Happy Birthday! We’re celebrating 10 years of Urban Sports Club

Trembling on the 5-meter tower, a record-breaking couple, a cheeky intern and a visit to our CEO’s living room: Get to know Urban Sports Club differently and win a one-year membership in our raffle!

December 3, 2012 is a very special day in the history of Urban Sports Club: that’s the day our company was officially founded. 10 years ago already! What a time! What a development! 

What can we say: we are already proud of what we have achieved. From day 1, there was one goal for us: to inspire people to live healthier and more active lives. In order to do that, we’ve changed the way we can all get active: A wide variety of sports and wellness in just one membership, at thousands of partner locations, across Europe. Easy check-in – when, where and how our members want it. “We believe that in the future the ‘normal way to do sports’ will be Urban Sports Club,” says our founder and co-CEO Moritz. 

Moritz Urban Sports Club
Benjamin Urban Sports Club

One thing is very important to us: we could never have done all this on our own. That’s why our birthday is also a day to say thank you. “So many people have a part in this incredible success: our team, our partners, our customers and members, and our investors. Of course, our former employees as well,” says founder and co-CEO Benjamin. “We can’t thank all of those who have helped make Urban Sports Club what it is today enough. Urban Sports Club remains a great team success!”

And this team has had many special moments over the 10 years. We look back at 10 very special moments and anecdotes from 10 years of Urban Sports Club. Small spoiler: Of course, we also want to give our community something back – with one of 10 L-year memberships. Learn more in the article!

1. An entirely new world – with a plastic membership ID card

When did you first hear about Urban Sports Club? Maybe four years ago, you thought you were a trendsetter in your circle of friends? Sorry to disappoint you. Some members can add a few more years to that. Our most loyal, still active member has been part of our community for over 9.5 years. And no, we’re not talking about our founders or first employees. We are thrilled that Enrique from Berlin has been active with Urban Sports Club for almost 10 years. But what exactly does his sports plan with us look like? Find out below!

Do you remember your first check-in – what did it look like?

I think the first check-in was a yoga class. Back then, I had a fancy plastic membership ID card and had to carefully register with the partner on a piece of paper.

How did you exercise 10 years ago and how do you exercise now?

10 years ago, I mainly tried different styles of yoga and occasionally did fitness. Later, I became obsessed with bouldering and rock climbing – that’s where I made great new friends. Currently, after an injury, I’m focusing on gyms, which – let’s face it – is almost boring compared to before. However, it’s really good for me to keep moving and get an extra boost of endorphins. 


What sports have you discovered with Urban Sports?

With Urban Sports Club, I’ve been introduced to biodanza and archery, among other things – which I probably would have never tried under normal circumstances.

If you have another exciting anecdote, we’d love to hear about that, too.

I wanted to try the 10-meter diving tower at Berlin’s Columbiadamm public pool a few years ago. However, when I got to the 5-meter tower, I realized my plan was more challenging than I thought. Shortly before giving up, I noticed a couple of kids in the queue, amused by my desperation. I thought to myself, “Even the kids can do it!” So I finally dared to jump off the 5-meter tower. And honestly? It probably remains one of my most memorable successes as a recreational athlete!

2. Family at second glance

Who would have thought … 10 years ago Urban Sports Club started with just a handful of partners. Today? There are over 10,000! Without our partners, we wouldn’t be what we are today, so it’s even nicer to see that some have helped build our community from the very beginning. We couldn’t be more grateful for their loyalty! for the past 10 years. One of our first partners? FitnessCenter aTB in Berlin. We spoke with managing director Kurt.


What do you associate with your 10 years together with Urban Sports Club?

We were one of the first fitness centers to start a cooperation with Urban Sports Club. I can still remember the day they talked about their idea. Somehow, they convinced me, and I agreed. It started a successful collaboration over the last 10 years. I also got feedback that we, as a small independent fitness center, are among the most successful – which, of course, makes us happy.

How was the beginning, how is it today?

