Show love through sports this Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, which means it’s time to show how grateful we are to our mothers, friends, partners or sisters. Sending a tasty box of chocolates or a beautiful bouquet of flowers does have its merits, however these gifts don’t last very long. But if you want to give health, energy, fitness and quality time this Mother’s Day, then an Urban Sports Club voucher is the perfect solution. Read on to discover some Urban Sports Club activities that are made for moms, and why a membership is the ideal gift for Mother’s Day. And if you’re a mom yourself, treat yourself with a gift! 

For adventurous mothers

Mother's Day SUP

Is the mother in your life prone to pushing her limits, testing her boundaries and venturing into the unknown? Well, Urban Sports Club’s got her covered. Adventurous moms have tons of activities to choose from, both with a child in tow and without. She can sail away with Stand Up Club Berlin and explore the waters surrounding Plänterwald, Rummelsburgerbucht, Insel der Jugend and the Molecule Men. Or she can jump head-first into Mother’s Day with a visit to one of our many trampoline partners across Germany. Jump House Cologne is a vibrant, exciting and fun place to get fit as a family with classes for people of all ages. Adventurous moms can learn to jump, flip and spin along with their kids in one of Jump House’s numerous classes. And for more where that came from, try Sprungraum Hamburg or Superfly Air Sports in Düsseldorf.

If she wants to climb to new heights this Mother’s Day, consider a visit to Der Kegel in Berlin. Here she can really test her limits with high-rope climbing over 700 square meters. It’s a great activity to do with kids, as you work together to reach the top through belaying and lots of communication. Afterwards, the adrenaline and endorphins will boost everyone’s mood so the family can rest, relax and recuperate with a smile on their faces. You can also try one of the versatile climbing routes at einstein Boulderhalle in Düsseldorf. Train your endurance and stamina on the walls alone, or together with the whole family in the children’s bouldering area.

For mothers who love to relax

Mother's Day Wellness

Urban Sports Club has a lot to offer to any mothers who love taking time out for themselves. With dozens of spas, wellness studios and saunas across Germany, moms will be spoiled for choice this Mother’s Day. For a well-deserved time-out, check out Neptunbad in Cologne. This gorgeous spa is a historic centerpiece in the heart of Cologne, and has everything you need to bring your body and mind into harmony. From Japanese gardens to steam saunas to sun terraces to stone massages, Neptunbad is the ultimate place to relax, recuperate and take a well-deserved time out. OHANA in Hamburg also has plenty to offer moms in need of a chill session, with massage and meditation classes available as well as pre-natal and post-natal yoga.

For rest and relaxation for the entire family, pay a visit to Familienbad Niederheid in Düsseldorf. Kids can enjoy fun and games in the pool while mom chills in the sauna or tries an aqua fit class. This venue even has aqua yoga, which is a fun and challenging way to enjoy a yoga session while balancing on a mat in the water. Afterwards, the family can enjoy a well-earned meal in the canteen area. Urban Sports Club has many swim partners ideal for families, including Dresdner Bäder in Dresden, Bäderland in Hamburg and Sharky in Cologne.

And for ultimate relaxation, mothers can take some time for themselves with a massage at one of our many partners across Germany. 5Elements Spa & Wellness in Munich is the perfect way to unwind after a long and stressful week, while ANUNA Massage in Hamburg specialize in unblocking energy and rejuvenating the body and mind. 

For mothers who need a stretch

Mother's Day Yoga

There’s no better way to spend quality time with your family than with a yoga session. Yoga is a great activity for any soon-to-be or new mamas who want to enjoy light, energizing exercise. Urban Sports Club has tons of yoga partners who offer mother-baby classes or yoga for mothers-to-be. Studio One in Munich offers yoga classes for pregnant women, with breathing exercises, gentle stretching and simple postures designed to open up the body and increase the blood flow. 

Green Yoga in Berlin has a range of post-natal classes for mothers who want to get back into fitness after some time off. Post-natal classes from partners like Jivamukti Yoga Munich and Berlin’s Every Damn Day Yoga consist of modified and low-intensity yoga flows, designed to help your body recover from pregnancy and birth. Post-natal yoga classes benefit mothers up to three months after childbirth, and help new mothers reconnect with their breath, bodies and minds. 

Other studios with mother/child, pre-natal and post-natal classes include YOGAWOMAN in Munich, Yofit in Dresden and YOGAdelta in Berlin.

For mothers who want to sweat

Mother's Day Workout

Who says you can’t get fit as a family? Many Urban Sports Club partners offer fitness classes for mamas and babies, designed to get you fit, make you sweat and enjoy quality time together. buggyFit in Munich has a wide range of activities for mothers and children, from exercise classes using the buggies for balance, to running sessions to body weight classes. This genius concept takes place outdoors, so mothers can enjoy the spring weather and get fit at the same time. For indoor fitness, families can try a class at Fitness & Friends in Hamburg. To fire up that core and work up a sweat together, mothers and kids can try a fitness class at ON STAGE in Wandsbek, suitable for all levels. The Bodyworkers in Munich also offer mama fitness classes as well as pre- and post-natal fitness classes. 

Looking for a gym with childcare? Then check out one of our next four partners, where the little ones are looked after and kept busy – occasionally for a small, additional cost. FAMILY FITNESS CLUB Bergisch Gladbach is the ultimate venue to visit this Mother’s Day. This club has a wide range of classes, from cycling to functional fitness to Zumba, plus a sauna to relax and recuperate afterwards. Families can come and enjoy the wide range of facilities, no matter their age or interests, and mothers can spend quality time with the family and do something great for their bodies and minds at the same time. Cologne’s Sportcenter Kautz has similar facilities and family-oriented concepts, as does ALMA SPORTS CLUB in Düsseldorf.

For those who want to work up a sweat, Original Bootcamp in Cologne will really test your limits. This functional fitness gym has classes for mothers and children to work out together, and they won’t go easy on you just because of the little ones! Similarly, CrossFit®️ Icke in Berlin has classes designed to push you and your family’s boundaries with burpees, weights, pull-ups, box jumps and many more challenging exercises. It’s hard work, but you’ll feel so great afterwards it’ll all be worth it!

For mothers who love to dance

Mother's Day Dance

There’s nothing more exhilarating than dancing to upbeat music with your loved ones, and Urban Sports Club has a wide range of partners where you can do exactly that this Mother’s Day. To sweat together, moms and kids can try a Zumba class at Holmes Place am Seestern. Zumba’s one of the funnest ways to get fit because it combines aerobic movement with modern music. Zumba classes fuse Latin, Salsa and Samba dance moves with hip hop, pop and house music to create an energizing and exhilarating work out. Watch out – once you try this class, you’ll keep coming back for more!

D!’s Dance School in Berlin’s Mitte has a ton of classes for kids and adults alike. Whether it’s hip hop, street dance or house, D!’s Dance School will make you sweat with cool new moves while providing the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together as a family.

We hope these activities give you a taste of the endless fun you can have by yourself or with your mom, girlfriend or sister. So what are you waiting for? Treat the moms in your life this Mother’s Day with a gift certificate for Urban Sports Club membership.


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