This is my club. What’s yours?

‘This is my club.’ You might have seen this phrase on TV or posters lately. Our latest advertising campaign will whet your appetite for sports and demonstrate just how flexible and unique training can be with Urban Sports Club. This week we asked some of our members what makes their club so special. Using the hashtag #ThisIsMyClub, our community shares their very own club – show us what your club looks like, too.

Curious where we shot or want to check in with our partners from the spot? These are our filming locations – many thanks to our partners:

This is Kevin’s Club.

As a photographer and digital creator, Kevin Elezaj is often on the road and no day looks the same. This is reflected in his varied sports schedule which ranges from HIIT to yoga to swimming to cycling. ‘I try to make my training as diverse as possible,’ says Kevin. Sport isn’t just about physical activity but a way to promote inner balance and mental strength – plus it’s a way for Kevin to challenge himself.

‘My philosophy is to test and push my limits. I always want to reach my full potential.’ 

Kevin, who’s from Austria and lives in Berlin, likes to max out with STORM Bootcamp‘s high-intensity interval training. ‘Sometimes I just need a fast and intense workout,’ he says. Holmes Place is also one of his favorite locations because he enjoys their huge range of equipment and their pool and sauna area.

Inspired by his mental coach as well as Iceman Wim Hoff, Kevin tried cryotherapy at Cryopoint a little while ago and got hooked immediately. Cryotherapy exposes the body to very low temperatures, which helps muscle recovery after an intense workout and acts as a real mood booster.

This is Sonja, Kira and Maike’s club.

These Hamburg-based women aren’t just best friends – they’re also business partners. Their blog Shoppisticated covers fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. To create balance, strengthen their team spirit and spend quality time together, the three of them regularly train together. They’re always trying out new things at their club, and a recent discovery and all-time favorite is BodyMethod. This innovative workout combines cardio and strength training with elements of Pilates.

‘Physical activity gives us happy hormones so we can grow together and feel good within ourselves.’

In addition to intense workouts at Urban Heroes and dynamic spinning sessions at Hicycle, Sonja, Kira and Maike also enjoy calming activities. They find yoga helps balance their hectic everyday lives because it’s so peaceful and relaxing and they love Roots Yoga in particular. ‘We can draw strength from a yoga class if we lack the power for a sweaty HIIT workout.’

This is Lea’s club. 

Actor Lea van Acken is always slipping into new roles and lives out her creativity on stage and in front of the camera. She also carries this versatility into her sports routine, which helps her relax and be present. ‘Sport is non-negotiable for me,’ Lea says.

‘It makes me feel alive, happy and full of energy.’

Lea likes to channel her creativity through climbing at South Rock by concentrating on mastering new routes. ‘Through sports, I activate my entire body and release energy. Afterwards, I feel inner balance and a calm mind,’ says Lea. She also finds peace on the yoga mat, which she regularly rolls out at Green Yoga. Next, she hopes to add boxing or martial arts to her club. ‘I love variety and like to surprise myself,’ she says.

Whether it’s intense workouts, relaxing yoga classes or soothing wellness, show us what your club looks like and discover activities near you.


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