Outdoor sports – Your guide to outdoor activities in your city

Summer is here, bringing the perfect opportunity to enjoy outdoor sports in the great weather and immerse yourself in nature. It’s time to take on new athletic challenges, get fit for the season, and have a blast. In this article, we’ve curated a list of some of the most incredible outdoor sports for you to explore. Get inspired, discover unique spots, and find exciting activities for outdoor sports in your city!

Outdoor sports – What are the pros and cons?

Outdoor sports

Engaging in outdoor sports offers a change of scenery and comes with a host of benefits. From the fresh air and sunshine to the diverse training options and the chance to connect with nature, many advantages exist. Here are the key benefits and drawbacks to consider:

Possible benefits of outdoor sports

  • Cost-effective or even free compared to fitness studios or indoor sports facilities
  • Activities like jogging, cycling, or hiking can double as a means of transportation
  • Stress reduction through movement, fresh air, and sunlight
  • Opportunities to make new social connections
  • A more profound harmony with nature
  • Enhanced well-being and overall happiness
  • Exploring new places and discovering hidden gems
  • Flexibility and spontaneity without being bound by opening hours or rigid schedules
  • A fresh perspective of the city

Possible drawbacks of outdoor sports

  • Weather conditions such as rain, storms, snow, or extreme heat
  • Dealing with allergens like pollen or insect bites
  • Potential accidents due to uneven terrains, obstacles like rocks or branches
  • Air pollution caused by smog or vehicle emissions
  • Limitations posed by seasonal factors like darkness or icy surfaces
  • Restricted ability to perform specific exercises that require specialized equipment or facilities

No matter which outdoor sport you choose, always wear appropriate clothing to protect your body effectively, whether in summer or winter. Proper preparation allows you to enjoy outdoor sports even if you have pollen allergies!

What’s the most popular outdoor sport? 

Does sun, water, sand, and ice make you think of vacation? We’ll show you how to combine them with physical activity perfectly. Enjoy the beautiful weather while boosting your physical and mental fitness. Say goodbye to spring fatigue! There are countless outdoor sports you can try. Find the one that brings you the most joy!

Soak up the sun with outdoor fitness and yoga

Yoga in the park

A healthy dose of vitamin D3 has a positive impact on our mindset. Take those sun-induced feelings of happiness to the next level by engaging in outdoor physical activities. Imagine experiencing an endorphin rush during an outdoor functional training session. In your city’s parks and green spaces, you can improve your endurance, strengthen all muscle groups, and before you know it, you’ve completed a highly effective full-body workout.

You’ll also find numerous partners offering outdoor yoga. Whether on the beach, in the park, or on the city rooftops, take a deep breath and connect with yourself even more.

Thrilling outdoor water sports


If outdoor sports alone don’t satisfy you, add another element: the refreshing water. There are plenty of opportunities to glide over the water while engaging in sports. Whether you want to refine your wakeboarding and water skiing skills or discover your city from a new perspective while kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, the choice is yours.

If the local lake feels too small, take it to the next level by joining Urban Sports Club in Spain and Portugal for some surfing. Your athletic ambitions have no limits, even while on vacation.

SUP yoga is perfect for those who want to try something new without traveling. It presents a fresh challenge for yogis, and those aspiring to become one. The increased focus on balance not only targets deep muscles, but also guarantees an abundance of fun.

Embrace outdoor sports with sand beneath your feet 

Outdoor sports Beachvolleyball

Do you love the feeling of walking barefoot on millions of sand grains? Fantastic! That means it’s time for your beach volleyball adventure to begin. Whether playing with friends or colleagues, you will have a blast. And after the game, you can wind down with a refreshing drink at the beach bar.

Yet, it’s not only the popular summer ball sport that brings a vacation vibe. Beach resorts offer an array of exciting athletic activities. Whether you’re into water polo, leisurely swimming laps, or simply enjoying the sand and grass, no place evokes as many fond childhood memories of scorching summer days as a beach resort does.

