This is our sports zone. What’s yours?

Do you know that feeling? You just can’t clear your head after work or the world seems just a little too crazy outside. Dedicating yourself to your body in those moments and escaping to your own personal zone can do wonders. It’s as if the world around you blurs and everything right in front of you becomes very clear. It is a place that belongs only to you. When you exercise, you can literally shake out the stress and feel the endorphins flowing through your body. With every breath and boxing punch you find more peace and forget everything else – that’s the moment you enter your sports zone.

Kevin, Carina, and Shari also have turbulent lives, as content creators, young entrepreneurs, models, or actors. We show you how they dive into their zone through sports. Get inspired, give yourself your break and dedicate yourself fully to yourself with Urban Sports Club.

This is Kevin’s zone

Kevins sports zone

As a digital creator, no two days are the same, and the job keeps Kevin well on his toes in Berlin. With all the hustle and bustle and chaos in the world, it’s not so easy to put all your thoughts aside and dedicate some time to yourself. That’s why it’s even more important to find something that makes you forget your worries. For Kevin, that has always been two things: his creative work – and his sports zone. Sports help him forget everything that’s going on around him. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fitness or yoga – here he can concentrate fully on himself.

In my zone I feel good, because it’s not about doing everything perfectly. It’s about focusing fully on myself, being consistent.

Kevins zone

The Austrian-born athlete gets into his own personal zone, by doing Crossfit® and working out at CFM Crossfit® Mitte Berlin. Here he pushes himself to his limits and works up a good sweat. When he wants to take it easy, he visits yogafürdich and finds his balance.

His motto: No matter if it’s a workout in the gym or a yoga class. Show up, get in your zone, have fun, and go home.

This is Carina’s zone

Carinas sports zone

Carina lives in Cologne – where it often gets loud and turbulent. But that’s exactly what she loves. As a content creator and young entrepreneur, her everyday life typically consists of deadlines, calls, and meetings. But because she loves her sometimes stressful everyday life and job so much, it is even more important to her to take care of her body and mental health and to create her own zone. It’s how she finds her focus, maintains balance, and comes to peace.

In my zone, there are no deadlines, no pressure to perform, and no demands to function. But rather, there’s a lot of yoga to relax, bouldering to unwind, and more.

Carina Yoga

In addition to effective workouts at Just Fit 18 Premium and full-body workouts while bouldering at Stuntwerk, Carina also devotes herself to quieter activities. As a balance to her hectic everyday life, she finds peace and relaxation with yoga at KARMA Cologne.

This is Shari’s zone

Sharis sports zone

Shari can’t imagine her life without her Pilates class. Why? Even though she loves her job as an actor and model, it can get pretty hectic sometimes – laptop, emails, castings and off to the shoot. There comes a point when she needs to gather new energy. That’s when Shari gets on her bike, grabs a juice, sits by the water, takes a breath and gets her thoughts in order. 

But the best way for her to switch off is during sports, when she dives into her own personal zone. Out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, into bootcamp for boxing at STORM Bootcamp, Pilates class at BodyMethod or yoga at TRIBE Yoga Base. Here she can completely recharge and do something good for herself. Through her work as a model and actor, she is used to reinventing herself in a wide variety of situations, and it is this same enthusiasm for new things that she has for sports.

Staying active and trying new sports is just my thing. Whether it’s yoga or boxing – that’s where I dive into my own personal zone.

Shari Boxing

What’s the best way for you to switch off? What’s your zone?


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