“Sport connects people” – Pride Month is over but the sentiment remains

The month of June is special for many people around the world. Pride Month is all about the LGBTQ+ community and even though we couldn’t hold the usual big events this year, Pride was still very present, especially on social media.

June served as a reminder of the importance of equality. Every person should be accepted just as they are regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or skin color. We think that Pride should be celebrated throughout the year and that we should never stop talking about the importance of diversity and equal opportunities in our society.

Sport as a representative variable

Sport champions equal opportunity and diversity because it combines respect, fairness, team spirit and inclusion, especially when a person has the freedom to find what suits them from a wide range of sports.

At Urban Sports Club we take the topic of equality so seriously it’s part of our corporate vision: 

A world where everyone enjoys doing sports. Each person can create their own goals and desires in the sport of their choice. To give you an even deeper insight into how connected sports and equality are, we spoke to our popular partner Kale&Cake. The studio is located in the heart of Munich and supports Pride Month and its values whenever possible.


How is diversity expressed through sport?

Sport and yoga connects people because everyone is welcome, just as they are. This is a key component of the Kale&Cake Tribe and is very important to us. Everybody comes as they are and we don’t want to change anyone. According to the yoga philosophy, we believe everyone is already perfect and has everything they need inside of them. We want to support our community in recognizing and experiencing this.

Do you think sport supports equality opportunities?

Absolutely! Sport is fun, triggers feel-good emotions and connects people. Living this connection and welcoming and celebrating diversity starts in small ways. Every person and studio, no matter how small, can contribute something. If the entire sports world embraced diversity, we firmly believe it would make a big difference.

How important is equality in your member community or Tribe?

We live by this principle. Kale&Cake stands for the middle ground. It’s important to be healthy and disciplined, but it’s okay to relax and let go. At the end of the day, it’s about finding the right balance in life and that’s what we represent in the Kale&Cake Tribe. We want to support everyone in finding balance between the extremes, where everything can be and nothing has to be. We want to create a space for conscious living and conscious movement, where people feel comfortable and learn with and from each other. 


What opportunities do you offer your members so that everyone feels comfortable?

Everyone is welcome in our Tribe – we take you as you are whether you’re professional or a beginner. No one will feel uncomfortable as we have something for everyone. Our 6 month journey takes you on a monthly yoga voyage with classes on and off the mat. Similarly, beginners can get started with our Beginner Journey. We aim to pass on our love for yoga to everyone in the best possible way.

Why do you think it’s important that sports shouldn’t be judged by performance?


The western world is pretty performance-oriented – especially in a professional context – so we think it makes sense not to strive for performance in our free-time. Now more than ever, us humans need balance. It’s important that everyone enjoys sports and moves as they’re able. Everybody is different, unique and special. It’s important to overcome laziness sometimes, but it’s more important that people take care of themselves and get to know their body so well they know when to do exercise and when to rest.

Thanks to Kale&Cake for the interview.


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