Beating boredom while exercising: 10 worthy Podcasts

Cardiovascular training is a necessary part of a holistic training programme. It strengthens your heart, helps your blood pump efficiently around your body and improves stamina, endurance, fitness and strength. As a result, it benefits every single aspect of your fitness regime.

Getting your heart rate up on a treadmill, cross-trainer or bike can take some time, so why not use that time to get informed, learn something new and feel motivated? There’s no better way to do so than by listening to a fitness podcast. We’ve selected ten of our favourite podcasts for running, walking and sprinting – so you can learn while you sweat!

1. Pushing Limits Nerd Talk

The number one podcast in Germany will get you truly pumped for any endurance sport. In each episode a different sport expert is interviewed, giving the listener in-depth insight to specific aspects of training – whether that’s nutrition, regeneration, sports equipment or mental endurance. Whatever your fitness level, this podcast is an insightful and engaging listen, and with 98 episodes you can run a dozen marathons and still have more to listen to!

2. FatBoysRun

This light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek podcast is hosted by Philipp and Micha, two friends who went from being unfit (‘fat’ in their own words) to ultra marathon runners. Their unique perspective and hilarious approach to sport has catapulted their podcast into the hearts and minds of their listeners, making it one of the most popular sports podcasts in Germany. They review products, discuss techniques and, most importantly, have fun.

3. Meditation, Coaching and Life: The Fitness Podcast with Curse

After experiencing huge success as a rapper, Curse couldn’t understand why he still felt dissatisfied with life. So he decided to look for contentment elsewhere, and that’s when his meditation journey began.

He soon learnt that no amount of money, success or fame would bring inner peace, and he started a podcast to share this insight with the world. It’s since become one of the most well-loved podcasts in Germany, covering topics from reincarnation to decision-making to dealing with digital overload.

Read our exclusive interview with Curse here.

4. Another mother runner

Are your kids driving you up the wall? Is running your only means of escape, even for just 30 minutes? Then this is the podcast for you. Hosted by mother and runner Sarah Bowen Shea, co-author of Run Like a Mother, this podcast covers the intersection between mothering and running, how the two worlds complement each other and how to fit sport around busy family life.

5. No time to eat

This podcast focuses on people who don’t have time to cook complicated, healthy meals. The host, Sarah Tschernigow, is a nutrition coach and talks her listeners through different  ways to eat well and lose weight with quick and easy recipes. She’ll tell you all about healthy fast food options and where to find wholesome snacks in train stations. It’s hands-on advice for everyday life.

6. TRAINED by Nike

No brand on earth understands greatness better than Nike. In this cutting-edge podcast their team of trainers, athletes and sports experts start conversations with industry leaders to uncover the latest developments, trends, insights and innovations in the world of training. Listen to this while you pump out your cardio training in the gym, and you can apply your new-found knowledge to your training programme.

7. Fitness with M.A.R.K. – weight loss, muscle building, nutrition and motivation

One for the bodybuilders out there, this is the perfect podcast to listen to as you warm up on the treadmill ahead of a challenging gym session. Mark is a fitness coach who specialises in the topics of weight loss, muscle building, nutrition and fitness. More than that, though, he knows what strategies to use to stay motivated and hit the gym, even on the days where you don’t feel like it.

8. Ali on the Run

Each week Ali invites inspiring people on to her show from the world of running and beyond. Ali Feller, based in New Jersey, loves to dive deep into the psyche of her guests and dig up truly inspirational nuggets of information that can be applied to everyday life as well as to run training.

And she doesn’t sugar coat anything – Ali will touch on the challenging side of training as well as the beautiful side, and it’s this honesty that keeps her listeners coming back for more.


Achim Achilles is Germany’s best-known hobby runner and an all-round lovely guy. He’s written several books about the art and intricacies of running and is the founder of ACHILLES RUNNING, a website that shares blogs, advice, tips and tricks for all aspiring runners.

His podcast is a great accompaniment to your treadmill training – it’s entertaining, funny, informative and at times chaotic. But you’ll learn something new with every listen.

10. #TrueAthletes – TrueTalk: The podcast of the German Athletics Association

Last but by no means least, this podcast from the German Athletic Association is designed to make running approachable and accessible to everybody.

This podcast shares stories behind the successes of sports personalities and athletes, as well as inviting coaches, officials and decision-makers on the show to inform listeners of every aspect of the sport and fitness industry.

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