Great gift ideas for athletes and fitness fans

In many respects, 2020 has been unlike any other year. Despite the current limitations being extended to Christmas and beyond, we still need to make sure the Christmas shopping gets done.

So what can you give your loved ones that will bring them joy during this challenging time? Beyond anything else, 2020 has set health at the forefront of our minds, so why not give the gift of fitness this Christmas? This will keep sports enthusiasts happy and motivate your family and friends to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And the best bit? It’s tons of fun!

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We’ve also searched, rummaged and researched some gift ideas for you. In our Sporty Gift Guide you’ll find tons of ideas to make your family and friends happy this Christmas.

Fitness gifts up to 25 Euro

Home workouts are the order of the day right now, so enjoy these gift ideas for a smaller budget, perfect for a well-equipped #HomeSportsClub workout station.

Train endurance with a skipping rope

women is skipping rope

Do you think rope skipping is just for children? Think again! With this super-versatile tool, you’ll quickly work up a sweat and increase your fitness levels. Rope skipping is a simple and effective way to build muscles and improve endurance and body coordination! 

So, if you’re thinking about buying a skipping rope as a Christmas present, remember that no two are alike. There’s a wide range of types that differ in material, grip length and intended use, so make sure you do your research before buying.

Effective whole body training with resistance bands

Resistance bands aren’t just practical, they also make training more efficient. They can be used for a total body workout or to facilitate particularly demanding exercises. For less than 25 euros, these flexible training loops are a fantastic way to intensify training within your own home.

Find some great home exercises with resistance bands here.

Fitness gifts up to 50 Euro

If you want to spend a little more on gifts that promote healthy habits, you can find inspiration below.

Get motivated with a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are available in heaps of different price categories on the market, but expensive doesn’t automatically mean better! Many of the best value fitness trackers now offer heart rate monitors, GPS, and even sleep monitoring, so they measure all of the wearer’s activities. 

Fitness trackers don’t just collect data but they motivate the wearer to achieve new peak performances. So there are many different training programs depending on the model, either for individual sports or to reach specific goals.

Fun weight training with hula-hoop

women is hula hooping

Kids play with the hula-hoop for fun, but did you know it’s an effective cardio and strength workout too?

Hula-hoop training mainly strengthens the centre of the body, i.e. the muscles of the back, waist and abdomen. The legs also benefit from it, since a firm stance is crucial for the correct execution of movements, especially when you get down on your knees. And the best bit? Hula-hooping really makes you sweat.

To find the right hula hoop, you should pay attention to the size and weight. The guideline for the right size is: measure the distance from the ground to just below your belly button. 

Hula hoop helps you get fit and have fun at the same time. So give the gift of childhood memories this Christmas for less than 50 euro!

Sporty gifts up to 100 Euro

For those extra special gifts to make your loved ones squeal, check out these fitness gift recommendations up to 100 Euro.

Sports for the ears

Forget socks, scarves or chocolate, if you want to give your loved ones something special this year then try headphones. For many of us, a workout without music or a podcast is unimaginable. And with the right beat, we train better.

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right headphones. Finding the right model for your workout isn’t easy. Fitness headphones need to sound good, fit securely and stay put during fast movements. According to Stiftung Warentest, it makes sense to test the headphones beforehand – so take a voucher and try before you buy!

Awareness for healthy eating

You are what you eat, and a healthy and balanced diet is good for your body and mind as it has a positive impact on our mood and general well-being.

Find out how to eat yourself fit here.

You can find some awesome kitchen aids for under 100 euros. There’s blenders that can help you prepare protein shakes, smoothies and other healthy treats, plus tons of other healthy home-use appliances.

We hope we’ve helped inspire you in the run up to Christmas. Remember – it’s the thought that really counts. 

The most valuable thing you can give someone is your time – so try and spend as much time as possible with the people you care about, both in sports and otherwise. This won’t just be a gift to your loves ones, but a gift for yourself.

With this in mind, we wish you a BEAUTIFUL AND ACTIVE CHRISTMAS!


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