Outdoor Sports Berlin: 12 Must-Try Locations for Summer

Berlin offers much more than cool clubs and trendy cafés. The city is a paradise for outdoor sports. With Urban Sports Club, you can try various outdoor activities in Berlin – from outdoor pools and yoga to climbing in the fresh air. The best part? You can try all these partners – and many more – with your Urban Sports Club membership without having to commit to just one.

Outdoor Sports at the Largest Inner-City Beach Volleyball Facility: BeachMitte

Outdoor Sports Berlin BeachMitte

Want a beach feeling in the middle of Berlin? At BeachMitte, you can enjoy beach volleyball at Europe’s largest inner-city beach volleyball facility. With 47 beach volleyball courts and a large dining area, this location is ideal for combining sport and relaxation. After a strenuous game, you can relax in the sand and enjoy the sun. You can play with your sports buddies or meet new people – the perfect place for active summer afternoons.

Outdoor Sports Berlin BeachMitte
BeachMitte Urban Sports Club

Address: Caroline-Michaelis-Straße 8, 10115 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: M, L, XL

Enjoy Outdoor Sports in Berlin on the Rooftop of Holmes Place

Outdoor Sports Berlin Holmes Place

You might have already heard of Holmes Place and tried their high-quality indoor fitness studios, but did you know there’s an outdoor area waiting for you at Holmes Place Schlossstraße? Right in the heart of Steglitz, you can participate in various outdoor classes: abs, legs, butt, back fit, cycling, jumping fitness, Pilates, and much more – all under the open sky. And after the workout? Just relax on the rooftop terrace, enjoy the view, and unwind.

Holmes Place Urban Sports Club
Holmes Place Urban Sports Club

Address: Im Boulevard Berlin 3rd Floor, Schildhornstraße 1, 12163 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: S (corporate members), M, L, XL

Would you like to explore the diversity of outdoor partners in Cologne this summer? Urban Sports Club offers numerous opportunities to be active outdoors – from yoga and workouts to outdoor pools. Instead of having to pay separately each time or be tied to a specific partner, a single membership gives you access to a variety of partners offering outdoor sports in Cologne. Find out here how Urban Sports Club works.

Outdoor Sports in Berlin: American Fitness

Outdoor Sports Berlin: American Fitness

Want an intense outdoor workout? American Fitness offers an outdoor training area in addition to its indoor facilities. Here, you’ll find everything you need to improve your general fitness, strengthen your muscles, and boost your endurance.

American Fitness

Address: Hermannplatz 10, 10967 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: M, L, XL

Practice Outdoor Yoga at the Most Beautiful Locations in Berlin: Yoga on the Move

Outdoor Yoga Berlin: Yoga on the Move

For all yoga enthusiasts, Yoga on the Move is a must. The outdoor sessions take place at various beautiful spots in Berlin: from idyllic parks to urban rooftops. The unique locations give the yoga sessions a special charm, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your practice.

Outdoor Yoga Berlin: Yoga on the Move
Outdoor Yoga Berlin: Yoga on the Move

Address: Varies by location
Urban Sports Club Rates: S, M, L, XL

Climb at Berlin’s Largest Outdoor Bouldering Area: urban apes bright site

urban apes bright site Outdoor-Bouldering Berlin

Love bouldering and want to test your skills outdoors? In the heart of Schöneberg awaits a climbing paradise: urban apes bright site Berlin. Here, you can discover Berlin’s largest outdoor bouldering area and push your limits under the open sky. The varied outdoor bouldering walls offer challenges for every difficulty level. After your climbing workout, you can relax in the cozy beer garden and enjoy the fresh air and sun. For the little ones, there is a dedicated hall with easy boulders where they can play. Perfect for a day full of action and relaxation in the city.

Address: Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 40, 10829 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: M, L, XL

Outdoor Running and Yoga in Berlin: Black Sheep Athletics

Black Sheep Athletics
Black Sheep Athletics

Did you know that at Black Sheep Athletics in Berlin, besides indoor CrossFit® training, you can also use the terrace for yoga and running training? This means you can work on your fitness both indoors and outdoors – right in the city. The terrace provides the perfect space to recharge during a yoga session or enjoy the outdoor atmosphere while running.

