Full-body training plan for returning athletes

We all know the feeling – you start the year motivated and active, but then something comes up and your training plan seems to disappear into thin air. It might be because of an injury, a busy work-life or just lack of motivation. And the fact that most sports facilities are closed doesn’t help.

But when the moment comes to get back into fitness full force, you’ll be faced with the question: What’s the best way to get back into training after a long break?

Experts say the best way to get back into fitness, whether you’re a yogi, climber or cross-trainer, is with a full-body training program. This helps build a basic level of muscle strength to help avoid overloads and injuries. But what should be your focus and how can you train from home or outdoors?

The hypertrophy training method (muscle growth method) is ideal after a long break, whether you’re male or female. It’s all about sets and repetitions, with experts recommending three to four sets of eight to twelve reps.

Here are our top tips to set up an effective total body workout plan to get back into sports:

You’ll make good progress in the first few weeks

Your strength will increase and your muscles will grow. Be motivated by this progress and don’t despair if it slows down – that’s perfectly normal.

Build basic exercises into your training plan from the start

Squats, sit-ups, planks and push-ups train every muscle in the body and target the small muscle groups. These basic exercises are essential for effective strength training.

Don’t neglect any body part

That way you’ll avoid muscular imbalances that can lead to muscle tension, tendon overload, and coordination and muscle dysfunction.

Less is more

The best way to get back into full-body training is with low intensity and high frequency. As the workout progresses, you can increase the intensity and decrease the frequency. It might take a while for ligaments, tendons and muscles to get used to stimuli again, and if you use too much weight you can easily get injured. Instead, increase the weight slowly and continuously.

Technique and execution are crucial

Although they’re called ‘basic’ exercises, the technique can be complex. Start with little or no weight to perfect the technique, as training with the wrong technique over an extended period of time can result in long term injury. Make sure you perform the exercises in a clean and controlled manner, avoid jerky movements and If you’re unclear on exactly what to do, ask a qualified trainer.

How to train Sit Ups and Co. properly, you will learn here.

Train continuously

Without continuity, you can’t progress. Depending on your goals, you should train at least two or three times a week.

Listen to your body

If you feel tired or sickly on a training day, don’t hesitate to take a break. Training is supposed to be fun, and you need to be fit to do it. However, if you still have energy after three workouts per week, feel free to add a fourth.

Create a realistic training plan

Don’t set your goals too high – instead slow down and make your training targets manageable. It’s important to enjoy your workout, and in order to have fun and stay motivated you need to leave room for improvement and experience the rush of exceeding your goals.

What you should look for when creating a training plan, you will learn here.

Now all you have to do is get off the sofa and make fitness training a habit again. And if you’re still struggling with motivation, read these tips to help get you back into the swing of things. 

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