Bring a 90s vibe to your workout

The 90s were a special time – full of flashy outfits, platform shoes, boy bands and Tamagotchis. There’s no doubt the 90s have made a full-on comeback in the world of fashion, music and television, but why not bring the 90s back to sports as well? It doesn’t matter if you experienced the decade yourself – everybody can inject a big dose of 90s energy into their sports routine. So break out your cycling shorts and sweatbands – here are the best 90s-vibe sports.

Hip-Hop Dance

90s hip hop comes hand-in-hand with loose-fit baggy jeans, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg and Tupac. So join Jouana Samia online to learn 90s choreography inspired by hip-hop, jazz funk and street jazz and get your dance skills to the next level.


Suitable for beginners and experienced dancers, in the first Live class on November 15th you’ll get to know Jouana Samia, learn more about the class and participate in a short workout. After that, you can find their on-demand Full Body Workout for Dancers, Stretching for Dancers, 90s Choreography and Good Mood Choreography course in our online offering. Then, in the final Live class, you can chat with Jouana Samina again to get answers to any questions you might have. Sounds good? Then show us your moves! You can also stop by for a dance class at our partner Center of Dance where we’ve shot the videos.

Hula Hoop 

Okay, hula hoop wasn’t invented in the 1990s, but it certainly got popular in that decade. You only need a hula hoop, good music and some time to practice. It’s a fast-paced, energising workout – which is probably why it’s so popular right now – and it helps you burn fat and strengthen your abdominals, legs, butt, back, arms and core. Oh, and the whole thing is a lot of fun – no matter your age or fitness level! Are you ready to try out hula hoop fitness? Then head over to our partner wellyou in Kiel.

Step Aerobics

Step Aerobic

Step aerobics was a major player in the 90s workout scene. The step aerobics hype started in the 80s thanks to workout videos from Hollywood star Jane Fonda, but popularity continued to grow throughout the 90s. These videos might seem a little retro now, but the moves are still effective. Step aerobics improves coordination and endurance and strengthens your arm, butt and leg muscles. Simply add good music for the ultimate feel-good workout. You can try out Just Fit 01 Classic in Cologne and revive the 90s with step aerobics.

Tae Bo

Tae Bo

Aerobics isn’t your thing? Then try Tae Bo. This activity combines elements of aerobics, boxing and other martial arts to get you sweating. Billy Blanks from America invented this fitness training concept in the 90s and his videos catapulted him to fame and made Tae Bo a new trend sport. In this class you’ll train your whole body with a mixture of kicks and punches, and build strength, endurance and burn fat. Take part in a 60-minute workout at TAE BO® Fitness Team in Cologne.


Perhaps the most 90s sport of all is tennis. When Steffi Graf and Boris Becker broke through in the 80s and 90s, the nation’s tennis clubs became the place to be. The sport hasn’t waned in popularity since then and players like Angelique Kerber, Andrea Petkovic, Alexander Zverev and Sabine Lisicki still capture the nation’s imagination. Have you tried it yourself? Members of Urban Sports Club can practice their serve, backhand or play a game with friends at Cosmo Sports in Düsseldorf, as well as many other partners in Germany.



Home gym equipment in the 90s often gathered dust or doubled up as clothes dryers. But spinning doesn’t have to be boring – especially with our partners. Spin is one of Urban Sports Club’s most popular activities, with Hicycle Indoor Cycling and ride.bln providing a full-body workout in a club atmosphere with motivating music and dimmed lighting. A spin session at one of these partners includes dumbbell exercises and various cycle techniques to activate your whole body and truly boost your mood. So get on the saddle and give it your all! 


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