TRX – Urban Sport of the Week

Each week we send a member of the USC team to try a new activity in our offering. This week we headed over to Get Impulse to see if TRX really is as hard as they say…  

What is TRX?

TRX is a form of suspension training where you use a rope system to workout using your own bodyweight. The training will work your core, arms, legs and will help improve coordination, balance and overall strength.  

What can you expect?

Get Impulse is a super slick, compact studio in the heart of Berlin’s Moabit district. The space is also used as an EMS studio and has plenty of functional training equipment including kettlebells, ropes and barbells. The changing rooms have everything you need including lockers and keys, shampoo and shower gel.  

How was the workout?

We started with a light warm up of squats while using the suspension ropes to stabilise ourselves. Then our trainer Roy instructed us to lunge the length of the studio with kettlebells several times, increasing the weight with each length.

TRX is all about resistance training using your own bodyweight, and the suspension ropes mean you must engage your core to keep your balance.

Our next exercise was to lean forward as far as we could on the suspension ropes and do press-ups for over a minute. The further forward we leant the more difficult it became. Roy made sure I was so far forward that I was on the brink of collapse by the time the minute was over.

We then hooked our feet into the TRX handles and turned on our backs to do a series of crunches and leg extensions. My core felt like it was on fire, but just when I thought it was over Roy made us pulse for a further 20 seconds.

This torture was followed by a few minutes of hip thrusters and then tricep dips, where we raised the ropes above our heads and leant our body weight forward.

By this time I was completely exhausted and had muscle pain already. But it wasn’t over yet – Roy had a lot more crunches in store for us and to put the cherry on the cake an unrelenting 90 seconds of jumping lunges which I believe may be the most horrible exercise of all time (next to burpees).

To finish the 45 minute workout we lined up against the wall and sat in a squat position for a minute – Roy dumped a nice hefty weight in our laps to finish us off for good.  

How did I feel after?

The exercises were so brutal that the muscle pain came almost immediately afterwards. I definitely felt it the most in my core and in my triceps.

The following day my muscles continued to hurt but I know that doing this workout several times a week would get me very fit and the muscle pain would lessen over time.  

Benefits of TRX Training

Resistance training is a great form of fitness. It’s low impact so there’s very little risk of injury and the use of your own bodyweight means it’s suitable for any fitness level.

The exercises are designed to tone you up, strengthen your core and work your entire body with a mixture of cardio, strength and bodyweight training. It’s also really fun to do with friends or colleagues as you are all in it together.  

Don’t forget to bring…

A towel and water. Get Impulse has everything else you need.  

If you’d like to try out TRX training we have tons of functional gym partners across Germany, Italy and France. Check out our site to see what’s on in your area.

And head over to for their full class schedule.  


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