we asked our partners to share their initiatives and efforts for the LGBTQIA+ community. We received a lot of positive feedback and summarized it for you in our blog articles. Find out why safer spaces are important in sports and how you can contribute a small part to this in our interview with TRIBE Yoga Base. You can also take a look at the LGBTQIA+ guides for Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne. Moreover, this year, we have created guides for safer spaces for BIPoC members and safer spaces for individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Do you know of any studio that should be included in this LGBTQIA+ guide? Then please send this link to the partner and request them to fill the form, so that we can add them.

This list is based on feedback from our partners and is not exhaustive. In your city you can discover more studios and partners with offers for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Partners with classes, workshops or events for the community

vea studio

vea Studio

Every first Sunday of the month, at 5 p.m., you can take part in a meditation session for the LGBTQIA+ community with Boris at vea Studio. The goal is to create a safe space to get in touch with the emotions stored in our bodies and let go of past experiences. The class is aimed at everyone from the LGBTQIA+ community, their friends and their allies.

Barliner Workout

Barliner Workout

Barliner Workout is a popular training center with the LGBTQIA+ community, and welcomes everyone. Regular LGBTQIA+ social events are organized to help strengthen the community’s connections. Additionally, you can join the “Women & Non-binary Calisthenics” class with Beth Thayne every Saturday at 11 a.m. This class is exclusively for women and non-binary individuals.

Martin Balance x Har Studio

Martin Balance x Har Studio

Martin Balance x Har Studio regularly offers courses that are aimed at the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. LGBTQIA+ members are represented within the team, and great importance is placed on respectful interactions.

Airport Squash & Fitness Safe Spaces

Airport Squash & Fitness

At our partner, Airport Squash & Fitness, there is squash training for the LGBTQIA+ community every Sunday.

Fenriz Gym Safe Spaces

Fenriz Gym 

In the past, Fenriz Gym has organized an Empower Gala to serve the opportunity to take FLINTA* to gauge their martial arts capabilities. This is often difficult for people of this community because there are either supposedly no opponents or they have to play second-fiddle to binary gender groups. Such an Empower Gala will take place in the future again. In addition, Fenriz Gym offers self-defense classes for FLINTA* occasionally.

Olga Shiatsu Safe Spaces

Olga Shiatsu

The focus of Olga Shiatsu in their Shiatsu practice is working with trauma. Although there are no treatments specifically directed to LGBTQIA+ people, she wants you to feel safe, respected and accepted with her work. If you come across specific topics related to experiences of discrimination, you can contact her in advance. Together, she can offer the necessary support or if you need to help to find a Shiatsu practitioner or body workers who are especially familiar with your situation and may have similar life experience. This also applies to BIPOC people, people with disabilities or neurodiverse people.

YofaRebel Safe Spaces


Acceptance and tolerance as well as inclusion are paramount at YogaRebel. Many LGBTQIA+ and BIPoCs already attend, moreover, regular workshops also take place.

Box-Kultur Berlin Safe Spaces

Box-Kultur Berlin

Box-Kultur Berlin offers special courses for women, where it is also about realistic self-defense and special courses for people with disabilities, such as Parkinson’s morbus, who are supported in the fight against their disease. The word inclusion is paramount here.

Bouldergarten Safe Spaces


The Bouldergarten is a sponsor of Felsheld*innen Festival – the first climbing and bouldering festival for FLINTA* in Germany. The next FLINTA* festival for the community is planned for March 2023.

Queer Yoga Berlin and Queer Yoga Wilmersdorf

Queer Yoga Berlin and Queer Yoga Wilmersdorf

As the name suggests, Queer Yoga Berlin and Queer Yoga Wilmersdorf are all about practicing yoga together with other yogis from the Berlin LGBTQIA+ community! The classes are exclusively led by LGBTQIA+ coaches. The studio also offers gender-neutral restrooms.

ling gui

ling gui

ling gui offers Yi Gong & Tai Chi in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and is committed to inclusion and diversity. With gender-neutral restrooms, LGBTQIA+ inclusive policies and practices, and classes exclusively for LGBTQIA+ members, they create a safe and respectful space. Every Monday, there is a special Qigong I Meditation class for FLINTA* (women, non-binary, and trans individuals). The team at ling gui embraces diversity and promotes an appreciative environment.



