How our winners celebrate the new year

Just over a month ago, we celebrated a special anniversary – 10 years of Urban Sports Club! Reason enough for us to give something back to our community – 10 memberships for one year, to be exact. Some of our winners have actively started the new year, and we would like to share a little insight into their sports routine. We asked Alex, Claudia, and Fabrizia what their athletic goals are for 2023, what their most significant sporting moment has been, and why Urban Sports Club is just right for them. Maybe you recognize yourself in some of the goals for 2023?

Alex’s start into the new year

Alex Heimer 10 years Urban Sports Club

How Alex’s goals are growing with him

“My goals are health and functionality of my body, but also socializing and having fun with my friends. In the past, it was performance and success, then aesthetics, and in the last five years, it has changed again to the values described above. It’s super exciting to observe this in yourself!”

The training mix as a game changer

“What I particularly appreciate about Urban Sports Club: I can find my personal training mix. In the past, I always limited myself to one or two activities. Now I go to the gym, bouldering, yoga, dance, and I’m willing to experiment. So I exercise three to four times a week and occasionally run in the fresh air. I also super like to combine sports with meeting my friend. Through Urban Sports Club, I’m just flexible, which always helps me a lot on my work trips, too.”

Alex Heimer

All eyes are on Alex – this is his most significant sports moment

“Before I moved more backstage and to the camera as a choreographer and coach, I was a professional dancer. For me, dance combines sport, art, and culture perfectly. My greatest sports moment? All the great professional experiences while dancing, like TV appearances, musical tours, and commercials for famous brands. Each project was special to me.”

Claudia’s start into the new year

New Year? New challenge for Claudia!

“I love to challenge my body! The sense of achievement of having accomplished something new is indescribable. I probably would have never come across cryotherapy without Urban Sports Club. It was weird getting into an ice box at first, but now I love doing it for recovery after a hard workout or as a targeted application on the face for a fresh effect.”

Claudia 10 years Urban Sports Club

Strongest as a community

“What do I love most about Urban Sports Club? Definitely the people! Without Urban Sports Club, I would never have met so many great studios and people with the same mindset: open, enthusiastic, and always up for a challenge! I love how we encourage each other to try new sports and aren’t afraid to learn something new.”

How Claudia grows beyond her limits!

“I was never the most flexible. But with a lot of training, I finally made it into the splits! And recently, even into the forearm bridge!”

Fabrizia’s start into the new year

Sports as a self-care package

“I’ve been playing volleyball for many years and used to practice almost every day. Now it isn’t easy to find the time to work out because of my always-busy schedule.

Fabrizia 10 years Urban Sports Club

Nevertheless, I always give my best to ensure I get positive effects on my body and mind. My athletic goal is to be physically active to feel fit – for me; it’s primarily a ‘self-care’ action and something that makes me happy!”

Here’s how Fabrizia turns can’t do into CAN DO

“I love the opportunities to do not just one, but different workouts. What I appreciate most about Urban Sports Club is that I can always try new sports. Even if you start thinking you can’t do the sport – your mind can change so quickly!”

A friendship turns into a community

“I got to know Urban Sports Club thanks to a friend. I have become even more motivated and dedicated by training together and being part of the Urban Sports Club community. Every workout is different, and my best sports moments are always the ones I share with my friends.”

Become active in 2023 too!

Do you want to start the year in the same sporty way? Until the end of February this year, you can save up to 12 percent on your annual Urban Sports Club membership! Grab your sports buddies and discover your favorite activities and sports together.

You may have noticed how quickly you outgrow your limits when you dare. Let us know in the comments!


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