Home working: How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Whether it’s flexible work time arrangements, teleworking or e-work, more and more in today’s working world is about moving the place of work to the home, and not only for freelancers. Remote working has long been part of a healthy work-life balance. But for many of us, it also means moving even less than you did before. For example: maybe now you’ll be able to avoid having to cycle to work?

Those of us who are new to working from home also have to make some adjustments to avoid getting cabin fever at home. Here, we’ll show you how to do just that.

Rise and Shine

First off, set your alarm clock and get up when it rings. When in home office, you should act as though you are heading to work. That means showering, having breakfast and putting on something other than your sweatpants or your pyjamas.

The reason for this is that if you start working from your computer straight from bed, you are mentally less prepared for your work day than if you stick to your morning routine. It can also be quite embarrassing when you have to jump on  a video call!

Set up an optimal workspace

Sure, on sunny days you could open your laptop and start working on the balcony—or even in the bathtub, why not? The only question is how well you can concentrate then and what kind of posture problems you’ll have to deal with as a result. Bright sunlight and above all noise are not exactly conducive to good concentration. Your back will also quickly start to bother you if you work slumped like a sack of potatoes on your sofa.

That’s why you should look for a quiet, secluded workplace with a comfortable (ideally ergonomic) desk and chair. If you have no other choice, the dining room table is also fine. The main thing is that it is tidy and the wifi works.

Stay active

Have you always wanted to start your day with meditation or yoga, but so far you have not been able to resist the lure of your bed? Now is the perfect time to get some exercise before you start work, and some of our partners are now offering a wide range of sports classes online that you can livestream straight into your home. Or, just take a walk around the block before you start your work day: exercise, daylight and fresh air will help you get up and get going.

Eat healthy snacks

Does your refrigerator keep calling your name? Does it get worse when your kitchen cupboards are filled with mostly unhealthy food? Health and nutrition go hand in hand, and especially in the current climate, it is especially important to eat well and strengthen your immune system.

To prevent you from falling into this trap in the first place, it’s best to stock your cupboards with healthy snacks and bottled water. Fruit, vegetables, nuts or low-calorie treats such as rice cakes are allowed. Want to go even further?! Then try going sugar-free for a while! You can get tips here.

Use your time wisely

Want to sleep in, drink coffee in peace and then start working at some point? Not a good idea. The important thing is that you maintain your regular working hours. Otherwise it will suddenly be lunchtime and you won’t have properly started your work day. The same goes for the evening. If you don’t consciously set an end to your work day, you run the risk of never finishing it. Planning a fixed end to your work also boosts your productivity. 

Taking breaks is also important! Cabin fever can be avoided with the same measures as in the office: getting up regularly, stretching and getting enough fresh air. A little mediation can also work wonders in reducing stress. Just a few minutes are enough to get a clear head, organize and reflect on your own thoughts. Check out our new online offer here for a great variety of meditation courses!

Stay in contact

Team spirit and good humour are the pillars of keeping your motivation up. Exchange ideas with your colleagues on a regular basis even when you are at home. A team coffee break can be easily initiated via group phone or video chat. You may no longer be in the same office, but you are in the same boat. Sharing your experiences will help you break out of your routine, at least for a while.

As a community we are stronger than we think! Stick with us! We hope that our tips will make your time at home at least a little more bearable.Healthy Lifestyle during working where you are


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