Address: Am Tempelhofer Berg 6, Entrance 5, 10965 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: L, XL

CrossFit® Outdoor in Berlin: CFM CrossFit® Mitte

Outdoor Sports Berlin CFM Crossfit® Mitte

If you’re looking for CrossFit® in the fresh air, CFM Crossfit® Mitte Berlin is the perfect address! In addition to a large indoor area, this studio also offers a 50 square meter outdoor training area in the summer. Eight brand-new workout stations are ready for you.

Outdoor Sports Berlin CFM Crossfit® Mitte
Outdoor Sports Berlin CFM Crossfit® Mitte

Address: Heidestraße 48, 10557 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: L, XL

HYROX Outdoor Training in Mitte: HYROX MITTE

HYROX MITTE Urban Sports Club

As the only HYROX gym in Mitte, HYROX MITTE offers not only an indoor training experience, but also an outdoor area with workstations and a 200-meter running track. Whether you’re just starting out and interested in the HYROX BASIC Class or preparing for a HYROX event, you’re in the right place! The coaches are happy to help you achieve your goals and get you in top shape.

Address: Heidestraße 49, 10557 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: M, L, XL

Outdoor Sports in Berlin with Sand Under Your Feet: BEACH61

BEACH61 Outdoor Sport Berlin

Looking for another beach volleyball experience in Berlin? Then BEACH61 in Gleisdreieck Park is the right place for you! From April to the end of September, you can enjoy the full outdoor program with over 40 courts where you can play with friends. And what could be better than relaxing in a cozy beach bar after a match, enjoying the sun, and treating yourself to a refreshing drink? And if you’re up for a tournament, BEACH61 organizes a fun tournament every Saturday morning that anyone can join.

BEACH61 Urban Sports Club
BEACH61 Urban Sports Club

Address: Yorckstraße 35, 10965 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: M, L, XL

You can enjoy all these amazing outdoor activities and more – at a discounted rate or even for free! Yes, you read that right! With Urban Sports Club’s corporate fitness offer, you can have your employer pay for your membership. Find out now and recommend Urban Sports Club to your employer.

Outdoor Swimming in the Middle of the Spree: Badeschiff

Badeschiff Outdoor Sport Berlin

In the heart of the city, Badeschiff offers much more than just an ordinary swimming pool – it’s a small oasis of relaxation right on the Spree, without the water pollution. Here, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beautiful Berlin skyline. Relax on the deck chairs and soak up the sun.

Badeschiff Urban Sports Club
Badeschiff Urban Sports Club

Address: Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin
Urban Sports Club Rates: M, L, XL

Outdoor Sports in Berlin: Boxing and Calisthenics with the dopamine studio

the dopamine studio Outdoor Sport Berlin

Looking for an intense outdoor workout that pushes you hard? the dopamine studio offers just that. The varied workouts are perfect for achieving your fitness goals while having fun. Under the open sky, you can push yourself in boxing, calisthenics, and FLINTA Friday Boxing, all while enjoying the fresh air. Whether you already have experience or are just starting out, The Dopamine Studio offers the perfect balance between fun, challenge, and urban flair.

Address: Schleusenufer 4, 10997 Berlin
Available in Urban Sports Club tariffs: M, L, XL

Outdoor Sports in Berlin at the Nike Experience Hub with SHIFT

SHIFT Outdoor Sports Berlin

Do you love taking your training outdoors and giving it your all? Then SHIFT in the Nike Experience Hub in the Center at Potsdamer Platz is just right for you. Here, you’ll experience unique outdoor classes with motivating coaches and a cool community. From Les Mills Bodypump to high-energy full body workouts – at SHIFT, you’ll find the perfect training for you.

Address: Kemperplatz 1, 10785 Berlin
Available in Urban Sports Club tariffs: S, M, L, XL

With Urban Sports Club, you can experience the full range of outdoor sports in Berlin while staying fit and active. Pack your sports gear and experience the Berlin summer from its sporty side. Discover new favorite spots, meet like-minded sports enthusiasts, and make your workout a real highlight. What are you waiting for? Summer is waiting for you!


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