At the YO studio, yoga, meditation, design, and collaborative work come together to promote connection and balance in everyday life. They offer mini-spaces and classes exclusively for LGBTQIA+ members.

Partners or team members that are part of the community

Peace Yoga Berlin Safe Spaces

Peace Yoga Berlin

The owners of Jivamukti Yoga School Peace Yoga Berlin not only welcome everyone in their classes but are also part of the community themselves. In the studio, they have gender-neutral bathrooms, a third gender-neutral changing room, and in the classes, they actively use gender-sensitive language. They also have experience collaborating with LGBTQIA+ organizations.

Massage Dream Time Safe Spaces

Massage Dream Time

Massage Dream Time is part of the community and welcomes you. Here you can come as you are and relax with a massage.

Caressing Soul Safe Spaces

Caressing Soul

Do you want to pamper yourself with a massage? Danilo from Caressing Soul believes in the motto “Freedom of Being”. He is committed towards equality and is part of the LGTBQIA+ community.


Michael Byrne Coaching

Michael Byrne and his boyfriend offer live online-classes from their kitchen and have built a large community. They also regularly organize events to raise money for “Schwulenberatung,” a charity organization in Berlin that assists the LGBTQ+ community. This organization supported Michael during a very difficult time a few years ago, for which he is very grateful.

Pole Flow Berlin

Pole Flow Berlin

Pole Dance is often classified as queer-friendly. At Pole Flow Berlin, it is held as part of the vision and is reflected in the team.

KALAA Yoga Berlin

KALAA Yoga Berlin

At KALAA Yoga, everyone is welcome – this not only radiates in the open yoga studio, but is reflected by the diverse team that believes in it.

American Fitness Club GmbH

American Fitness Club GmbH

The fitness studio, American Fitness Club has been known for years to be queer-friendly, both in terms of members and employees. This is reflected not only in their philosophy but also in their team.

TURNHALLE hightech sports

TURNHALLE hightech sports

Vibration training, negative-pressure training and roller massage await you at TURNHALLE hightech sports. Everyone is respected and some of the team members are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Partners with initiatives within and/or outside the studios

Tangotanzen macht schön

Tangotanzen macht schön

Tango is traditionally seen as a dance between man and woman. At Tangotanzen macht schön they understand Tango as an active animated communication between people – regardless of their gender. Role-reversal and partner change are part of their teaching concepts.

Tango Informal

Tango Informal

Tango Informal also represents the concept that gender should not play any role in couple-dances such as Tango. Here you can choose whether you want to the leader or the follower.

Studio29 – House of Performing Arts

Studio29 – House of Performing Arts

At Studio29 – House of Performing Arts everyone is welcome and can be the way they are. Several members of the LGBTQIA+ community already indulge in the high heels classes.

E & M Bachata

E & M Bachata

E & M Bachata teaches Bachata – a couple dance style dominated by men. In their classes, they encourage everyone to both lead and follow and to try out all combinations of dance partnerships, regardless of their sexual preferences or gender identity. They want to break these norms in the community and encourage people with different preferences to dance without worries and fears.

Milonga Popular

Milonga Popular

Milonga Popular promotes the inclusion of all gender in a traditional couple dance. They promote flexibility in the roles as they want everyone to feel free to express themselves regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Learning both roles also helps to gain faster progress and makes dancing more complete. Input from everyone and everywhere are welcome.

Yannis Mitsos

Yannis Mitsos

The dance practice of Yannis Mitsos revolves around the freedom to express himself and this is exactly what he wants to communicate to the members. He has already participated in several LGBTQIA+ events in Greece and Germany and has performed for queer cultural themes.

