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Interview w/ Maija, masseuse at Slimyonik Massage


This week we tried out Slimyonik – the lymph-node pumping, metabolism-boosting new massage therapy in our partner studio Myssage in Düsseldorf. Afterwards we chatted with our therapist, Maija, to find out more about the concept and how massage and Slimyonik benefits your overall health…


USC: What is Myssage?

The concept behind Myssage is to provide a place where you can relax and do something good for your health.

We specialise in various types of massage. We offer classical massages, hot stone massage, and something called Kinesio Therapy. This is a treatment that helps with long-term muscle pain, usually developed after an illness. If you see people walking around with tape on them, that’s what it is.


USC: How do your treatments benefit people?

Lots of people in Düsseldorf work all day in an office. Our concept means you can come in for a 30 minute massage, de-stress and relax and then go back to work. Many people have tightness because of how they sit so this also helps take the tension out of your shoulders and neck. You can even come in for a 15 minute massage.


USC: Can you tell us a bit about Slimyonik?

It’s a machine that’s designed to help drain your lymph nodes – it targets your legs, bum and belly. Many of us need to focus on improving our lymph node circulation because we move too little and the lymph nodes only circulate when we activate our muscles.

The Slimyonik treatment is also good for your muscle ligaments and helps reduce the visible effects of cellulite. You can choose from a range of programmes on our machine – our most popular is called Slim / Cellulite. Customers who come regularly say their cellulite really gets better. The treatment boosts the metabolism which helps you lose weight and, because it’s a machine rather than a masseuse, it’s not very expensive.


USC: Who started Myssage?

Dominik is the owner of this Myssage and the one in Cologne. He lives in Munich and he opened the Cologne branch over two years ago. We opened here in Düsseldorf in February last year.


USC: And is Slimyonik new technology or has it been around for a while?

The treatment itself is not that new but it’s quite rare to find places that offer it. I know that it’s possible to find it in a few spots around Germany and  I know they offer it in Italy, too. I had the treatment for the first time when I began working here.


USC: Is the massage suitable for everyone?

Because the “Bodystyler” suit runs half way up your body to your ribs, it’s not suitable for pregnant women. There are very different programmes that are suitable for everyone – marathon runners can get a sports massage and the Slim / Cellulite massage is great for everything including all-round weight loss.


USC: How does the massage help you lose weight?

Any kind of massage is good for losing weight because it improves your metabolism which then improves your digestion.

The lymphs especially are important for detoxing and moving helps drain them which means you are able to get rid of those toxins which in turn dispels stored fat. Swollen lymph nodes can be linked to causing cellulite. Lymph nodes are responsible for the maintenance of the immune system so it’s very important we keep them moving.


If you’d like to try Myssage for yourself, take a look at their website for appointments in Cologne and Dusseldorf.

And USC has plenty of massage partners across Germany available to L and XL members – take a look at our site to see what’s on in your area.


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