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At Urban Sports Club, we believe that sports can promote diversity and connect people – if everyone feels good with a workout catered specifically for them and have fun doing it. Therefore, we celebrate the Pride Month 2022 under the motto “Work out the way you are”. We want to give everyone the opportunity to play a sport and feel good.

In keeping with Pride Month, we asked our partners to share their initiatives and efforts for the LGBTQIA+ community. We received a lot of positive feedback and summarized it for you in our blog articles. Find out why safe spaces are important in sports and how you can contribute a small part to this in our interview with TRIBE Yoga Base. You can also take a look at the guides for Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

Do you know of any studio that should be included in the guide? Then please send this link to the partner and request them to fill the form, so that we can add them.

This list is based on feedback from our partners and is not exhaustive. In your city you can discover more studios and partners with offers for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Partners with initiatives within and/or outside the studios

The Bodyworkers (also online)

The philosophy of The Bodyworkers is to accept everyone and this is also communicated to all participants. At the entrance you will also find a poster which clearly points out that no form of racism, discrimination, harassment or hatred is tolerated.


Are you interested in fitness and wellness in Munich? The goal of body+soul is a culture of equality, appreciation, trust and respect. They also show this in their values as a company. Many of the studios already have a large clientele of the LGBTQIA+ community.

PopUpYoga (also online)

PopUpYoga is open to every person of every mind and orientation. They not only show this in the studio, but also communicate it publicly on their pages.

BoXFit München

If you are interested in boxing, BoXFit welcomes you. In the past, members with less income have also been offered a possibility to practice. They always strive to find a possibility that everyone can participate in the training and feels comfortable.

Tango SUR @ FTM Süd

In couple dancing, traditionally the positions are often still separated by gender. At Tango SUR @ FTM Süd, you are cordially invited to learn Tango in both roles.

The Sanctuary

The motto of The Sanctuary ”Come as you are” is part of the values and is lived in the studio. The Sanctuary wants to offer every person a home for their practice.

Zentrum für Orientalischen Tanz

Zentrum für Orientalischen Tanz has had members who belong to marginalized groups for more than eight years and who feel very well taken care of. The studio invites everyone and tries to create a pleasant atmosphere for all.

Kale & Cake

Kale & Cake also has the community communicated and supported. Here you can improve your yoga practice and be fully yourself.

Partners who actively welcome the community and are opposed to any discrimination


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