The beginning was logically slow – it was a rather new concept. Even our own members had to get used to it. But with time, many have grown fond of it, and our “old” own members are just as happy. We have become a family.

What do you mean?

The integration worked, and the members of Urban Sports Club also asked if they could come to our events. That has been great to see. The concept of Urban Sport is still good, especially if you want to be flexible.

Our very first partner map – back then, only in Berlin. At the time, with our 30 partners, we thought we had put together the coolest offer ever. 

3. One married couple just can’t get enough

How many sports have you tried with Urban Sports Club? Two? Five? Ten? While the latter probably already sounds like a huge number of sports, Wolfgang tops that effortlessly. He checked in to over 39 different sports and activities with Urban Sports Club. 

And the best part? He’s not sporting alone, but together with his wife! Who would have thought that most check-ins come not from one, but two people from one household!!! And the most unusual sport the two have ever tried? “That’s not so easy to answer,” says Wolfgang. “I think for me, it was FloatFit HIIT because it was unusual but a lot of fun. Other than that, Aerial Yoga was special.”


4. Our club – open to everyone who enjoys sports

March 19, 2021, marked the beginning of a new and exciting stage for us as Urban Sports Club. With our rebranding, we further developed our visual and verbal identity and once again sharpened our purpose: to inspire people to lead active and healthy lives.

Because, quite honestly, for us, sport is not about winning or losing – it’s about joy, about the fact that being active makes an important contribution to a happy and satisfied life. And because we believe that this should be true for everyone, everyone is welcome in our club. It doesn’t matter how fit a person is, how trained or untrained, whether beginner or professional – what counts is wanting to integrate sports in your lifestyle. We want to inspire all members of our community to live this lifestyle daily – according to their own needs. We are convinced that we are doing something good for society. And that’s what Urban Sports Club is all about.

5. Studio with heart

10 years of Urban Sports Club are also 10 years full of love – for sports, of course, but also between the people who make sports possible. Behind Krafthaus, for example, are two such lovebirds: David and Carina. The two run their gym specializing in strength and functional training, tinker with many other projects, and recently started their own family. Just this summer, they opened their second studio in Cologne. Love, baby, studio – you also have to reconcile that first.


“We had to organize ourselves well and see how we could balance private and professional life well. But our little girl loves to come to the gym with us and does gymnastics there – so she’s already got the enthusiasm for sports in her cradle,” says David. David has passed on not only his enthusiasm for sports to his little daughter, but also to Carina, who, as a trained event manager, had other career plans, but eventually joined her husband’s business. “His passion is contagious and motivates me daily,” she says. 

Do you know Urban Sports Club love stories, too? Tell us about them in the comments!

6. When Ramar became Sandra

Nowadays, moving from one company to the next has become quite the norm. But at Urban Sports Club, a few exceptions have accompanied us on our journey from young start-up to today. Ramar has already been part of Urban Sports Club since 2016. He started as an intern and has become an indispensable partner acquisition manager. 


What makes Urban Sports Club so unique for you?

The perfect mix of a young, dynamic team and a product that is not only lived and loved by the founders, but by the entire team. 

What motivated you to stay with us for so long? 

Above all, the cohesion within the company, especially my department, Partner Management Germany. It has always been the case that the people behind Urban Sports Club give the whole thing a unique soul and meaning. They make sure every day that our members can be active and that we are now known throughout Germany. 


What moment has stuck in your mind from your seven years?

When I started as an intern at Urban Sports Club in 2016, one of the things I was responsible for was members. Yes, back in the beginning, one intern was enough for that. However, to appear as professional as possible while I was still in my “infancy,” I answered emails not as intern Ramar but as full-time employee Sandra. However, members who then asked for Sandra by phone always had to be put off. Sandra happened to be out of the office at the time. Fortunately, we have grown so quickly and have professionalized ourselves that such actions were only of very short duration. In Germany alone, we support more than 100,000 corporate members from more than 4,000 companies to become active.

