Functional training with BLACKROLL®

A BLACKROLL® STANDARD isn’t just a good investment for muscle regeneration – it’s also a great way to take your workout to the next level.

In contrast to the typical exercises you do on machines in the gym, functional exercises are designed to train more than just one muscle group. The main focus here is mostly on the core muscles which are vital for good posture.

To guide you through the best functional exercise techniques we’ve put together a simple and effective whole body workout with BLACKROLL® products for you. Let’s go!

Abdominal muscles

The BLACKROLL® will take your crunches to the next level. Lie on your back and secure the BLACKROLL® between your heels, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Now raise your legs to the ceiling and repeat 10 to 15 times.

Make sure your lower back doesn’t lose contact with the floor – this will protect your back from any injuries.


Squats are a super effective way to work your butt and your legs. For this exercise place the BLACKROLL® upright on the floor behind you and place one foot on it so that you are comfortably lunging. Place your hands behind your head and try to maintain tension all over your body. Then bend the front knee and move downwards. Stop briefly at the lowest point possible and then return to your starting position. Change legs after 10 or 15 repetitions.


This exercise with the BLACKROLL® MULTI BAND is ideal for your back, legs, shoulders and arms. The fitness band is made of stretchable material that loops conveniently so you’ll always have a strong grip, whatever the exercise.

Stand in the centre of the MULTI BAND. Cross both ends and hold them with slight tension in your hands. Now lean forward with your back straight and push your butt back. Keep your shoulders low and extend your arms backwards and upwards so that you can pull your shoulder blades tightly together.

Arms and upper body

Lots of people think they can do push-ups, but most of the time they are done incorrectly. For the optimum form pay attention to the following pointers:

Don’t bend at your hip. Your back should neither sag or curve upwards and your legs and back must be in a straight line.

Keep your arms and elbows close to your body as you go down. Keep your upper arms about 40 degrees away  from your upper body.

Keep control over your shoulders and chest – don’t lose the tension in your shoulders even in the support position, i.e. in the upper position, and actively push yourself upwards away from the ground.

Try this version of a push-up with the BLACKROLL® to target smaller muscles as well. To do this, grip the BLACKROLL® laterally with your hands and then do a push-up. You’ll notice your arms have to prevent a rolling movement and stabilize the position. With 3 x 30 second holds, you’ll create a good, strong foundation in your arm muscles.

Lateral abdominal muscles and arms

The side support on the BLACKROLL® functions in the same way as the push-ups on the BLACKROLL®: The muscles need to be engaged to prevent rolling.

For this exercise, move your forearm lying on the BLACKROLL® to a lateral support position. Make sure the shoulder muscles are activated and that the upper body, hips and legs are straight. Try to hold the position 3 times for 30 seconds each time.


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