The Boulder Workout – for Your Body and Mind

That’s right! Anyone who has tried this strenuous indoor sport will tell you that those who simply take off without planning an ideal route to the top will quickly reach their limit. Plus, what many perceive as a lone-wolf sport will be surprised to discover that this is an activity deeply rooted in community. 

Boulder Workout

The perfect training for your mind muscle

Bouldering asks a lot from your brain, and is therefore an ideal activity to improve your mental capacity, and not only in terms of calculating how to reach the top. Every step, every grip, every weight-shift can lead you to the point of no return, forcing you to give up and start over.   

The aptly named “bouldering problems” describes the diverse sequences of moves necessary to get to the top, often with multiple possible solutions. There’s more to it than you might imagine: choosing the right strategy for the respective route beforehand, reacting flexibly to unplanned events, rethinking and finally concentrating on the interaction between your brain and your body.

Those who regularly boulder reap the rewards of sticking to a routine. Take, for example, the recent OOHH!-Boulder Cup champions Runa and Simon, whose positive mindset has played a big role in their success.  

“As they’ll tell you, it takes a whole lot of self-motivation to tackle a boulder route.”

Bouldering, believe it or not, is a great way to put your work day behind you and clear your head. Your focus is 100% on what lies ahead (or in this case, above!). In addition to planning your strategy, full concentration is necessary to complete your route successfully. 

Boulder Workout

I want to go bouldering. But with whom?

This problem will solve itself more quickly than you can imagine. The truth is, when you go bouldering, you will certainly not be on your own. Known for its large and welcoming community, people who share your passion for bouldering are always nearby. Whether you need help, want to get tips and inspiration by watching experienced bouldering experts, or something else: bouldering invites conversation.

By enjoying this sport with others, you win on multiple levels: you’ll have fun, tackle challenges together, take pride in yourself after some courageous moves along the wall, and get congratulated by your fellow boulderers. The Boulder Cup winners Runa and Simon would even go a step further.

The community is the thing that makes bouldering so special, and the reason that people stick to it and keep coming back. 

So why not shake up your next dinner plans and opt for a bouldering adventure instead?! You’ll get to know your friends in a brand-new light. We promise — you’ll have loads of fun and endless conversation topics to follow! 

Whether with friends, colleagues or on your own, bouldering creates a community where everyone is welcome, indeed a community that feels like a giant family. That’s what makes this trendy sport such a beloved hobby for so many. When you love doing sports with others and standard muscle training simply doesn’t cut it, then bouldering is the sport for you! 

Whether near your home, around the corner from the office, or on a business trip, be sure to check out Urban Sports Club partners offering bouldering and keep discovering new walls to try.


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