A sporty Christmas for everybody

Although we’ll celebrate with fewer people this year, Christmas always brings different family characters together. Whether loud or quiet, organized or chaotic, every person is unique, and this extends to sports. Some people are daredevils, while others are wellness lovers – but there’s something for everyone at Urban Sports Club. So if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your family or friends, why not buy an Urban Sports Club voucher? That way you can give outdoor enthusiasts, fitness addicts, relaxation seekers and all other sports types a gift to get them active and motivated.

The perma-chiller

With a friendly smile on their lips, a wise piece of advice and a warm hug, the perma-chiller is (almost) always in harmony with themselves and knows how to find inner balance. They’re the good soul of the family, always ready to give their nieces and nephews a little cash or present. Their sports schedule champions active and passive relaxation, from yoga and Qi Gong to meditation, sauna and cryotherapy. This person loves activities that promote mobility and strengthen the body and mind. At home, they’ll light scented candles, aromatic oils and incense sticks while enjoying a live online guided meditation course. Afterwards they’ll sip green tea and let out a deep “Ooomm.” 

The outdoor type 

kayaking on lake

“There’s no such thing as bad weather…” – yes, we all know the outdoor guy! This person values fresh air, nature and adrenaline and they love to enjoy outdoor sports. Whether it’s kayaking on wild waters, climbing to lofty heights with bouldering, or running through the park in the pouring rain, this person loves to be outdoors. This daredevil might even bathe in an ice-cold lake in the shivering cold weather. But if you’d rather not take a HIIT class in the sleet, we recommend ice skating together – it’s fun, the air is fresh and you don’t have to be a total daredevil to do it!

The jack-of-all-trades

man playing tennis

We all know that one person who seems to succeed at everything. While you slave away dancing, playing tennis or bouldering, the jack-of-all-trades glides elegantly across the dance floor with seemingly no effort. This can get frustrating for friends and family, who might turn down the odd table tennis game out of fear of defeat. But let’s face it, all-rounders also provide impetus and inspiration, don’t you think? Whether it’s valuable tips for a bouldering route or motivating words – we can all learn from people who are gifted with such physical talent. And when you do win against the jack-of-all-trades, you can be all the more proud of yourself. 

The trendsetter

woman doing aerial yoga

Trendsetter’s know the hottest spots in town and exactly which sports are trending right now. Whether HILIT, Animal Moves or Padel – this sports fan is always first to try the newest and hippest sports, and after their studio visit they’ll probably try out a cronut or Dalgona. Never heard of it? Doesn’t matter. This sporty trendsetter will be happy to show you where to find the latest food trends – so you can go and enjoy an iced matcha latte after your Piloxing class. Or maybe just a regular filter coffee. 

If you recognized yourself or a loved one amongst these characters, why not invite them along to enjoy your favorite activity – or try something new together? Our gift voucher will make your family jump for joy under the tree – the perfect warm-up for all the activities you can enjoy together.
And if you work in Human Resources and think Urban Sports Club could work wonders for your company team spirit and overall health, you can find our corporate fitness vouchers here.


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