How does Urban Sports Club work?

Urban Sports Club stands among the leading platforms for fitness, sports, and wellness, and chances are you’ve already heard about it in your circle. With just one membership, you gain access to over 50 sports, not only across Germany but also in five other European countries. In this article, we delve into the questions, “What is Urban Sports Club,” “How does Urban Sports Club work” precisely, and what advantages and disadvantages the membership brings to you.

Getting started with Urban Sports Club

What is Urban Sports Club?

How does Urban Sports Club work?

Unlike conventional gym memberships or punch cards, Urban Sports Club is not tied to a specific sport, a particular studio, or even a single city. As a member, you enjoy the freedom to engage in activities anytime, anywhere – be it fitness training, yoga, swimming, climbing, team sports, wellness offerings like a massage, or even a surfing vacation in Portugal. The only requirement is that the studio is one of Urban Sports Club partners. We’ll explain how to find partners later in the article. In summary, it’s crucial for you to know that as a member, you can create your individual training plan from over 50 sports across Europe and easily check in for sports via the smartphone app.

How much does Urban Sports Club cost? An overview of membership plans

Urban Sports Club offers various membership plans covering different access levels and services. Prices also vary depending on your selection. Choose the membership that best suits your sports preferences and lifestyle. Here’s a brief summary of the key details:

Private Membership: Corporate Membership:
Monthly cancellable S/M/L/XL membershipCorporate membership
S/M/L/XL annual membershipCorporate membership + EuroAccess upgrade
Monthly cancellable membership
or annual membership + “Extra” rate

Private Members: How much does the S/M/L/XL membership cost at Urban Sports Club?

S/M/L/XL represents different membership tiers with varying levels of benefits. The check-ins range from four times per month to once daily. The cancellation period is three days before the end of your monthly sports cycle. 

You can also opt for S/M/L/XL membership plans as an annual membership. The advantage? With the annual membership, you save up to 27% compared to the monthly options. However, the cancellation period is not monthly, but one year. After the year expires, your membership will automatically transfer to a monthly membership unless you cancel or extend for another year.

With the “Extra” rate, you can upgrade your regular M/L/XL membership and check in twice a day instead of once. Important: You can’t use the additional check-in twice at the same studio, only at two different partner locations.

Yoga Urban Sports Club

Here’s how you can use your monthly check-ins:

On-site activities at 2500+ partner venues
Usage in 6 European countries
Live Online Classes
Unlimited On-demand Classes
On-site activities at 8000+ partner venues
Usage in 6 European countries
Live Online Classes
Unlimited On-demand Classes
On-site activities at 9700+ partner venues
Usage in 6 European countries
4 Plus check-ins including 1 massage
Live Online Classes
Unlimited On-demand Classes
On-site activities at 9900+ partner venues
Usage in 6 European countries
8 Plus check-ins including 2 massages
Live Online Classes
Unlimited On-demand Classes

Monthly Membership
Price per month

Annual Membership
Check-ins with
Upgrade “Extra”
€33€244 per month
M€69€591 per day+ €292 per day
L€109€991 per day+ €49 / €592 per day
XL€159€1491 per day+ €792 per day

Are there discounts at Urban Sports Club?

Individuals with disabilities receive a €10 discount on the M, L, or XL membership. This discount is permanent.

The press discount is also €10 and is valid for 12 months. To apply for the press discount, you must be a journalist in a relevant area such as sports and wellness and have published articles in this field. You can view all conditions here.

Friend Discount Urban Sports Club

While not a direct discount, as an Urban Sports Club member, you have the opportunity to refer up to 20 friends. Once they are active members for three months, both you and the referred person receive a €5 credit. You can find your referral code in the app in the membership profile.

Can anyone use Urban Sports Club?

How does Urban Sports Club work?

In general, at Urban Sports Club, everyone who wants to lead an active and healthy life is welcome. There are just a few conditions you need to consider:

  • Age restriction: at least 18 years old
  • Membership is personal and not transferable
  • Smartphone: To check in at partner venue, you need the Urban Sports Club app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store by searching for “Urban Sports Club.” You need at least Android 6.0.1 for Android and 9.0 for iOS. Note: You can only use the app on one device. Switching to another device is possible every 30 days.

How does registration work at Urban Sports Club?

Registration at Urban Sports Club is straightforward! Follow these four steps:

  1. Visit the website 
  2. Click on “View memberships
  3. Choose the membership option that best suits your needs – whether it’s a flexible monthly membership or a long-term annual option. Note: The slider is automatically set to the annual membership. If you prefer a monthly membership, please adjust it.
  4. Register via the “Sign up with S/M/L/XL” button
Registration Urban Sports Club
Plans Urban Sports Club

After registration, you can log in to the app with your email and password. Download the app here for Android and here for iOS. Make sure to enter your email correctly, as it cannot be changed later.

Please note: You can only use the app on one device. Switching between devices is possible every 30 days. Your account will be blocked for 24 hours if you attempt to sign in on a new device before this time expires, to prevent unauthorized access. To access your profile on a tablet or iPad, simply visit our website through your browser. Logging in to the app is not necessary for this.

