The best saunas in Hamburg: You should not miss these 9 locations

Are you looking for the perfect way to wind down in Hamburg, but don’t want to purchase a day pass every time you visit the sauna? Perfect! We have the solution for you. Whether you want to tune out after a long workday or are just looking for peace and relaxation, Hamburg offers a variety of first-class sauna facilities. Naming the single best sauna in Hamburg is almost impossible  – after all, it depends on your personal preferences and the selection is especially diverse. 

Nevertheless, we have compiled some of the most beautiful saunas in Hamburg in this article to help you find your perfect wellness oasis. And best of all? With your Urban Sports Club membership you can visit all the saunas in Hamburg mentioned here – and of course many more. What are you waiting for? Discover the top saunas in Hamburg!

1. The best sauna in Hamburg for Bali vibes: vabali Spa 

Best sauna Hamburg vabali Spa

When we talk about the nicest Saunas, vabali Spa is definitely a highlight that you should not miss out on. Located a bit outside the city, vabali Spa feels like a tropical oasis. Where else can you relax in Hamburg between green meadows and old trees and feel like you are in Bali? With 13 saunas, two steam baths, and a laconium, you can experience the full range of pampering here. You can choose between different infusions, from a walk in the forest to an Asian vacation.

Best sauna Hamburg vabali Spa

The outdoor area is also a dream. It is built like a small Balinese village, has a huge pool, and is decorated with lots of wood. And if you still have not enough, there’s also a natural pond and a heated relaxation pool. vabali Spa is definitely a must for real wellness lovers in Hamburg!

Address: In der Trift 1, 21509 Glinde
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2. The best thermal baths in Art Nouveau style: Bartholomäus-Therme

If you have always wanted to experience a bathing culture in Art Nouveau style, Bäderland Bartholomäus-Therme is exactly for you. The ground floor was modernized in 2022 and has been radiating in a new shine ever since! The light effects and the relaxed atmosphere make every visit a highlight. 

Best sauna Hamburg Bartholomäus-Therme

You can relax well at a comfortable 70 °C to 80 °C in the classic sauna. An absolute relaxation highlight is the clang ceremony at a mild 70 °C. The media sauna is the perfect place for a round of wellness with essential oils and atmospheric light. An infusion experience in black light is not to be missed! There is a huge range of options for all steam bath fans – from flower steam baths to eucalyptus steam baths.

Best sauna Hamburg Bartholomäus-Therme

And the fireplace sauna ensures a sense of well-being. You can forget everyday life here next to the crackling fire. Sounds good? Then grab your towel and discover the Bäderland Bartholomäus-Therme with your Urban Sports Club membership!


Address: Bartholomäusstraße 95, 22083 Hamburg
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3. The best sauna in Hamburg with a coffee house flair: Bäderland Holthusenbad

If you are looking for a special sauna experience, Bäderland Holthusenbad is definitely worth a visit. Here, the history of bathing combines with modern ambience in a unique way. The design concept in the style of the 1920s takes you to a different era while you enjoy the benefits of the modern sauna experience. Bäderland Holthusenbad offers nine various sauna offerings in total, from a mild 45 °C to a hot 100 °C. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet or for a special experience, there is something for everyone.

Best sauna Hamburg Bäderland Holthusenbad

A variety of temperatures and styles await you in the classic saunas. From the cozy “Eppendorfer Stube” at 70 °C to the intense heat of the “Glashütte” at 100 °C with a refreshing cold dive pool next to it, you are guaranteed to find the temperature at which you feel best here. The nostalgic coffee house flair of the “Kaffeestube” at 80 °C is also particularly inviting; you can relax and lean back here.

Best sauna Hamburg Bäderland Holthusenbad

You can experience the charms of an old-time cinema in the media sauna. At 90 °C, infusions await you with film and music that you are familiar with from old movies. And of course, the steam, and sweating baths cannot be missing; they round out the sauna experience perfectly. They offer a variety of aromas and fragrances that revive your senses from 45 °C to 50 °C.

Bäderland Holthusenbad
Bäderland Holthusenbad

Address: Goernestraße 21, 20249 Hamburg
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Would you rather not always have to buy a day pass if you want to visit a spa, a thermal bath, or a sauna? Urban Sports Club offers you numerous possibilities for relaxation in sauna environments. And instead of having to buy a separate day ticket every time or being tied to a particular gym with a wellness area, one single membership allows you to access a variety of different partners with sauna areas. Learn more about how Urban Sports Club works here.

4. The best sauna with a salt crystal glass wall: Holmes Place Hamburger Meile

You can find the Health Club, a real paradise for fitness, wellness, and beauty, in the heart of Hamburg. Here you can expect to find a variety of ways to increase your fitness and, most importantly, simply switch off in a wellness area for 5,500 square meters and across three floors.

