Individualise your training plan even more with our on-demand classes

As an Urban Sports Club member you can choose from our numerous live online classes and (soon) indoor and outdoor on-site courses. Our offer is already pretty flexible, varied and fun – but now we’re expanding it even further with new on-demand classes. To enjoy our new offer log on with your profile to our website.

Even more flexible and varied

Our on-demand offer includes recorded workouts from popular partners that you can conveniently access anywhere, anytime. This is a response to positive feedback from members who said they loved the flexibility of location-independent courses, and would like to be time-flexible too.


With this product enhancement you can personalize your workout and go at your own pace. Now if an important phone call comes through or when your dog needs to go outside all of a sudden, you can simply pause your on-demand class and resume any time you like. You can also try out sports you might not have dared try before, as training on your own at home will make you feel confident and happy to test your new skills (without having to worry about anyone seeing you!)

What’s in store

You can use our on-demand classes at any time and keep fit from anywhere, whether at home or on the road. We’ll start with about 100 videos in the beta version and will constantly expand the offer. New experiences and valuable member feedback will help us develop the test version into a platform that includes all of your favorite sports. 


The platform’s now up and running so you can try out activities like fitness, yoga, pilates, martial arts, dancing and meditation, with more to come. Here’s a selection of featured partners:

Fenriz Gym
D!s Dance School
The Bodyworkers

Balance Yoga

You can enjoy these sweaty and energetic workouts, or if you’d like something a bit calmer we’ve got a ton of relaxing on-demand courses to recharge your batteries too.

How to use our new offer

To enjoy our new offer log on to our website and click On-demand Classes Beta. Just make sure you’re an active member, are logged into the web version and have Germany set as your target country. 

We’re looking forward to adding many more partners to our video library and watching our offer grow in the coming months. With our product expansion we want to continue to inspire all our members to live an active and healthy lifestyle, whenever and wherever you want.



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