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In all honesty, when you’re on vacation, your workout routine isn’t necessarily your top priority, and that’s totally okay. After all, you can get away from it all and really relax. After a nice summer vacation, however, the daily routine soon resumes and not everyone can get used to it again quickly. The so-called post-vacation blues leads to a real lack of motivation. You might notice this especially when you resume work and do not feel at all like carrying out everyday tasks. But the same also applies to the former sports routine, which first needs to be re-established. If you’re having a hard time getting back into your routine or finding motivation after your well-deserved time off, we have a few tips for you.

What do you want?

Instead of asking yourself what you want to accomplish, rather think about what you feel like doing in the first place. There’s no point in pushing yourself to do workouts you don’t like when you’d really rather be doing something else. To keep the vacation feeling going a little further in your everyday life, you could try stand-up paddling, for example – you can do this against a wonderful backdrop at SUP on Lake Starnberg or at kolula SUP around the canals in Hamburg. You can enjoy the sun on the water and train your deep muscles at the same time. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try aerial and work out suspended from the ceiling. Then check out Flair Studios in Berlin. Find a sport or class that you really feel like taking. After all, joy is the best motivation.

Take it slow

After a few weeks off, it is not advisable to start again with the usual workload, not only from a motivational point of view, but also for your body. Therefore, slowly get back into your former sports routine and don’t jump straight to one hundred percent. The risk of failure – i.e. not reaching your own expectations or losing your drive – is not exactly small and ultimately only leads to frustration. Smaller goals are easier to achieve, which means you can celebrate success quicker. 

Listen to your body

This point connects to the previous one, as it is not only important to approach your workout routine slowly, but it’s also important to listen to your body. By the way, this applies not only when you resume your workout after a break, but at any time. In other words try to find out what might be good for you and what your body and mind need. Challenging cardio workouts, like those from BEAT81, can feel just as great as a quiet yin yoga session (for example, at Rundum Yoga in Düsseldorf) during which you stretch your muscles. In particular, if you want to ramp up your workouts again after a break, you should pay close attention to what you feel comfortable with. And if that means a grounding meditation or some slow-down time in the sauna, then that’s just as justified and important as a sports session.

Make a plan for yourself

“I should …”, “Next week for sure.” – You’re rarely at a loss for excuses when you can’t find any motivation. However, it’s usually worth it if you make an effort to exercise. The good feeling of having done something for yourself and the serotonin boost are nevertheless sufficient reasons for the next sports session. To make it a little easier for yourself to implement your resolutions, simply make a plan. Pick your favorite classes right at the beginning of the week and book them directly. Especially in the beginning, it’s easier to stick to a specific appointment rather than to attempt a free training. Besides, the hurdle of canceling a binding appointment is greater than not showing up at all. A weekly schedule also helps you to plan and accommodate other leisure activities. 

Get a sports buddy

Sports buddy

Shared workouts boost motivation and make you feel twice as good. So why not arrange to meet up with friends for a class, workout or match? Not only does this have the advantage that you do something cool with your buddies, but it also has a similar effect to your sports schedule – an appointment entails having a certain commitment and your friends rely on you to show up. Great sports to share include Padel – a mix of squash and tennis played as a foursome – beach volleyball or bouldering. Give it a try. Padel has become popular and you can already play it in many big cities, for example at Padel in Frankfurt. If you want to play beach volleyball but don’t have any company, come and join our regular community sports events at Beach Mitte or Beach61. And you can go bouldering at urban apes in Hamburg.

Treat yourself to a mini-vacation away from everyday life

Brauneck Bergbahn
mountain railroad Braunbeck

If you’ve just had time off or have even been on a trip, the next vacation probably won’t be in the near future. And in the first few days after your time off, you may find yourself longing for your time off or dreaming of being back on the beach. It’s even more frustrating when it’s still quite a while until the next trip. To counteract the post-vacation blues, treat yourself to little mini-vacations. With mindful downtime or enjoyable undertakings, you can have a great time between work, household, and other commitments. How about a canoeing or hiking trip on the weekend? Around Munich, you can use some mountain railroads with your membership and escape in the mountains. Or you can unwind with a relaxing massage or meditation. Find something that you look forward to and that allows you to leave your everyday life behind.


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