Best sauna Hamburg Holmes Place Hamburger Meile

Holmes Place Hamburger Meile offers a successful mix of modern architecture and Asian elegance that creates a pleasant atmosphere that allows you to feel as comfortable when you are working out as when you are relaxing.

Holmes Place Hamburger Meile

The wellness area with its Finnish sauna that offers you the perfect opportunity to escape everyday stress is an absolute highlight. The salt crystal glass wall also gives the room a unique atmosphere that makes your relaxation even more intense.

Address: Bostelreihe 2, 22083 Hamburg
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5. The best sauna in Hamburg with a cult status: Bäderland Kaifu-Bad

Bäderland Kaifu-Bad is a real Hamburg institution and has long achieved cult status with over 100 years of history. There is really something for everyone here, whether it is a swimming pool, a brine spa, or an extensive sauna area. And when the sun is shining, the outdoor pool is the perfect place to enjoy the good weather and a little history.

Best sauna Hamburg Bäderland Kaifu-Bad

The restored part of the building in which the Kaifu brine spa is located is particularly impressive. The stylish architecture with the characteristic round arches creates an inviting atmosphere in which you can switch off from everyday life and do something good for your body and mind.

Bäderland Kaifu-Bad
Bäderland Kaifu-Bad

The various saunas in the Kaifu spa offer the right feeling temperature for everyone’s taste: the hot Finnish sauna at 90 °C, the dry sauna at 95 °C, or the comfortable mild colored light sauna at 60 °C. And you can relax wonderfully in the steam baths at 50 °C with a touch of eucalyptus and clear your airways.

Bäderland Kaifu-Bad

Address: Hohe Weide 15, 20259 Hamburg
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6. The best sauna in Hamburg to have a chat: Bäderland Alsterschwimmhalle

Another highlight you can discover with your Urban Sports Club membership is the Bäderland Alsterschwimmhalle. Regular infusions await you in the huge infusion sauna with a surface of about 70 square meters and a temperature of 90 °C, where only essential oils are used. Entertainment is happening in the media sauna! At a pleasant room temperature of 60 °C, you can watch the latest sports on a huge 68-inch screen and relax at the same time.

Best sauna Hamburg Bäderland Alsterschwimmhalle

Entertaining conversations are especially welcome in the Klönschnack sauna! You can relax here, chat, and enjoy regular infusions with essential oils at 80 °C. And as an additional highlight, an infrared sauna and a separate women’s sauna await you for exclusive moments of relaxation.

Address: Sechslingspforte 15, 22087 Hamburg
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7. The best sauna in Hamburg right on the Alster: Energy Clinic

If you are looking for a wellness oasis that offers a direct view of the Alster in Hamburg, then the Energy Clinic in Hotel Atlantic Hamburg is exactly for you.

Best sauna Hamburg Energy Clinic Hotel Atlantic

In Hotel Atlantic Hamburg’s spa area, you can swim in the heated 12.5 meter x 7 meter pool or start sweating in the Finnish sauna at 90 °C. The pleasantly warm infrared cabin at 37 °C helps you to increase your overall sense of wellbeing, reduce ailments, and promote your sleep. After the wellness program, the quiet ambience invites you to linger. Make yourself comfortable on a lounge chair and relax in soothing sounds.

Energy Clinic Hotel Atlantic

Address: An der Alster 72 -79, 20099 Hamburg
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8. One of the best saunas in Hamburg that also has fitness: ELIXIA Hamburg

You can optimally combine fitness and wellness in ELIXIA Hamburg. Enjoy a variety of more than 500 courses a month, functional training, in-house physical therapy, a wellness area, and spacious training areas. Swim a few laps in the 25-meter sports pool or challenge yourself on the two levels and the total 4,300 square meters of training area before you relax in the Biosauna.

Best sauna Hamburg ELIXIA

Address: An der Alster 72 -79, 20099 Hamburg
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9. Another sauna in Hamburg that also has fitness: Nordathleten

Nordathleten is another studio that combines fitness with wellness. You can find everything your athletic heart desires, from functional to strength training. And in addition to the intense workouts, you can find your balance doing yoga and Pilates. 

Best sauna Hamburg Nordathleten

After your workout, the wellness area awaits you: sauna, saunarium, and modern regeneration methods ensure your well-earned relaxation. 

Address: Poststraße 18, 20354 Hamburg
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Do you know another top sauna, thermal bath, or other spa in Hamburg that is missing from this list? Let us know in the comments! There are many other activities and sauna facilities that you can discover with your Urban Sports Club membership. Also discover the saunas in Berlin, Cologne, and Munich!


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