Break the rules! Discover these sports in a new way.

In June, Pride events take place all around the world, from Jerusalem to Berlin to Saigon. But Pride has turned into much more than a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community – it represents self-acceptance and provides an opportunity to throw stereotypes, societal expectations and gender norms out the window. Urban Sports Club provides plenty of opportunities to experiment, get to know yourself and try something new. Our wide range of eclectic, bright and beautiful classes will push you to your limit and break down those pesky barriers society pushes on us. 

In the weeks leading up to Pride, we collated a list of activities and partners across Germany that provide a safe, inclusive and diverse space for the LGBTQIA+ community and shared the importance of these spaces within the sports industry. But as well as championing safe spaces within fitness, we want to celebrate the joy and beauty of Pride all year round – and shake off gender norms, too.

In this blog article we share exactly how you can do that.

Practice self-love with LGBTQIA+ inspired classes

Urban Sports Club has a wide range of LGBTQIA+ inspired and led classes, where all people and levels are welcome. These classes are a wonderful way to celebrate our differences and embrace the beauty of the human form.

Take up space with Voguing

Voguing is a form of improvisational dance inspired by the poses high fashion models tend to strike for the camera. The dance form originated from America’s LGBTQIA+ communities – especially Black trans people – in the 1980s. Vogue is a large part of ballroom culture, and classes are designed to boost confidence and express self-love. Try it out at Dance in FFM in Frankfurt or Flying Steps Academy in Berlin.

Create shapes with Waacking

Waacking is a type of dance characterized by creating shapes with striking arm movements combined with footwork. The street dance stems from the LGBTQIA+ community in Los Angeles in the 1970s. These classes are often accompanied by 70s disco music, and they’re fun, social and very high energy. You can try out a Waacking class at motion*s Tanz- und Bewegungsstudio in Berlin.

Express yourself with Gaga

Gaga is another dance technique that aims to help participants discover their body in a new way and explore different forms of movement. The class is all about embracing yourself, pushing your limits and loving your body and the way it moves. A gaga class increases strength, flexibility, stamina and is one of the most fun and freeing activities in Urban Sports Club’s offer – try it now at Marameo e.V. or Dock 11 in Berlin.

Break the rules with these classes

Forget about gender norms and try something brand new with classes that defy societal expectations.

Strut your stuff with high heel dance

Zouk is a partner dance that originated in Brazil. It’s characterized by sensual, rolling movements to slow grooving beats, and is all about finding a connection with your partner. In Zouk there’s always a leader and a follower, but don’t let gender norms dictate which you choose at BRAZILIAN ZOUK in Berlin.

It takes two to Tango

Tango is a traditional Argentinian partner dance that dates back to the 1870s. At the time, Argentinian society was predominantly male because young European men were sent to Argentina to make money during challenging times. As a result, the partner dance has roots in the LGBTQIA+ community – and also doubles as an excuse to throw all gender norms out the window. So take a friend to one of our many Tango partners, and dip, dive, lead, follow and enjoy!

Unleash your inner diva with pole dance

This is one of the best ways to increase upper body strength and connect with your inner diva. Both men and women can enjoy a pole dance workout at dozens of Urban Sports Club partners across Europe. So what are you waiting for? Show us what you’ve got! 

Comments (41)

  1. Modern Crossover Styles and Techniques at Marameo is the best class!! 🌈

  2. I love swimming at Holmes Place Ostkreuz. Followed by a sauna session.

  3. Hello! I am still new but I really love the strength challenges at beat 81!

  4. My favourite activity is Crosstraining (CrossFit) and my favourite partner is G3Crossfit. The vibe is great and I have never been so motivated to do high-intensity workouts

  5. I love traning hard and afterwards having a 25 minutes relaxing sauna at Nordathleten in Hamburg!

  6. Love the Shirt, my favourite urban sport is working out in various Gyms in Germany and (work-related) in Italy. Especially in the weight lifting area it is sometimes good to give a hint on orientation 🙂

  7. Difficult one but… Beat81 Strength&Cardio at Grafekiez Indoor Club!
    Such amazing classes!

  8. Beat 81 gets my vote. They seem to have something which fits no matter the season or workout type and the coaches are great!

  9. RIDE spin classes at Beat81 have them all ! And the trainers are so kind and helpful

  10. Thanks for your awareness of diversity and equality!

    My favourite (online) until now was Beat81.

  11. The best Urban Sports Club activity has to be STORM Boot Camp workouts!

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