Five fun and challenging non-group outdoor activities

Summer has finally arrived and with it we have a little more freedom to get fit outside our homes again.

However, it is totally understandable if you or your friends are a little unsure about training in an enclosed space with lots of people. That’s why we’ve collated our favorite outdoor non-group sports so you can get fit, socially distance, and have fun at the same time.


No activity is more exhilarating, dare-devil and solitary than high-rope rock climbing. Urban Sports Club has dozens of rock-climbing gyms open across Germany, all of them adhering to strict hygiene and social distancing measures.

men climbing in the forest

But you won’t be worrying about that when you’re twenty meters off the ground – because all you can think about is where to find the next foothold.

Our sports explorer tried rock-climbing last year at Magic Mountain in Kreuzberg. There’s no better way to clear your head and be completely present than when high-rope climbing.

Technically it’s a partner sport as someone beneath you is belaying, however the climb itself is totally solitary and is somehow terrifying and calming at the same time. Once the climb is over, your heart will be beating out your chest and your arms and legs will shake from the adrenaline and the strength training.

The best bit, though, is the sense of achievement you’ll feel. Magic Mountain has a majestic outdoor wall so big you can spot it from the S-Bahn – so you can enjoy being above the clouds while climbing in the fresh air.

Take a look at our rock-climbing partners across Germany to find out which outdoor walls are open near you. And, just so you know what to expect, check out our blog post about outdoor rock-climbing in Lisbon. It’s just as exhilarating as climbing indoors, but the rocks are more realistic!

Stand-up paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding has drastically increased in popularity in recent years, with more and more partners opening up across Germany. The best thing about this sport is how connected you feel with nature, with many of our partners situated on the shores of lakes in and around Germany’s cities.

men in a blue shorts is on a paddle board

Our sports explorer tried Stand-Up paddling with Steh Paddler one summer on the still water of Wannsee and found the sport to be both meditative and challenging. With a little practice it’s easy to find your balance and you can then go on to explore the waters of your city from a totally different perspective.

Take a look at our website to find SUP partners near you.


One of the gnarliest sports out there, wakeboarding is a big part of Germany’s water sports scene, and Urban Sports Club is proud to have partnered with several venues across Germany so you can try this badass activity for yourself. There’s no better time than now to take your first lessons because water sports is known to be low risk when it comes to Covid-19 hygiene.

men in a black suite is wakeboarding

Plus you’ll be guaranteed a fun, exhausting and full body workout. But don’t expect to be able to do jumps on your first try – just staying on the board for more than five seconds will be an achievement!

Click here to find wakeboard partners in your area.


If you’re hesitant to enter the gym right now, parkour could be the perfect workout for you. Using a mixture of balance, technique and strength, our parkour partners tend to use the great outdoors and the surrounding urban environment to train. Our sports explorer tried parkour in Lisbon last summer, and learnt a truly important lesson.

men in a black shirt and cap is doing parkour in a hall

Hilário Freire, founder of Spot Real, said “We only practice inside our comfort zone. So now your comfort zone is very small. But soon that gets boring and you’ll try something a little different and then your comfort zone expands. And that’s how you improve over the years.”

This is a concept that can be applied to life too. If you don’t test your boundaries and push your limits, you’ll never progress! So check out your local parkour partner today and find out what you’re capable of.


Spain’s second most popular sport (besides football) is best practised outside in the great outdoors. Padel is a racket sport that is slowly taking Germany and the rest of Europe by storm. It’s fantastic for social distancing – you play with four people, on a huge court, and you stay on one side of the court so you won’t be catching any sweat droplets from your partner.

men plays padel

Our sports explorer tried padel a couple years ago and found it to be super fun and a great way to bond with friends – not to mention a fantastic workout. Look into the rules before you book your court so you know how to play, or book in a session with a trainer so you know exactly how to get started.

Find a padel partner near you via the Urban Sports Club app or website. 

We hope these outdoor sports give you a little inspiration and an extra boost to get out there and live your best healthy life. Check out the Urban Sports Club blog for more fitness and sports inspiration and, wherever you are, remember to keep moving!


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