7. We set Europe in motion

Our journey began in Berlin in 2012, but over the years, we – and perhaps you – have been overcome by wanderlust. From Germany to France, Belgium to Portugal, and Spain, you can now get active with us in these countries. It is exceptional to know that we can all pursue our favorite sports and activities together in Europe. Have you already carried Urban Sports Club in your travel suitcase and trained together with locals in other countries? 

Not so long ago, we had our day with the most check-ins in all of our countries. How many do you guess there were? We, for one, are astounded! On November 8 this year, we collectively managed a total of 22,814 check-ins in a total of 55 different sports and wellness activities! Were you out and about with Urban Sports Club that day? Where did you check in?

8. Our Urban Sports Club World Champion

Did you know that Urban Sports Club also offers corporate memberships? Of course, this also applies to our employees. And there is one colleague who tops us all. Our Partner Account Manager Tara is our most active colleague, with 712 check-ins in 72 months. Can you keep up with that? Or your colleagues maybe? We spoke with Tara briefly between meetings and workouts to find out her athletic secret.


What sports are in your routine?

Right now, I’m mainly doing Crossfit, weightlifting, and bootcamp/HIIT workouts. I’m very high-energy, so I love sports that leave me exhausted and sore the next day.

What sports have you discovered with Urban Sports?

So many, too many to list. Do you want me to? Ok. I’ve discovered bootcamp/ HIIT training, cryotherapy, cardio, boxing, spinning, pole dancing for myself, plus pretty much all the pools the city has to offer in the summer. I loved that as a kid and am happy to have so many options again. 

Where do you get your motivation to be so active in sports?

I stay motivated by having a routine. I tend to sign up for the same classes every week (it also helps that I feel obligated to go by making a commitment). I also save everything on my calendar to ensure I can always fit it into my day – regardless of what else is happening.

9. Check-in to your own sports club

Have you ever wondered who is behind the concept of Urban Sports Club? 10 years ago, our founders felt the same way many of you do – they wanted to get active in sports – but not just with one sport and with the typical gym membership. Much more flexible and filled with sports activities that are fun. But enough about the foundation. How about taking a look behind the scenes to see how they are – and have been – athletic? 

Our co-CEOs Benjamin and Moritz provide some insight: 

My first check-in 

Benjamin: In the early days of Urban Sports Club, check-ins were not yet assigned directly to members. Therefore, there was no personal documentation until March/April 2013. I think my very first check-in, undocumented at that time, was at Boulderworx in Charlottenburg. Quite officially, with documentation, it was at Spirit Yoga.

Moritz: For me, it was in May 2013 in Berlin-Friedrichshain at Fit in.

My last check-in so far

Benjamin: My last check-in was at Basement Boulderstudio together with the Product Development Leaders. But I actually do fitness most often otherwise.

Moritz: For me, it was indoor cycling at ride.bln. I can recommend indoor cycling to everyone!

My favorite check-in…

Benjamin: …is not a single check-in, but rather several check-ins. I always had the most fun with the check-ins that we did as a team event. We tried out different sports, which was always super fun. From bubble football to capoeira, from fitness boot camp in the park to a padel tournament.

Moritz: I can only agree with Benjamin on that. The team events! I can still remember a team event in the early phase: We first went to Sky Yoga with the entire team (24 colleagues at the time) and then cooked pasta at my house. At that time, the entire company still fit into my living room.

10. The most beautiful gift – for our community!

Wow, we are really proud of so many great moments and emotions we could collect in these 10 years. That’s why we thought long and hard about an appropriate gift for this anniversary. It is clear that it should be a gift to our community! We want to make our 10th birthday special and invite you to participate in our raffle. The possible prize: one of 10 L-memberships – for a whole year. 

L Membership – 1 Month (Physical gift card)

Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Follow @urbansportsclub on Instagram 
  2. Tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll post a Birthday post. Like this post
  3. Comment below the post about what motivates you to exercise and tag a friend
  4. The raffle will end on December 10, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.
  5. Conditions of participation

We wish all participants the best of luck!


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