Sport & fashion: introducing the athleisure trend

“People who wear sweatpants have lost control of their life,” fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld famously said. Back then, he certainly didn’t expect sweatpants to be the worldwide item of choice for over a year. After all, working from home is much more enjoyable when we’re comfortable.

These days we don’t just wear sneakers, leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies at home, but in many social situations – on the street, while shopping and, if possible, in the office. The rule is: if it’s comfortable, it’s acceptable.There’s no doubt that style and comfort make the perfect combination.

But what’s behind the trend? And what does our choice of clothing reveal about us? For answers, we asked OUTFITTERY, a special online men’s fashion retailer, with outfits recommended by a stylist based on the tastes of the individual.

Siobhan Bradfield, who studied fashion design, has been responsible for styling and selecting clothes and outfits at Outfittery for three years.

She’s seen first-hand how manufacturers are shifting their focus to where fashion and function meet, in no small part due to corona. “The athleisure trend is on the rise,” she says.

From sports to everyday fashion

“Athleisure wear” is a combination of the word “athletic” and “leisure wear,” a term for casual clothing. The basic principle of the “athleisure trend” is quite simple: sporty garments are integrated into “normal” outfits as a rule-break in style.

“In home office we’ve gotten used to comfortable clothes,” Siobhan says. “So why not just combine them in a chic way and go out with them? Worn correctly, functional clothing can look mega even in the office.”

Athleisure – the feel-good fashion trend

The clothes you wear are a reflection of who you are, so wearing something that makes you feel good is truly a gift to yourself. “Enjoying your body and accentuating it through your clothes contributes to a great sense of well-being,” says Siobhan.

“Meanwhile, we’re tired of great-looking clothes that are uncomfortable and exhausting to wear,” she says. “Comfort, combined with looking sharp, is the key to feeling good in your skin. Athleisure embodies the desire for freedom and leisure. It brings that feeling back to everyday life in the form of comfortable, practical and versatile garments.”

Use fashion for more joie de vivre

If someone wears sneakers under their suit instead of dressy shoes, they’re committing a deliberate style breach and firmly defying the conventional dress code. “Skilful style rule-breaking automatically gives the wearer a certain confidence, casualness and coolness.”

Do you live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy sports and fashion? Incorporating sports fashion into everyday outfits is more than a style – it’s a way of life. According to our fashion expert, textiles should be practical and versatile. We can integrate workouts into our everyday professional lives, so why not dress for the occasion? “We need to stay active, and it helps to wear the appropriate clothes,” says Siobhan.

How does the athleisure look work?

Athleisure is functional, comfortable and sporty, and our fashion expert encourages striking colours.”For sports, bright colors are a must-have, especially paired with low-key pieces for a fun and versatile outfit.”

But beware – old, worn-out garments are a no-go. Although gray flannel pants from the bottom corner of your closet are comfortable, it doesn’t mean they’re stylish. Athleisure means casual, sporty and comfortable – not careless and lazy. OUTFITTERY‘s stylists will be happy to advise you on choosing the perfect outfit to get you back on track athletically.

Win a sports outfit from OUTFITTERY

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