Pride Month ends – Sport & Diversity remain


Pride Month has reminded us just how important equality is. Every person should be accepted just as they are, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or skin color. 

But what does sports have to do with diversity and equal opportunities? We looked at the topic from the perspective of two partner studios.

Kale&Cake tells us why the sports industry is diverse and how the community benefits from it. 

Our partner Nils from EMS studio VitaShape in Hamburg gives us insight into his active work in the LGBTQ+ community and how Pride also played a very special role in his choice of studio location.


Sport connects – “Sport and yoga connect people because everyone is welcome, just as they are,” says our partner Kale&Cake. Learn what’s behind this philosophy here.


“We live diversity every day” – Nils from EMS studio VitaShape tells us why diversity plays a key role in his studio, along with his hopes for the future of the LGBTQ+ community. 


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