Team-up – 5 benefits of group workouts

Working out alone is great, but when it comes to fun and maximum impact, group workouts are undoubtedly the hot new trend. Sport sessions with friends, a workout partner or a colleague are enjoying ever-increasing popularity. That’s why we’re bringing you 5 good reasons why you should team up this year. 

No excuses

The push notification on your phone is staring you down: Functional training at 8 pm today! You’ve just collapsed on the sofa, prepared to relax and Netflix your way through the evening. “Functional training!? But I’ve had such a long day…,” you mutter, already thinking up a good excuse for why you can’t make it. Now, imagine you’ve made plans with your friend to train together: you’re not only letting yourself down, but your friend too.

Friends motivate each other to exercise, even when they’re tired or would rather lounge around on the couch. And let’s be honest: even if it takes a little motivation to get to the gym, afterwards you will both be pretty darn proud of yourselves – and feel amazing. 

Further, faster, higher, more!

It really works! It’s been proven that doing sports with other challenges you to do your very best – and not just for those of us with a competitive streak! Collective sports are about showing what you’re made of, to yourself and others, and truly giving it your all. On your own, your workouts might be more laid back than with your friends.

Studies show that when you do sports with others, you not only exert more energy, you also have more endurance. Another benefit: you can support each other, and those with more experience can share their tips and tricks on how they got to where they are. This inspires you, awakening your ambition to achieve even more. 

Fun to the power of 10

Enjoyable and effective: sounds like the perfect combination, doesn’t it? We guarantee that with your friends, the workout fun-factor will multiply. Not only will time fly, laughing and breaking a sweat together makes everything a little easier. Those 10 kilometres feel like a lot less and the weights aren’t quite as heavy as usual.

Plus, your psyche will benefit too: when you enjoy something, it’s stored in your brain as a positive experience, meaning that when the next workout comes around you’ll be raring to go, and those inner demons won’t stand a chance. 

Make New Connections

Looking for new friends? There’s almost nowhere friendships form faster than during group workouts. Being interested in the same sports activity serves as a great starting point to get to know each other better. Exercise makes you hungry, making a post-workout meal a great way to connect as a group. And it’s not just about making new friends: doing sports with your coworkers is great for team building.

At the office, everyone tends to focus on their own tasks, and the small talk during the coffee break isn’t enough to bring you closer. By doing sports together, you get to know your colleagues in a different light, improving your working relationship and the office atmosphere in general. 

Take a risk

Humans are creatures of habit: they often like to stick to what they know. This, unsurprisingly, also applies to sports. You find an activity you like, something you’re good at, and just keep at it without trying anything new. Sound familiar? But with such an unbelievably large variety of fitness activities on offer at Urban Sports Club, it would be a shame to never go outside your comfort zone. So instead of just heading to the elliptical machine with your headphones on, why not try something more exciting?

As part of a group, you’ll be more likely to take risks than you would be on your own. Fancy a padel match with your friends today? Or a trip to the bouldering hall? What about literally “hanging out” with your colleagues during a lunchtime aerial yoga course? 

Whatever the reason you’ve been training alone, it’s time to give group workouts a try. Suggest an “active” lunch break at the office or propose a workout with your friends instead of meeting for dinner. And when it comes to dates, a romantic sports outing can quickly reveal whether you have a real connection. 😉 Regardless of who you choose to break a sweat with, collective sports are always a winning choice!


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