Studio für künstlerischen Tanz Safe Spaces

Studio für künstlerischen Tanz

Communicating mutual respect and appreciation is part of the teaching at Studio für künstlerischen Tanz. Inclusive toilets are available in the studio. Not only are members of the community represented in the team, but they also always prioritize respectful interaction and inclusive guidelines in their classes.

Stadtbad Oderberger Safe Spaces

Stadtbad Oderberger

The Stadtbad Oderberger offers non-binary bathrooms and is open to all guests who want some relaxation in the sauna or wanting to swim. They have received training on LGBTQIA+ inclusion and sensitivity, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community are part of their team. Additionally, they have signed the Charter of Diversity and are Travel Proud and Pink Pillow members.

Impuls Massage Safe Spaces

Impuls Massage

Feeling safe is particularly important in case of massages and body work. Impuls Massage is therefore trying to offer a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community and supports the awareness.



In the Spreedrop-Charter, both the employees and the staff in the public bathing beach are trained in their handling and strive to offer all guests a friendly stay.

Bunker Berlin Safe Spaces

Bunker Berlin

Bunker Berlin is the “Oldschool Gym” in Berlin. An open and tolerant atmosphere awaits you: several members of the LGBTQAI+ community, queer magazines and diverse toilets and showers. In the future a cooperation with social sponsors/associations is planned.

Yoga im Fincan mit Sandro

Yoga im Fincan mit Sandro

Sometimes relaxed, sometimes sweaty, sometimes dynamic and other times relaxing – with the goal of improving self-perception Yoga in the Fincan with Sandro offers open yoga hours. In the studio you will find gender-neutral toilets.

Dhyana Centre Berlin Safe Spaces

Dhyana Centre Berlin

The meditation courses of Dhyana Centre Berlin are part of the Friends to Mankind NGO Global Peace Effort committed to the principles of friendship with humanity and inspires humanity to make peace a way of life. Their goal is to appreciate being respectful; to highlight mutual dependence and friendship; and to create a sense of responsibility.

StandUpClub Berlin Safe Spaces

StandUpClub Berlin

Be waterborne with CSD with StandUpClub Berlin. Everyone paddles a colorful rainbow fleet on the Spree on SUPs. Of course, you are welcome all year round.


Flow Motion Studio

At Flow Motion Studio, the team represents the LGBTQIA+ community. The studio offers inclusive toilets and implements LGBTQIA+ inclusive guidelines and practices. Additionally, they have experience in collaborating with LGBTQIA+ organizations and events. Everyone is warmly welcomed and part of an inclusive environment.

Movement Meditation with Tamara @Optionsraum

Movement Meditation with Tamara @Optionsraum

Movement Meditation with Tamara @Optionsraum gehört zur Organisation Open Floor International. Sie bietet eine Bewegungspraxis an, die die Gemeinschaft stärkt, die Inklusion ehrt und gemeinsame Werte aufbaut. Probiere hier Movement Meditation aus.

The Center School of Performing Arts in English

The Center School of Performing Arts in English

The Center is proud of its commitment towards the community and diversity and takes measures to ensure that no student is discriminated against because of race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy or other reasons. The Center is committed to preventing any harassment of students and teachers. In the studio, there are gender-neutral toilets. The team also includes members of the community themselves.

Sofiya Dance

Sofiya Dance

In Sofiya Dance classes they do not tolerate judgments and everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, skin color, religion etc. Several transgender people are already members who feel safe and welcome.

Ana Kavalis – ZBK Safe Spaces

Ana Kavalis – ZBK

Ana Kavalis – ZBK is a partner that welcomes creatives, dancers, actors, and anyone interested in creative body exploration. At ZBK, they place great importance on creating an inclusive environment. Gender-neutral or inclusive toilet facilities are readily available, and they use pronoun-inclusive language to ensure that every person feels welcome and respected.

