A Christmas present with a difference

As Andy Williams famously sings, Christmas truly is “the most wonderful time of the year.”

It’s getting dark outside so you can just sit back and relax on the sofa – light some candles, breathe in some mandarin scent and listen to Michael Buble’s Christmas album on repeat. Or perhaps you’d prefer to stroll around the Christmas markets and let the roasted almonds, mulled wine and gingerbread aromas guide you through the crowd?

And then there’s Christmas cookies – baking these is an absolute must at this time of year. For many it’s a yuletide tradition to bake cinnamon stars or nut corners and creatively decorate them with family or friends before you devour them. The idea of exercise is put to one side; the gym is too crowded anyway…

So with all the goodies and sweet temptations that the Christmas season brings, you quickly lose track of things. The cookie jar is almost empty again? No problem, you can refill it! You can do sport later. To get back into your training routine now seems like far too much effort, especially on your own.

But we have a solution – it’s much more fun with two people! There’s no better way to get motivated to go bouldering, practice yoga or sweat it out in a gym than going with a friend. So that’s where our Christmas voucher for a USC membership comes into play. With such a wide range of different sports on offer, you can decide which sports partners you want to visit together. Whether it’s ice skating today or a functional training session tomorrow – you can try out everything on your wishlist together and experience something new.

As the saying goes, “friends who workout together stay together.” And as well as spending time with your loved ones, your gift will bring guaranteed enthusiasm to whoever opens it under the Christmas tree.

As a USC member, you will find the “sport give away campaign” option in your profile. Just log in and secure the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

We wish you a merry pre-holiday season and a very active Christmas!


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