The best saunas in Munich: You should not miss these 7 locations

Are you looking for the perfect way to wind down in Munich, but don’t want to purchase a day pass every time you visit the sauna? Perfect! We have the solution for you. Whether you want to tune out after a long workday or are just looking for peace and relaxation, Munich offers a variety of first-class sauna facilities. Naming the single best sauna in Munich is almost impossible – after all, it depends on your personal preferences and the selection is especially diverse. 

Nevertheless, we have compiled some of the most beautiful saunas in Munich in this article to help you find your perfect wellness oasis. And best of all? With your Urban Sports Club membership, you can visit all the saunas in Munich mentioned here – and of course many more. What are you waiting for? Discover the top saunas in Munich!

1. The best sauna in Munich at the Werksviertel-Mitte: body + soul Center WERK12  

Best sauna Munich body + soul Center WERK12
Best sauna Munich body + soul Center WERK12

You can discover not only a new district of Munich, but also a new center for body + soul in Werksviertel-Mitte. In the sunny loft atmosphere, a mixture of strength and endurance equipment and an excellently equipped free weights area. You can activate your jumping and speed strength on the 15-meter-long PaviGym Indoor sprint track, and the QUEENAX system is available for your functional training.

Best sauna Munich body + soul Center WERK12

The wellness area here of course also does not disappoint: A Finnish sauna at 80 to 90 °C, a biosauna at 60 °C and 40 to 60% humidity, a steam bath that is approx. 30 to 45 °C and 100% humidity, an infrared cabin with three seating units, multisensory showers, foot baths with heated tile seating benches, various relaxation zones, three solaria, and a sports pool (25 meters, 1.36 meters deep, approx. 27 °C) provide absolutely everything that a wellness lover could desire.

Address: Speicherstraße 20, 81671 Munich-Berg am Laim
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2. The best sauna in Munich with an outdoor sauna on the roof terrace: body + soul Center Englischer Garten 

Best sauna Munich body + soul Englischer Garten

The body + soul Center Englischer Garten is an absolute gem for anyone looking for a wellness break in Munich. The two-story center stands out not only through modern training opportunities and a relaxed atmosphere, but also thanks to a breathtaking view of the park. Of course, there is also a generous free weights area, a state-of-the-art QUEENAX system, a specially rubberized PAVIGYM surface, and a stylish wellness environment. 

body + soul Englischer Garten

Look forward to: a Finnish indoor sauna at 90 °C, a women’s biosauna at 60 °C and 40 to 60% humidity, a biosauna at 60 °C and 40 up to 60% humidity, a steam bath at 40 °C, three themed showers, relaxation rooms, a plunge pool, foot baths, a discovery path, four solaria, an outdoor terrace with sun loungers, and a sports pool (25 × 10 meters, 1.20 meters deep, approx. 27 °C). The Finnish outdoor sauna on the roof terrace awaits you as an absolute highlight.

Address: Ungererstraße 175, 80805 Munich-Schwabing-Freimann
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3. The best sauna in Munich with a mountain panorama: Ambiance Pasing

At Ambiance Pasing, a slightly smaller but luxurious sauna area awaits you. In addition to a 20-meter sports pool and an outdoor terrace, a Finnish sauna, a biosauna, a steam bath, relaxation areas, foot baths, wellness showers, and a solarium await you here. The 20-meter pool invites you to swim sporty laps or just relax and drift. After that, you can relax in the relaxation loungers and enjoy the wonderful mountain panorama.

Best sauna Munich Ambiance Pasing

Address: Gottfried-Keller-Straße 33, 81245 Munich-Pasing-Obermenzing
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4. The best sauna in Munich after skiing: DoriVita

If you are looking for a day of relaxation of activities, DoriVita to the south of Munich is the perfect place for you. An extensive range of fitness facilities, saunas, swimming environment, physiotherapy, a lounge, and a wide range of courses await you here across over 2,800 square meters. 

Best sauna Munich DoriVita

The sauna environment offers a Finnish sauna at 90 °C, an aroma and light sauna at 65 °C, a steam bath, a diving pool, and a whirlpool. The wellness program with sauna infusions and steam bath peelings contributes to relaxation.


Address: Mittenwalder Str. 59, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
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5. The best sauna in Munich in Feldkirchen: V-itness 

V-itness is located a bit outside the city, but a visit is definitely worthwhile. You can choose between the classic Finnish sauna, the relaxing biosauna, or the soothing infrared cabin here. In the Finnish sauna, you can treat your body and mind to a timeout. It promotes the circulation of the skin, opens the pores, and facilitates breathing.

Best sauna Munich V-itness

If you are too hot in the Finnish sauna and are too wet in the steam bath, you will love the biosauna (saunarium). It offers a gentle alternative to a conventional sauna, with a temperature of up to 60 °C and a humidity of up to 50%. You can be pampered with eucalyptus and herbal aromas, as well as colored light. The infrared cabin warms your muscles with its rays and ensures comfortable relaxation. It reduces your stress level and helps with tension.

Address: Hohenlindner Str. 11A, 85622 Feldkirchen
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6. The best sauna in Munich with color light play: Lavida Fitness & Vital Lounge

You can find the Lavida Fitness & Vital Lounge just a stone’s throw away from Munich. You can relax here in the pool area and a huge exercise pool with massage jets. There is a separate women’s sauna and men’s sauna, both of which have colored light. Additionally, a large mixed sauna with colored light awaits you, as well as a sanarium (biosauna) with low temperature and high humidity.

Best sauna Munich Lavida Fitness & Vital Lounge

Furthermore, a separate women’s and men’s steam bath is at your disposal, as well as a swimming pool at 29 °C and underwater lighting. You can relax in the whirlpool with massage jets at 32 °C. An infrared cabin completes the range of offerings.

Furthermore, a solarium, the water jet massage MEDISTREAM on a 40 °C warm waterbed, lymph drainage, premium wellness loungers, and KARASEK sunbeds await you.

Address: Bürgerplatz 18, 85748 Garching close to Munich
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7. The best sauna in Munich at the Stachus: body + soul Center Munich Mitte

body + soul Center München Mitte

Another body + soul location you can try out is the body + soul Center Munich Mitte. Like in the two other locations, you can find everything an athlete and wellness lover’s heart could desire: POWER PLATE® Training, functional area with an Omnia tower, and specially rubberized PAVIGYM surface, a free weights area, state-of-the-art MATRIX and CYBEX® endurance and strength equipment, and our Artis Kinesis cable line.   

body + soul Center München Mitte
body + soul Center München Mitte

Pure relaxation awaits you in the wellness area in the basement: a Finnish sauna at 90 °C, a steam bath at 40 °C, a women’s biosauna at 60 °C and 40 to 60 % humidity, a relaxation area, and two solaria.

body + soul Center München Mitte

Address: Sonnenstraße 9, 80331 Munich-Altstadt-Lehel
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Do you know another top sauna, thermal bath, or other spa in Cologne that is missing from the list? Let us know in the comments! There are many other activities and sauna facilities that you can discover with your Urban Sports Club membership. Also discover the saunas in Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg!


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