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New year, new resolutions! And what could be better than some inspiration from our 2023 fitness trends? Many Urban Sports Club partners are already in the starting blocks and offer the latest trends for 2023 in their studios. Do you want to be one of the trendsetters? Find out more here.

Tone your body with Barre

Barre fitness trends 2023

One exercise class that has taken off this year and will continue to pique the interest of our members in 2023 is Barre, a workout that incorporates Pilates, yoga, and dance elements. It relies on doing numerous repetitions with lower resistance, which means you’re shaping and toning your body rather than focusing on intense muscle building. The main focus is on health and fitness – which is main reason 69 percent of our members like to exercise regularly. Try out the trend sport at JOHN & JANE’S in Berlin, BARRE OST in Leipzig, or GlowBarre in Cologne.

Challenge yourself physically with HYROX

HYROX fitness trends 2023

Have you ever heard of HYROX? You may have heard this term before. The fitness competition HYROX is the first sports event to combine three training methods in one event: functional strength training, high-intensity interval training, and CrossFit. The event series has now established itself in all major German cities. However, it takes good preparation to do well in the competition. Partners, such as the NORDATHLETEN in Hamburg, or the Hyrox Gym Leipzig/ City, offer specially tailored HYROX courses to prepare for the day of the event. HYROX is all about team spirit, so it’s perfect for the members of Urban Sports Club. That’s because about 40 percent of our members prefer to work out with friends and family members who also have a membership. Are you one of them?

How you trained in 2022

First of all, we’re fascinated by how athletic you were in 2022! In a nutshell: You checked in one  more time per month, on average, than you did the year before. Fitness remained the undisputed most popular sports category at 33 percent, followed by yoga at 20 percent and bouldering at 10 percent. It was followed by swimming, dancing, and functional training. The predicted trends from last year – padel, Pilates, and indoor cycling – are also on the up. What’s more, we’re happy that you’re more willing to experiment than ever! A survey of members shows that about 70 percent want to try new sports.

Increase your mobility and balance with mobility training

Mobility fitness trends 2023

In addition to intensive strength training, working on your mobility is essential to improve your performance. Through regular mobility training, you can prevent injuries and also improve your posture and flexibility. Again, this year has seen an increasing expansion of offerings and is sure to be incorporated into more and more training routines in 2023. Try a mobility class at Black Sheep in Berlin, body + soul in Munich, or ON STAGE.

Take fitness and exercise with you on vacation

fitness vacation

Hand on heart: lounging around on the beach all day often sounds all too good, but you don’t always want to miss out on your exercise routine while on vacation. That’s why some of Urban Sports Club’s partners, such as BEAT81 or OpenGymMunich, already offer tailored fitness trips where you can expect healthy food, plenty of relaxation time, and a varied sports program.

Experience an exclusive workout experience with boutique concepts

Have you ever been to a boutique studio yourself? They are usually small concept spaces with their style, offering crisp HIIT workouts and boot camps. There are also the more laid-back offerings, like the recently opened Holmes Place Boutique, that focus on holistic relaxation concepts, including yoga – and meditation sessions.

Indoor Cycling fitness trends 2023

If you want to get a little sweatier, we’ve also got a tip for you: Indoor cycling. You’ll pedal hard in an exciting club atmosphere, improve your stamina and work on defined upper arms during dumbbell exercises. Boutique studios thrive on one thing, particularly the group feeling – and 36 percent of Urban Sports Club members said they had already made new acquaintances while exercising. And the range of options is growing all the time: In addition to Rocycle, a partner from the Netherlands that will open two more locations in Berlin next year, the newest indoor cycling studio, Cycla, has also opened its doors in Cologne.

Get your membership paid for by your employer

corporate membership Urban Sports Club

Exercise every day as you please and pay nothing for it? That’s possible! The solution: just convince your company to pay! Employers can sponsor sports memberships or even pay for them completely. Because here, too, a clear trend can be seen: Employer-sponsored sports are going strong, and more than a third of our members became active in sports in 2022 thanks to their employers.

These are our fitness trend predictions for 2023. Have you already worked out your trends for the new year? Tell us about them in the comments!


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