Take your training to the next level with Masterclasses

Ready to take your training to the next level? Since launching our new Masterclass format in September we’ve invited our partners to share their expertise, advice and wisdom with our Urban Sports Club community. We’ve covered topics such as fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep from The Bodyworkers, Holmes Place, The Life Barn and many more, and we’ve asked for your continuous feedback along the way to make sure we give you the best possible experience. 

Based on your feedback we’ve made a few adjustments to our Masterclass structure to create three different formats to cater to the diverse needs of our members. We’re super excited to introduce our new and improved offer – especially as we have a big surprise in store!

What are Masterclasses?


Masterclasses aim to supplement your training plan by providing targeted and specialized tips, workshops and guidance. These interactive live classes are hosted by a selection of partners and can be attended remotely, whenever and wherever you like. Masterclasses are more than just a workout – they’re an opportunity to learn and grow, with the sole aim of helping you take your training and fitness knowledge to the next level.

Examples of past Masterclasses include:

  • Fitness during pregnancy by Luisa from The Bodyworkers
  • Healthy back – How to get rid of your back pain by Zan from Holmes Place
  • Self-motivation and Mindset by Laura from The Life Barn 
  • Live Cooking Session with Birgit from Holmes Place

What are the new Masterclass formats?


You can sign up for a Masterclass just as you would a Live Class. At Urban Sports Club we’re always listening to the wants and needs of our members, which is exactly how we came to shape our brand new formats. (Pssst – as Masterclasses have limited capacity, we ask our members to cancel their spot at least 24 hours in advance so someone else can enjoy the show!)

Masterclass Interactive

Do you like your sessions interactive? Interactive Masterclasses are our smallest class (20 to 30 people) and ideal if you love to chat, engage and actively discuss a subject. The host will start the class with a short presentation and then open the topic up for discussion.


We encourage everybody to switch on their cameras, turn off their phones and get ready to engage with our expert. So get ready to learn something new and interact with the Urban Sports Club community!

Upcoming Masterclasses Interactive: 

  • The Bodyworkers – Build your own trainings plan for better endurance (DE) – March 6, 11 a.m.

Masterclass Insights

Do you prefer to listen and learn? Then our Masterclasses Insights are right up your street. The majority of our classes will follow this 50 person capacity format. These classes are ideal if you’re thirsty for knowledge, keen to absorb new information and happy to deep dive into a new topic.

Questions are very welcome, however, the purpose of this class is for our experts to impart their knowledge. Masterclasses Insights are ideal if you want to take a specific area of training to the next level, such as understanding sleep health, managing back pain and utilizing mindfulness in day-to-day life.

Upcoming Masterclasses Insights: 

  • Holmes Place – Marathon Training (DE) – February 27, 11 a.m.
  • The Bodyworkers – A happier life with mindfulness (DE) – March 7, 7 p.m.


Now for the surprise… Each month we’ll invite a sports star, brand or athlete to host a Masterclass exclusively for Urban Sports Club members! So get ready to learn something new from record-breakers, daredevils, boundary-pushers and social media superstars.

The number of spaces will be unlimited and we’ll record the session for our Video on Demand platform so you can re-watch it or share it with friends. The class will be hosted alongside an Urban Sports Club moderator, and don’t forget to think of a question so our superstar can answer it in the Q&A at the end.

How can a Masterclass boost your training plan?

When it comes to health and fitness, any number of things can hold us back from achieving our goals. Perhaps you’re not confident enough to learn how to handstand, or unable to take your weightlifting to the next level. Perhaps you’re keen to get into running but aren’t sure where to start, or maybe you need advice on where to buy the best running shoes. Whatever it is, many of us are inhibited in one way or another by self-doubt or a lack of knowledge. These Masterclasses are designed to be a safe space for our community to ask anything they like and get the confidence they need to take the next step in their training plan. More than anything, though, Masterclasses are about community. Here you’ll meet new trainers, discover new partner studios and connect with like-minded members to feel part of the Urban Sports Club family. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a Masterclass here



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