The sports trends of 2022

Did you recognize yourself in our tongue-in-cheek blog article about the different types of athletes? Whether you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades, a trendsetter or an adrenaline junkie, Urban Sports Club is the place to find new challenges. So to help you kick off the new year the right way, here are our top 5 trend sports for 2022. Get inspired – cos it’s gonna be your year!


Woman doing Piloxing

Pi-what? The cross between Pilates and boxing may sound like an unusual pairing, but the two sports complement each other particularly well. This effective interval training workout strengthens muscles, endurance and coordination. Here you’ll burn off excess energy with intensive workout phases and then activate your deep muscles with calmer Pilates exercises. With powerful boxing sequences that train your coordination skills, Piloxing combines the best of both worlds. 

Surf Yoga 

Surf Yoga is not to be confused with SUP Yoga. Surf Yoga takes place on dry land and trains your balance and the muscle groups most important for surfing. So if you’ve already planned your next vacation with a board, this trendy sport might be perfect for you. But non-surfers can benefit from Surf Yoga, too. These asanas (yoga postures) will strengthen your core and promote flexibility, while the meditation and breathing exercises will help you stay focussed. 

Animal Moves

Gorilla, crocodile, tiger – a whole zoo can take part in an Animal Moves workout. This fitness concept combines various exercises that guarantee fun and strong muscles. Each movement is based on an animal, which might sound friendly but is actually very challenging. From the leaping crocodile to the kicking donkey to the cobra from yoga, Animal Moves is all about bodyweight sequences and postures that build muscle and flexibility. Let your inner animal out!

Booty Therapy 

Can you guess what area Booty Therapy focuses on? That’s right – it’s the butt. The dance concept developed by Maïmouna Coulibaly is more than just twerking – it’s about confidence and embracing feminine sensuality. This class will boost your self-esteem and inject some fun into your evening. With influences from afro-urban dance styles such as coupé décalé, kuduro, ragga dancehall, n’dombolo and naïjs, Booty Therapy is a unique concept that Maïmouna shares with humor and passion. Shake your hips and forget your worries – that’s the motto! Find out for yourself in 2022.


Spinning or Cycling

Ok, so it’s likely you’ve tried a spin or cycle class before – it’s one of the most liked types of sports and will continue to grow in popularity in 2022. And no wonder, seeing as spin classes are getting more and more energizing, with choreographed spin moves alongside banging beats, atmospheric lighting and weights. Sweat and have fun at the same time! 

Have you got the urge to try something new and put your resolutions into practice? Whether you’re looking for the latest trends or want to try out new partners – discover wellness and sports with Urban Sports Club. You can visit our partners on-site or online through Masterclasses, Live Classes and more. Show us how you’re kicking off your 2022 on social media using the hashtags #ThisIsMyClub and #ThisWillBeMyYear. 


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