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Each week we send members of the USC team to explore one of our wonderful partners, so when we heard about the new weight-loss pressure massage available in Düsseldorf we knew we had to investigate further…


MyssageWhat is Slimyonik?

Slimyonik is a pressure wave massage for fitness freaks and couch potatoes.” Myssage, our massage partner in Düsseldorf, has invested in “The Bodystyler” a suit which is hooked up to machinery that fills with air to give you a deep tissue massage.

So how does it work exactly? You must wear a very strange-looking suit which fills with waves of air that massage your muscles. The treatment is said to aid weight loss, eliminate cellulite, relieve sore muscles and helps with general fatigue. Athletes use Slimyonik massage to aid their recovery time and help prepare for competitions.


What can you expect?

Myssage is located near Nordstrasse U Bahn in Dusseldorf. The parlour is tucked away behind a row of shops and cafes. As soon as I stepped in I felt instantly calm and relaxed thanks to the soft lighting and mint colouring.

Our masseuse, Maija, introduced herself to us and led us into the Slimyonik massage room. She pointed at a suit with ridiculously long legs that came all the way off the massage table. The comical suit was linked up to a machine close by. Maija handed me some transparent plastic trousers and said “Put these on and we’ll get started.”


fritzi-myssageHow was the massage?

It was a bit of a struggle getting into the trousers as they were attached to the bed and hooked up to machines. However after a bit of shimmying I managed to fit into them and Maija zipped them up so they felt quite snug. Then Maija ran me through the different massage options – I could have a massage designed to help with either sports, relaxation, lymph nodes or one called Slim/cellulite. I decided on a sports massage.

Maija switched the machine on which beeped and started whirring and then left and shut the door behind her. It was actually a bit nerve-racking.

Suddenly the trousers started filling up with air and tightening around my waist. The air squeezed my stomach with quite a lot of force, a sensation so strange that I laughed out loud. Then the air slowly started rolling down my torso through to my legs. The suit is fitted so well that it was able to massage my knee caps, my shins and even right down to the tips of my toes.

At first I couldn’t help laughing to myself because the sensation was so strange, but after a while I began to relax and enjoy the air-trouser massage. The treatment lasted for 30 minutes but you can adjust the length of the massage as needed.


How did I feel after?

I felt very light, just as if I’d had a massage from a human. Although directly afterwards instead of feeling sleepy or lethargic I felt energised and ready for anything.


Benefits of massage


Slimyonik is recommended as an aide or supplement to your personal health journey. It’s a health, beauty and wellbeing treatment that is designed to help boost your metabolism, drain your lymph nodes and reduce cellulite.

The benefits of massage in general are huge. Regular massages relieve the effects of stress and help produce endorphins which puts you in a happier state of mind.

Massage also aids muscle recovery and is said to improve circulation so you can work out even harder in the gym.

And if you receive regular massages you’ll find your sleep quality improves drastically.


Don’t forget to bring…

Just bring an open-mind – the sensation is slightly different to anything I’ve ever experienced!


If you’d like to visit Myssage, take a look at their website for appointments in Cologne and Dusseldorf.

And USC has plenty of massage partners across Germany available to L and XL members.


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