Even with tennis and Padel, you’ll experience a different sensation than on an indoor court. Picture yourself sweating in the sun while refining your technique.

Ice? How about -110 degrees?


No, we’re not discussing indulging in creamy ice cream or enjoying a refreshing popsicle. We’re referring to the perfect way to cool down on hot summer days. If the shade of an umbrella or the breeze from a fan isn’t enough, take a mini ice break and treat yourself to a cryotherapy session. Of course, it’s only for a few minutes, but the endorphin boost is worth it. You will activate your immune system, and your body will enjoy a pleasant cooling sensation, resulting in numerous positive effects, such as enhanced muscle recovery.

What equipment do I need for outdoor sports?

Outdoor sports

To safely and comfortably enjoy outdoor sports, having the right equipment for certain activities is essential. Attention to weather-appropriate clothing that protects you from wind, rain, and sun is key. Whether it’s summer or winter, having the proper clothing and gear will allow you to make the most out of your training and support your body optimally.

During the summer, lightweight and breathable clothing is ideal for keeping you cool and comfortable while you’re on the move. Remember to protect yourself from the sun by applying sunscreen and, if needed, wearing a hat.

In the winter, bundling up and shielding yourself from the cold temperatures is crucial. Layering your clothing provides insulation and allows you to adjust your outfit as needed.

Selecting the right shoes is essential for supporting your body during sports activities and preventing injuries. Make sure your shoes suit the sport you’re engaged in and offer good cushioning and stability. Take the time to familiarize yourself with any special equipment and safety precautions required for your chosen sport. Adequate preparation and having the right equipment contribute to maximizing your enjoyment of outdoor experiences.

Your guide to outdoor sports in your city

Make the most of this summer by soaking up extra sun and fresh air! Engaging in physical activity doesn’t always have to mean hiking, hiking, hiking. There are plenty of other sports waiting to be discovered! Here, you’ll find a wide range of activities in your city.

Outdoor Sports: Tips for Outdoor Activities in Berlin

Outdoor sports Berlin

Are you looking for opportunities to engage in outdoor sports in Berlin? The city offers many options for getting active while enjoying the fresh air. Whether running, cycling, practicing yoga, or participating in water sports, the possibilities are diverse and exciting.

For those who enjoy running or cycling, the Tiergarten or the Großer Tegeler See provide scenic natural environments where you can exercise. These green havens within the city offer ideal routes for a relaxed workout.

Do you prefer a more laid-back approach? How about practicing yoga or Pilates in one of the parks or on the meadows of Tempelhofer Feld? You can stretch and strengthen your body while feeling the sun’s warmth on your skin. Another option is to join outdoor yoga sessions, such as those offered by Green Yoga or SHIFT, and practice as part of a community.

Water sports enthusiasts have many options, including swimming in the Wannsee or Badeschiff, boating, canoeing, or stand-up paddling on the Spree River or the city’s canals. These activities allow you to unleash your energy on the water while experiencing the city from a fresh perspective.


If you prefer group workouts, beach volleyball at Wannsee Beach or other locations with beach volleyball courts across the city is a great choice. It’s an opportunity to showcase your skills and have fun with fellow sports enthusiasts. Additionally, numerous groups and clubs specialize in various outdoor sports, organizing regular meetups and activities. Whether it’s beach volleyball groups, running and cycling clubs, or yoga sessions in the park, you’ll find like-minded individuals to share your passion for sports and movement.

For those seeking more challenging experiences, why not try outdoor bouldering and climbing, or give Padel a shot with your sports buddies? These activities will test your physical strength and endurance. Berlin also offers a variety of other outdoor fitness activities. For instance, you can train with Original Bootcamp in Volkspark Friedrichshain, CFM Crossfit® in Mitte, or SHIFT.

So, prepare your sports bag for your next exciting outdoor adventure in Berlin!

Outdoor Sports: Tips for outdoor activities in Munich

Outdoor sports Munich

Munich provides numerous opportunities for outdoor sports enthusiasts. You can go for a jog or bike ride in the English Garden or the Olympic Park. For a more relaxing experience, try practicing yoga or Pilates in one of the city’s parks or along the banks of the Isar River.