Frankee @ Centro Delfino Safe Spaces

Frankee @ Centro Delfino

Frankee @ Centro Delfino supports the LGBTQIA+ community. The studio offers gender-neutral/inclusive toilets, a safe space, and respect for all. With experience in collaborating with LGBTQIA+ organizations and knowledge about health issues, the team creates an inclusive environment for all customers.

Veronica Kalden – Inferno Hot Pilates Safe Spaces

Veronica Kalden – Inferno Hot Pilates

Veronica Kalden – Inferno Hot Pilates studio has gender-neutral toilet facilities to ensure that all customers feel comfortable and welcome in their establishment. Creating an open and inclusive environment is a priority at Veronica Kalden’s studio.

Praxis für Verbesserung Safe Spaces

Praxis für Verbesserung

Praxis für Verbesserung is a supportive partner that works with Reiki, Shiatsu, and Shintai Bodywork. They offer gender-neutral/inclusive toilets, have LGBTQIA+ members in the team, and conduct training on inclusion and sensitivity. Their practice focuses on providing a safe space with respect and knowledge about LGBTQIA+ health.

Remedy Studio Safe Spaces

Remedy Studio

Remedy Studio in Prenzlauer Berg offers yoga and Pilates and is proud to be a supportive partner of the LGBTQIA+ community. They place great importance on inclusion – with representative team members, gender-neutral/inclusive toilets, and the implementation of LGBTQIA+ inclusive guidelines. At Remedy Studio, you can expect a warm and inclusive environment for your yoga and Pilates experience.

Yoga & More Safe Spaces

Yoga & More

Yoga & More is a versatile studio that places great importance on inclusion, offering gender-neutral or inclusive toilet facilities, and follows LGBTQIA+ inclusive guidelines and practices to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and accepted in the establishment.

Chaim Gebber – Open Scene Safe Spaces

Chaim Gebber – Open Scene

Chaim Gebber – Open Scene is an inclusive partner with gender-neutral toilets. The studio designs its program according to the needs and interests of LGBTQIA+ members. Additionally, the team has experience in collaborating with LGBTQIA+ organizations and events. You can expect an open and supportive environment.

zündstoff CrossFit® Safe Spaces

zündstoff CrossFit®

zündstoff CrossFit® is a partner that promotes inclusion and equality. They provide gender-neutral toilet facilities in their studio. At zündstoff CrossFit®, the focus is on creating an open and supportive environment where everyone is welcome regardless of gender or identity.

Berliner Pilates Safe Spaces

Berliner Pilates

Berliner Pilates values inclusion and offers inclusive toilet facilities. The team also has knowledge about LGBTQIA+ health and wellness issues. At Berliner Pilates, everyone is welcome and respected to ensure a pleasant and supportive environment for all.

Yoga Hub Berlin Safe Spaces

Yoga Hub Berlin

Yoga Hub Berlin offers a warm and family-like atmosphere. The studio is committed to inclusion and represents the LGBTQIA+ community through its staff. With gender-neutral toilets and inclusive class offerings, they create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ members.

The Essential Kneads Safe Spaces

The Essential Kneads

The Essential Kneads prioritizes inclusion with LGBTQIA+ inclusive guidelines and sensitivity training. They have knowledge about LGBTQIA+ health and wellness issues. Valuing everyone is at the core of their approach.

Safe Spaces Oiposho Studio Berlin

Oiposho Studio Berlin

Oiposho Studio Berlin provides inclusive toilets and represents the LGBTQIA+ community among its staff, instructors, and coaches. They create a safe space with clear guidelines for respectful interactions. The studio offers belly dance in Neukölln and has experience in collaborating with LGBTQIA+ organizations and events. Everyone is warmly welcomed!

Partnerakrobatik mit Adrian Iselin Safe Spaces

Partnerakrobatik mit Adrian Iselin

Partnerakrobatik mit Adrian Iselin is inclusive and follows LGBTQIA+ inclusive guidelines, sensitivity training, and offers gender-neutral toilets. The studio has experience in collaborating with LGBTQIA+ organizations and events.

Partners who actively welcome the community and are opposed to any discrimination


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