Say goodbye to your comfort zone!

January is almost over – but have you fulfilled your fitness resolutions? If not, don’t worry. We have a lot of inspiration to get you motivated!

This month team USC took part in the Happy New Fear challenge. Everyone who accepted the challenge had to face their personal fears – whether a fear of heights, backflips or partner dancing. Whatever the activity, we were all firmly outside of our comfort zones.

He who dares wins…

Many of us have a fixed fitness routine – activities that we’re comfortable doing regularly. But it’s easy to get stuck in a routine which quickly stops being beneficial – our bodies get used to the same movements and we stop building muscle. It can be intimidating but it’s important we try new things to keep our bodies and minds active.

A fear of failure is embedded in the human condition. Our rituals and habits give us a sense of security and orientation. But they also limit our perception, restrict us and make us inflexible.

Did you know that a very effective form of brain training is to brush your teeth with the opposite hand to usual and stand on one leg? It’s amazing to think that a small change to an everyday ritual can have an amazing effect on your overall health. So imagine what you can learn from a new sport!

Perhaps you love yoga but find it too big a risk to try out a new style. Then it’s time you leave your comfort zone for real and try a totally new challenge. Try out a totally new activity and you may discover aspects of your body and mind that you never even knew you had.

No more excuses!

Perhaps you would like to try something new in theory but are afraid to do it alone? Then call on your friends and colleagues for back-up! Make plans to try something new together and reap the benefits of getting fit and spending time with your friends. Afterwards you can all go out for dinner to celebrate your achievements.

Just remember to stay open to new things, let yourself be inspired by the world around you and don’t limit yourself by sticking to a routine. That way you can only win!

After you take on a new activity you will discover hidden talents and maybe a new favourite sport. And we guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun and will feel very proud of yourself. So be brave, take a risk and let yourself be surprised!


“Be brave. Take risks. Nobody can substitute experience.”

Paulo Coelho


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