Corporate Members: How does the corporate membership work at Urban Sports Club?

Corporate Fitness

Many companies have recognized that the health and satisfaction of their employees are valuable assets. Therefore, they offer discounts for attractive sports packages, providing access to gyms, sports classes, and other health-promoting activities. What does this mean for you? A significant advantage, as your employer covers part or even all the costs of your membership. You can use your Urban Sports Club corporate membership throughout Germany and, with the EuroAccess upgrade starting at €9.90, even in all countries where Urban Sports Club is active.

With the link below, you can recommend your company, and upon contract completion, you can enjoy 3 months of the M-membership for free.

PlanPriceCheck-insEuroAccess upgrade
S, M, L & XL BusinessStarting at €0
Depending on how much your employer pays
1 per dayStarting at €9,90

I’m a member, what now?

Explore partners and venues

Once you are a member, as a Private Member, you can access the extensive list of Urban Sports Club partners – and this is in every city and country where Urban Sports Club is active. Corporate Members can check in at all partners nationwide or even throughout Europe with the EuroAccess upgrade. The platform offers a wide variety of partners, including gyms, yoga studios, swimming pools, and more. Use the search function in the app to find partners near you. On the website, you can click on “Discover venues” and then filter according to “Membership,” “Private Members/Corporate Members,” “Activities,” “Districts,” “Venues,” and “Class Type.”

Wie funktioniert Urban Sports Club

What types of activities are there?

On-site activities

  • Participate in physical activities at venues such as gyms, yoga studios, climbing halls, and other sports facilities
  • Either book a class in advance or use spontaneous free training

Live Online Classes

Live Online Classes
  • Is your favorite studio in Berlin? Are you on the go and don’t want to miss your yoga class? Then you have the opportunity to participate in Live Online Classes
  • Only via laptop

On-demand Classes

  • Train with pre-recorded classes, flexible in time and at a venue of your choice
  • Visit the website to explore the offerings – please note that you can access On-demand Classes only through the website, not the app

How does booking classes and checking in at Urban Sports Club work?

Booking classes

Once you’ve found a suitable partner, you can usually book classes on the Urban Sports Club website or app. Log in with your user data and then book your desired class.

Check-in at the venue

Check-in Urban Sports Club

The check-in is straightforward. Once you arrive at the partner studio, scan the QR code with your smartphone and choose the activity – either the previously booked class or free training, for example, if you’re just checking into the gym or pool. Et voilà! You can get started right away.

Late Cancellation and No-Show Fees

Late Cancellation Urban Sports Club
No Show Urban Sports Club

To ensure that all members have fair access to the activities offered, there is a Late Cancellation and No-Show Fee. Each booked course has a specific window in which you can cancel the course without any problems. This can range from 0 to 12 hours. Therefore, make sure to inform yourself in advance about the cancellation deadlines. If you don’t cancel within this time frame, a fee of €5 will be charged. The no-show fee is €13 and applies if you don’t show up for a booked course without cancellation.

  • Late Cancellation Fee: €5
  • No-Show Fee: €13
Cancel Booking Urban Sports Club
Cancel Booking Urban Sports Club

How does submitting the membership confirmation work for health insurance of the Urban Sports Club membership?

How does Urban Sports Club work?

Many health insurance companies offer bonus programs that can be worthwhile for you. If you participate in this offer from your health insurance, you can collect rewards through various measures and actions – for example, with your membership at Urban Sports Club. How exactly this works and how to submit your membership confirmation can be found in our article.

Where can I buy gift cards at Urban Sports Club?

Are you eager to become physically active but don’t want to train alone? Then give a gift card to your sports buddy and get active together – doing sports together is often the most fun! What will you try first: yoga, fitness training, a relaxing massage?

Do you have more questions about how Urban Sports Club works? Or are you still unsure which membership is best for you? Let us know in the comments if you’re interested in a playful quiz to help you discover the perfect membership for you!

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  1. Hi

    I’m going to travel from Australia to Germany and surrounding countries in August 2024, is it possible to take out a monthly membership so I can keep my training up on the concept 2 rower – looking to row a full marathon around Christmas time and do not want to give up a months training if I can help it

    1. Hey Ian,

      yes, it is possible to just get a monthly membership. 🙂
      Just make sure, when you purchase your membership on the website, to choose the monthly and not annual membership.
      Good luck with your training and marathon!

      Best regards,
      your Urban Sports Club team

  2. I cannot reach the customer support team by phone mentioned on the site +49 308 3797 648 – it is not active in the mentioned working hours.
    How can I call the customer support team?

    1. Hey Olena,

      I am very sorry to hear that you could not reach our customer support team via phone.
      It is always best to reach out via e-mail, providing your membership number. This way they can get back to you. 🙂
      Did your issue get resolved yet?

      Best regards,
      your Urban Sports Club team

  3. Hello my Account is now blocked because I loged in at my iPad. Could you please unblock it? I wanted to go to a course tomorrow! Please it was a mistake I didn’t know about it

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