Get fit while working from home

Before lockdown we’d ride our bikes to work, walk around the office and fetch a coffee from the kitchen every day. But when we work from home, we move significantly less. 

Although working from home has its advantages, it also has its challenges. For example, your back might hurt from sitting for hours on wooden chairs, or you might find it hard to concentrate after a long day staring at a screen. All these challenges are a result of working from home.

Alice Greschkow is a ‘New Work’ expert who’s more than familiar with these challenges. She posts a weekly article about how our working world is transforming, and covers a wide range of topics from day-to-day company-wide changes to personalised issues about performance pressure and further education.

In this blog post The LinkedIn Top Voice of 2020 shares her wisdom on how we can adapt to the new working world…

Alice, what risks should we be aware of when working from home?

“Although initial studies suggest that many people feel comfortable in home office in terms of better work-life balance and no commute, this should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Many people suffer from the isolating conditions of working from home. Loneliness can cause severe mental strain which can take a toll both physically and mentally. 

And it’s important to remember that many people work from small apartments – without a study, ergonomic chairs or height-adjustable desks.”

What can be done to improve the situation?

“Employers can help by promoting a culture of openness and honesty. That way employees can build a trusting relationship with their organisation and express themselves effectively.

Companies can also support their employees financially, by subsidizing sports offerings and meditation apps. These measures are an effective way of counteracting the lack of exercise and  contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle. This way, employees will be able to cope better with limited movement while working from home.

Legally speaking, it’s difficult for employers to provide their employees with office equipment unless they have a separate study. But if employers are aware of the spatial situation of their employees, they should try to provide appropriate options.”

Click here to find out Alice Greschkow’s prediction of the future of work.

Don’t let fitness fall by the wayside

Even when our usual exercise options are limited, it’s still important we keep moving to balance our working day. 

You can do a variety of fitness classes at home, even without equipment. You can train your strength, endurance, coordination and physical flexibility. With your own body weight, you can perform fun and varied movements that will ultimately increase your fitness level. 

Get creative with your furniture to find fun new ways to get fit from home. And, if you need further inspiration, you can find it here

If it’s nice weather, you can de-compress on your terrace, in your garden or on your balcony. 
To help you get started, we’ve collated the best live classes to give you new energy and help you switch off after a long working day.

Workouts to kickstart the day

Do you like to start the day in a gentle way? Then Rohschliff‘s Morgen!Gymnastik is the right place for you! Here you can start the day with a balanced mix of yoga flow, Pilates and spinal gymnastics, You can expect great music, a smiling welcome and a fantastic day ahead!

To maintain good posture while sitting still most of the day, take time to focus on your back in the morning. With the Good Morning Back Routine from Parkletix you will improve your back health in the long term, and it won’t be long before you notice the positive effects on your well-being.

If you like to get your circulation going with a powerful workout first thing in the morning, then the Crossfit Workout Advanced from DEIN Crossfit® is for you. Here, elements are used from weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance and combined they create a sweat-inducing workout that will improve your strength and endurance at the same time. 

Ideal workouts for your lunch break 

Do you prefer to exercise during your lunch break? Great, because it’s never been easier! Its a good way to optimise your time, clear your head and allow yourself to relax in the evening when you might be too tired to work out.

With LunchbreakMOBILITY from 2 Hearts Performance you can start the second half of your day full of energy. With their targeted movement sequences, you’ll improve your performance and your quality of life. Best of all, you can do this session in everyday clothes, so you don’t even have to get changed. 

If you want to get into the flow during your lunch break, Studio One‘s Lunch Yoga Flow is a great way to clear your head between meetings. This workout combines short, crisp yoga sequences with strengthening and stretching asanas. 

If you’d like to push yourself further, try Zumba Fitness® from Just Fit. With Zumba, you’ll forget you’re doing a workout because you’re having so much fun! You’ll combine medium and high intensity moves into a calorie-burning interval workout that’ll make you feel like you’re at a fitness dance party.

Workouts to end the day

Work’s over, and there’s no better way to unwind from a stressful day than with a refreshing workout. Sport is ideal for this, and regularly working out in the evening helps reduce the stress hormones you’ve collected from the long day at work. 

The Live Garage Online Sessions from Eisbach FIT are perfect for this. Here you can expect functional exercises with your own body weight to increase your fitness without any equipment, while having tons of fun. 

Or try Gentle Flow + Yin with moveorespiro, where you’ll train your mental strength, reach deep muscles, delve into different poses and completely relax your body and mind. 

Shake off your daily routine with STRONG Nation®, a high-intensity interval workout from Fitness and Dance Munich. Here, the exercises are designed to inspire and push you to your limits, soundtracked to powerful beats that are precisely tuned to the workout. 

Exercising everyday strengthens and maintains our physical and mental well-being. Finding a  sports routine and sticking to it is proven to be one of the most effective and safest methods to promote health and wellbeing. With our selection of live classes, there is something for everyone – so sign up today!


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