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The past few months of lockdown have been long and hard. We’ve given up a lot and missed being active and achieving goals with our sports community.

But now, finally, more and more partners across Germany are reopening their offerings. There’s a huge variety of sports and wellness options, and very soon the whole of Germany will be able to train again everywhere, both outdoors and indoors.

We took this opportunity to talk to our partners and company members about how they feel about the return of sports on site, as well as the challenges they faced over lockdown and the lessons they learned.

©Stefan Haehnel

PASSION – Yoga’s been Victor Thiele’s passion for many years. But during the pandemic, he discovered a powerful new aspect of that passion: teaching yoga himself. Read more about it here.

©Stefan Haehnel

CONFIDENCE – Giving up is not an option for Nina Gulde, personal trainer and HR manager at Spoonflower. She accepts all challenges, even ones brought on by the pandemic. Read about the importance of self-confidence here.

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NEW BEGINNINGS – Fabian Ludwig is the owner of Bright Site bouldering gym. He’s convinced that this reopening is a new beginning for society – and that sport will play a central role. What does he mean by that? Click here to find out.

©Stefan Haehnel

AFFECTION – “Sports will connect people in a new way after the pandemic,” Tina Holmes, Director People & Culture at AMORELIE says. Read all about it here.


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