If you want to cool off, take a refreshing swim in the Eisbach, Feringasee, or Starnberger See. If you prefer water-based activities, consider boating, canoeing, or stand-up paddleboarding on the Starnberger See, Chiemsee, or the city’s canals.

SUP Starnberger See
SUP Starnberger See

For beach volleyball enthusiasts, courts are available along the Isar River or at Beach38°. Alternatively, you can gather your friends and enjoy a game of beach volleyball at the Beacharena, followed by a cool beverage.

If hiking or climbing is more your style, the Bergstation der Taubensteinkabinenbahn (mountain station) offers access to some of the most stunning climbing and hiking routes. You’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views, cozy mountain huts, picturesque alpine meadows, and challenging rock formations.

Additionally, Munich boasts various outdoor fitness locations like Luitpoldpark or the Olympic Park, where you can engage in calisthenics or parkour. If you prefer group workouts, you can join EisbachFit, OpenGymMunich or Original Bootcamp, which organizes regular meetups and activities.

Outdoor Sports: Tips for outdoor activities in Cologne

Outdoor sports Cologne

Cologne offers many opportunities to indulge in outdoor sports and soak up the fresh air. You can run or bike along the picturesque Rhine River or explore the lush Grüngürtel. Relax and rejuvenate by practicing yoga or Pilates in one of the city’s parks or along the riverbanks. When it’s time to cool down, swim in Fühlinger See or Naturfreibad Vingst. Whatever your preferences, you’ll find something to suit your taste in Cologne.

If you’re up for some paddling adventure, honing your take-offs, and riding endless waves, head to Surf N Skate at Fühlinger See. This spot offers the perfect blend of surfing, skating, and fitness to enhance your surfing skills. Seeking an adrenaline rush? Try water skiing, wakeboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding at Bleibtreusee with Wasserski Bleibtreusee wake&ski. Just a short 20-minute drive from Cologne, this little paradise amidst nature awaits, providing not only a full-body workout but also plenty of fun!

Wasserski Bleibtreusee wake&ski
Wasserski Bleibtreusee wake&ski

In case water activities aren’t your thing but you’re still craving excitement, consider checking out Chimpanzodrome. There, you can engage in outdoor and indoor climbing and bouldering, regardless of the weather conditions.

Cologne offers outdoor fitness locations such as Beethovenpark or Rathenauplatz if you’re interested in calisthenics or parkour. Numerous groups and clubs also specialize in different outdoor sports, organizing regular meetups and activities. You can join Original Bootcamp for training and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sports and movement.

Are you looking to get active with your friends? How about a game of beach volleyball? Join the Urban Sports Club community for beach volleyball fun at Beachbase on Fridays. Alternatively, grab a ball and play at the sandy beaches of Fühlinger See or Otto-Maigler-See.

Outdoor fitness: Tips for outdoor activities in Frankfurt

Outdoor sports Frankfurt

Frankfurt, the Main metropolis, offers various activities to enjoy outdoor sports and embrace nature.

You can explore the city’s green oases, such as Palmengarten, Niddapark, or Grüneburgpark, and enjoy a leisurely jog or engage in intense training amidst a natural setting. If cycling is more your thing, take advantage of the well-developed bike paths along the Main River, where you can explore the captivating urban landscape or venture into the surrounding forests and fields on your bike. For hiking enthusiasts, the nearby Taunus region boasts picturesque trails that offer breathtaking views as an added reward.

Are you looking to elevate your experience? DYNOCHROM Boulderhalle Frankfurt has a spacious indoor bouldering area and an outdoor section. Improve your climbing skills and unwind afterward on the expansive terrace.

DYNOCHROM Boulderhalle Frankfurt
DYNOCHROM Boulderhalle Frankfurt

For those inclined toward paddle sports, Padel Frankfurt is a great choice. Grab three sports buddies, and you’re good to go.

Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in stand-up paddleboarding on the Main River or canoeing on nearby lakes. Swimming is also popular in the city’s outdoor pools or designated areas in the Main River.

If you’re seeking fitness options, we recommend PRIME TIME fitness on the Main Tower for a magnificent city view. Alternatively, join 2 Hearts Performance Frankfurt or Original Bootcamp for outdoor group training sessions.

Outdoor Sports: Tips for outdoor activities in Düsseldorf

Outdoor sports Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf offers a vibrant outdoor sports scene, with cycling being a beloved activity. The city boasts numerous bike paths along the Rhine River and throughout its urban landscape, perfect for enjoyable bike tours. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride along the riverbank or exploring the lush green areas like Grafenberger Wald or Nordpark, there’s something for everyone.

Running enthusiasts can find solace in the city’s parks and green spaces. The Hofgarten, Volksgarten, and Rheinpark provide picturesque surroundings for invigorating jogging sessions.

Water sports lovers can try their hand at various activities along the Rhine riverbank, such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. Embarking on a boat tour to discover the city from a unique perspective is also an option. Additionally, Düsseldorf offers several outdoor pools, including Rheinbad Freibad, where you can take a refreshing swim.

Rheinbad Freibad
Rheinbad Freibad

Beach volleyball fans can showcase their skills at the many beach volleyball courts scattered throughout the city, with Rheinpark Beach being a popular choice. If you and your sports buddies are up for trying the trendy sport of Padel, we recommend Padel Megasport.

For those seeking relaxation, Düsseldorf provides many outdoor yoga experiences. Numerous parks and green spaces are ideal settings for yoga exercises and meditation. Alternatively, you can take a yoga session at the enchanting Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, enjoying panoramic views with Rundum Yoga.

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel with Rundum Yoga
Courtyard by Marriott Hotel with Rundum Yoga

Furthermore, Düsseldorf offers various outdoor fitness areas for functional training or calisthenics. Rheinpark and Volksgarten are favored locations for outdoor fitness activities. Joining a group training session with Original Bootcamp is another fantastic way to stay active while embracing the community spirit.

Outdoor Sports: Tips for outdoor activities in Hamburg

Outdoor sports Hamburg

Whether you’re searching for relaxation, excitement, or a fitness boost, Hamburg offers many options to embrace the fresh air and stay active.

Are you a cycling enthusiast? Take to the streets of Hamburg on your bike and explore the many bike paths along the Elbe River or the city’s lush green parks. If running is more your speed, Hamburg boasts many running routes, including Stadtpark, Außenalster, and Elbchaussee. These locations provide the perfect conditions for invigorating running sessions.

For a more serene experience, Yoga on the Move allows you to practice yoga outdoors, harmonizing your body and mind amidst the beauty of nature.

At the Tennis und Squash Center Halstenbek, you can refine your tennis strokes or challenge your friends to an exhilarating game of squash. The center offers ideal facilities for an active outdoor match.

If you’re eager to explore Hamburg’s waters, SUP Legion and SUP Club offer stand-up paddleboarding rentals and tours. Maintain your balance on the water while experiencing the city from a fresh perspective.

SUP Club Hamburg
SUP Club Hamburg

Roots Movement is a haven for discovering your body’s natural movements and training in harmony with nature. Their offerings include functional training and nature-inspired movement patterns, providing an intense and diverse outdoor fitness experience.

For a comprehensive full-body workout, consider joining the Holistic Fitness Alster Bootcamp. This bootcamp, situated along the banks of the Alster, combines endurance training, strength exercises, and functional training to enhance your overall fitness level.

If you’re drawn to climbing, pay a visit to the Nordwandhalle. Here, you can put your climbing skills to the test on both indoor and outdoor climbing walls, allowing you to progress and excel in your climbing journey.


Engaging in balanced movement is beneficial for your body and enjoyable. We hope that our tips have helped you find an outdoor activity that resonates with you. Do you have any additional suggestions for outdoor training? What outdoor sports do you enjoy during the summer and winter seasons?


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